Pritzker Doesn’t Want Legislative Oversight on Coronavirus Orders

Here’s an interesting viewpoint from Southern Illinois State Senator Paul Schimpf:

Transparency is not grandstanding

Two nights ago, I urged Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady to make a request for hearings about Governor Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Plan when the General Assembly returns to Springfield next week. 

Paul Schimpf in 2014 when he was running for Attorney General.

We have a right to know the thinking behind mind-boggling aspects of the plan such as 28 days of stabilization per phase and the refusal to use the pre-existing EMS regions for data assessment. 

Yesterday morning, Leader Brady made the formal request for hearings. You won’t believe how Governor Pritzker responded yesterday afternoon.

He described our request as “grandstanding.”

I try to give our elected officials the benefit of the doubt, but Governor Pritzker’s response represents the outrageous arrogance of someone who is not willing to listen to or value the opinions of those who disagree with him.

From the get-go, the Pritzker Administration has refused to share modeling data with members of the General Assembly. 

They have also refused to give satisfactory explanations for head-scratching policies like two people per boat on our lakes. 

Now, Governor Pritzker has the hubris to believe that elected representatives asking vital questions about his controversial plan is “grandstanding.”

Under JB Pritzker, Illinois has both a budget deficit … and a leadership deficit.

If you want to sign a petition urging oversight hearings next week on the Restore Plan, you can do so here.  

If you have friends who might want to sign the petition, please forward this email to them.


Pritzker Doesn’t Want Legislative Oversight on Coronavirus Orders — 5 Comments

  1. Of course not.

    Patton didn’t want politicians interfering in the war either.

    Maybe he studied political science from Kim Jong Un

  2. I suppose Patton was a control freak with an oversized ego, but that’s where the comparison with Pritzker ends.

    Patton was widely recognized as a genius at what he did, while Pritzker is a bloated, plodding clown who knows no more about managing a crisis than would a random person pulled off the street.

  3. Brady is completely complicit.

    It’s called ‘controlled opposition.”

  4. Billy Bob is correct, once again.

    And Patton was murdered by the way.

  5. We all know he looked and found a blue yes man judge to agree with King orders