Time for Independence from Pritzker Emergency Order

From Woodstock resident Richard Rostron:

Time for McHenry County to Stand with Madison County

Take a stand for liberty and common sense

While Gov. J.B. Pritzker is busy exercising authority he doesn’t rightly possess, some are taking a stand against his unconstitutional and draconian measures.

Madison County has voted to defy the governor’s ‘Executive Order.’

I’ve heard that Ron Hain, the Kane County Sheriff, has announced that he and his department will not enforce the order.

These are examples of courageous Americans standing up for liberty and our constitutional rights.

They should be applauded.

The rest of us should emulate their behavior.

We should stand with them – shoulder-to-shoulder, so to speak, and let it be known that our rights as Americans are not contingent on the absence of any virus.

Of course, in McHenry County, this isn’t likely.

Jack Franks is too conscious of the political implications of taking such a stand when his political bread is buttered by the big man, and the little big man in Springfield (Pritzker and House President Michael Madigan, respectively) to ever consider standing against them.

J.B. Pritzker literature passed out door-to-door by young people wearing Jack Franks’ tee shirts.

The only chance we have of convincing Franks to stand against Pritzker and Madigan is to find something in doing so that would benefit Franks.

Mike Madigan “confers” with Jack Franks.

Taking a stand against Pritzker’s overreach does not mean throwing caution to the wind.

However, it should imply a smarter approach to the crisis.

Much has been written recently about the importance of herd immunity where enough people have beaten back the virus and now have the antibodies to fight it off the next time.

It’s also apparent that this is a disease that targets the aged and infirm.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 80 percent of the deaths attributable to COVID-19 are among people over the age of 65.

A report from Italy indicates that 99 percent of the people there who died of the disease had another illness.

In other words, we’re talking about people who, through age or other conditions, have weakened immune systems.

We need to protect these people.

Isolating folks in nursing homes and asking others who are at greater risk to ‘shelter in place’ makes all the sense in the world.

But shutting down the economy this way makes no sense at all, unless someone has ulterior motives.

Let’s keep in mind that the world has never shut down the economy like this before.

We don’t know what it will take to get the economic engine running again.

And if you don’t think that has implications of life and death, you’re not thinking this through.


Time for Independence from Pritzker Emergency Order — 41 Comments

  1. Just makes me think of Nick Cordero when we keep attributing this to only killing those with a pre-existing health condition.

    Or those with old age.

    I keep seeing mixed messages too, those advocating for the re-opening also seem to think this virus isn’t real.

    All this push for hoopla when we’re already on our way to phase 3.

  2. Mark Twain said there are 3 kinds of lies, “Lies, Damn lies and statistics” are we really entering phase 3 or is Pritzker just trying to save some credibility and face by compromising without anyone knowing.

  3. “those advocating for the re-opening also seem to think this virus isn’t real.”

    That’s a rather broad generalization.

    Most people who want to reopen don’t say that at all.

    Perhaps that the threat isn’t as was implied, the stats are misleading, or that the stay-at-home orders are too extreme.

    It would be a big mistake to assume that politicians are not using this for their own personal gain.

    That goes for either side.

    It should also be obvious now that there is a lot of monetary incentive for some industries to continue promoting this.

  4. No, you’re right.

    Politicians are definitely looking to get stuff out of it.

    You’re lying to yourself if you don’t think Trump is more concerned with his approval ratings as we’re heading into the next election cycle.

    Amazon has probably been loving the business as well as all these software companies that are tied to the gaming industry.

    Broad generalization though?

    I’m not sure about that.

    It’s just a matter of time before the Karen of this blog comes in and spills her dribble.

    She’ll provide for me what I’m talking about.

  5. Trump gets what he wants in many ways.

    Some examples: He can blame China and has an excuse to shut down the boarders.

    Even Trump supporters can’t see that he’s using it as well.

    On the other hand, the same Democrats who accused him of being xenophobic by cutting travel then claimed he didn’t do it fast enough and let sick people in.

    You and I have also already talked about how Pritzker is using it to manipulate.

    Make no mistake, nearly all politicians are liars.

    But I know who you are referring to and it’s not my impression that everyone has that extreme view.

    There is some truth in it though, at least with regard to many of the lies.

    Eventually people are going to see the real outcome, obtain real data, and make their own decisions.

  6. I applaud Trump for shuttering borders to China and not listening to the WHO earlier on.

    But I feel like the trade war between U.S. and China was just a pre-cursor to that.

    But recently he’s proven himself to be an inadequate candidate for unforeseen situations.

    But when it comes down to brass tacks in regards to who your allies are and who you’re purporting/supporting…

    I see way more stupid rather than more sound criticism.

    Not exclusive to this blog either.

  7. In general I distrust the WHO, but the European travel bans started the same day that WHO declared it a “pandemic”.

    Chinese travel restrictions has been in place since the end of January, but I don’t think that it had stopped completely.

    The trade war is certainly a precursor.

    To be honest, I’m not even sure I believe that originated in China.

    Lots of people claiming that they had symptoms in the US as early as last Fall, but people will believe what they want to believe and if the western nations can use it to gain authority over China, they certainly will.

    I don’t think that this is specifically a Trump thing.

    He just gets the most press on the matter.

  8. That’s because there was a large reporting on pneumonia related illnesses last fall.

    China’s government kept quiet about the contagion, their numbers and silenced doctors who brought attention to it back in the fall of last year.

    It most certainly came from there.

    Whether it was intentional or neglect, I don’t know if we’ll actually get that info.

    But what bothers me is when the Chinese gov tried to blame Italy & the U.S. military for bringing it over there.

    The lady they blamed didn’t even contract covid or test positive for it.

    I’ve been upset at Chinese made goods for a while now.

    It’d be nice to bring more manufacturing here in the nation with a long term green approach to keep a sustainable industry with minimal negative impact on the environment & locals around.

    Which is a big undertaking, but… I’d like to start seeing that.

  9. I’m not actually convinced that Chinese and Russian stats are lies, any more than I’m convinced about US stats are accurate as claimed by mainstream news.

    It’s clear that different countries, even different states, are using different standards for establishing what is and is not a covid-19 related death.

    It’s also apparent that there seems to be more financial incentive to blow it out of proportion in countries with commercial healthcare (where private hospitals and drug companies are getting bankrolled by federal grants) than in countries with socialized medicine where there is no monetary incentive to promote covid-19.

    The Remdesivir / Donald Rumsfeld connection is a bit suspect.

    It was a conflict of interest when they had an avian flu treatment as well.

  10. That makes sense, considering the opioid problem our private healthcare system caused.

    There’s definitely monetary gain there.

    But that too was pre-existing.

    I’m deathly allergic to bees.

    So when I got stung some 7 years ago, I didn’t have an epi pen.

    I went to NIMC (lol) and was prescribed painkillers and told that the pain I’m experiencing is worse than I reported.

    Which was a 7 on the arbitrary scale that we have.

    Rather than forking over stupid money for the ER or an epi-pen, I’ve found an outpatient center that can treat me with a combination of steroids.

    The reportings are different.

    Some countries include covid related deaths, others are not despite those people probably dying from the added complication of CoVid 19.

    It’d be several kinds of dishonest to not include those into the deaths.

    It’s like if they were to omit all the 9/11 responders who died of health complications after.

    With the addition of the health complications of those who recover.

    I’m going to refer to Nick Cordero again.

    41 years old, went into a coma months ago with two legs and woke up with one after several complications.

    I don’t know your age, Some Guy, but given that you’ve talked about a kid of yours I’ll guess from around this age to younger than me into the early 20s.

    Whether it’s under or over reported, I’m not seeing enough on the recovery end of people.

    There was a thing weeks ago about two Chinese docs who had liver damage so bad that their skin looked like they were about to keel over.

  11. THERE IS NO VIRUS! Ionizing radiation has been weakening and killing people for a very long time. This made-up story about a virus is the hoax of all time. No one is in ANY DANGER from ANY “virus”. The danger is in your cell phones and the electromagnetic fields that surround all of you. When people start using their brains again instead of being TOLD what to do – maybe then we have a chance. Stop with the fear porn. People are exhausted from listening to the “experts” there are none. It is all a grand slam to enslave mankind in the one world order agenda. NOTHING they have said has been even remotely true. Stop falling for their bs!

  12. I had something typed out, but now this website is showing everything in pc mode and lost my name and email… Quality.

  13. Nelson and Some Guy? (Two of the biggest fools I have ever come across patting each other on the back.) Unlike the two of you who are so full of yourselves and think you are eruditely exchanging pithy remarks on politics and worldly ignorance- I AM TRYiNG TO SAVE YOUR DAMNED SOULS! You are morons of the utmost dangerous kind that would willingly devour humanity while you play king of the elite talking heads. I am serious! I have no dog in this race. My message that I have been consistently beating the drum on is a message of love for humankind and an earnest endeavor to wake the sleeping fools from their mind-controlled state. You are all going to Hell if you don’t shake off this nightmare that you have been walking in forever. I realize that no one wants to admit that they have been fooled, but this is about your very existence. Will you throw away your eternity because you don’t want to admit you have been fooled? Your vanity is atrocious. II Timothy 3:2 You two are so enmeshed in your false paradigms that you don’t see it and cannot admit it and like to turn and prod me with silly liberal meme names for entitled stupid women. Your worldview is completely upside-down. You have no idea what you are talking about. And that goes for just about every word you spout on this blog! It just shows your complete ignorance of what you purport to be experts in. There is no love in you for your fellow man. You are vain lovers of self. God bless those with ears to hear. Hosea 4:6

  14. Uh huh… I’m more of a practicing pagan than anything. Your Hell and mine are very different. You then go off with these religious excerpts and claim I’m the sleeping? You’re not woke, so very few are. Your ego takes precedent over your altruistic behavior. But yeah, you’re not a Karen. You’re becoming your own “Cindy” a relative of Karen.

    Don’t mistake that billy goat appearance for the common sheep. Your free thinking still falls under a paradigm that you can’t see beyond.

  15. Nobody is patting anyone on the back, Cindy.

    You constantly claim that everyone is a fool or an idiot.

    Maybe I should remind you that it’s how you begin your communication nearly every time you comment.

    You seem to have neglected to notice that I don’t believe any of the “experts” either, but you only seem to see what you want to see.

    Regarding your Bible speak, it’s been said that Satan quotes the Bible better than anyone.

    So keep on spouting off the things that get whispered into your ear.

    You really don’t need to have anyone poke fun of you.

    You do a fine job of keeping people away in your own right.

  16. Two newbie nitwits have chimed in now. Neither one understands and neither one gets my trademark speak. Both of your replies were right on the money with your self-serving crappola tap-dancing that you sadly think makes your comments righteous. Just like I said. Thanks for playing the game fools. Note to self: Ignore narcissistic fools.

  17. Nelson Man says:

    “Politicians are definitely looking to get stuff out of it.”

    Yes. Fraudulently using the virus to put nonsense and BS costing many millions, billions of dollars into the “Coronavirus Emergency Aid $3 Trillion Package” now being debated in the U.S. House. This sham of an “Aid” bill promoted by the wretched and untrustworthy Pelosi and her Democrat Party. Most of the Bill has nothing to do with the virus. It is crazy Democrat stuff such as stimulus checks for illegal aliens and other radical left wing stupidity.

  18. Maybe I should pay Some Guy on the back. At least his comments don’t sound like the ignorance you’re projecting.

  19. Right now, in the U.S. House, an imbecile, moron Democrat named Rep Tim Ryan is yelling and waving his arms trying to make the case for Pelosi’s Virus Aid Bill.

  20. Well, Nelson and I already had some debates this week on things that we didn’t agree upon.

    Doesn’t mean that we have to disagree on everything.

    Sometimes you gotta move on.

  21. Pelosi’s “Virus Aid” bill is insane.

    I wonder how much more pork can possibly be injected into it?

    It amazes me that they can turn these things over so quickly with so much nonsense included.

  22. Just returned from the Freedom Rally and march on the Woodstock square,
    glad to see old friends and meet new ones, even shook a few hands and hugged a most wonderful saint. A great day to be an American!

    Very few of those I spoke with were aware of “Operation Warpspeed” or of “Event 201” or “Operation Lockstep”.

    Bible says a nation shall perish for lack of knowledge.

    Please, everybody WAKE UP!

    They (those who rule) and their well paid media lied to us about JFK, Golf of Tonkin, 9-11(Building #7) WMD…to name a few.

    Why should we believe or trust them now???????

    I do not want a forced vaccination based on the desires of ill Gates.

    No proof of safety or efficacy, and no liability?

    Get lost!

  23. And I forgot to mention The USS Liberty, an event that was planned to draw America into the Israeli Six Day War of 1967.

    Super excellent documentary recently released by TruNews and Rick Wyles.

    Johnson wanted that shipsunk, but God kept it miraculously afloat.

    The Israeli torpedo struck the only structural member of the Liberty that could resist the impact.

    Brave soldiers lived and died that fateful day, but the “incident” was covered up to the max.

    Israel agreed to pay 6 million dollars in reparation for its “mistake”.

    Johnson called back a counter attack!!!

    How can one trust governments and the media if they bury history they don’t benefit from.

    The world needs Jesus, His Peace is what heals.

    God bless y’all!

  24. LBJ was the biggest liar and piece of garbage that was ever in office.

    I’m convinced that he killed both JFK and MLK.

    Even Jackie and Nixon claimed that he was responsible for JFK.

    He needed to manufacture a race war to keep people from seeing what’s going on in the government.

    He took fathers out of the homes, especially inner-city, grew the welfare state.

    He was behind several of the things that you mention above and then some. T

    ruly an awful person that history seems to ignore because he hides behind the Civil Rights Act as a hero.

    He needed to take it from JFK to put the full plan into motion.

    Make no mistake, the Bush Family was just as involved with the lies to help continue his “Great Society” plans.

  25. Gary Christ, you’re the best!

    Yes the USS Liberty …. the Deep State doesn’t want any explorations of that or the inside job 9/11.

  26. Some Guy… Great topic and points but it was Prescott Bush (George H.W. Bush CIA) and his benefactors who took out JFK then RFK putting in the crooked LBJ and Nixon.

    Poppy Bush was added to the Reagan ticket at the last minute and ninety days into his first term an attempt to take Reagan out is made giving Bush control of the Oval office for twelve years.

    JFK movie is asking a lot of questions so a JFK type who’ll follow orders ( at the time) Bill Clinton is marketed.

    Next, we get eight more years of Bush then a guy who can do the things that Clinton and W. couldn’t because of race to undermine the Country (Soetoro).

    Our Executive Office has all been controlled by the same power since November 22, 1963 until Trump!

    It all was a fraud!

  27. Lyndon Baines Johnson, just another disastrous Democrat president. He promised American parents that he would not build up a war in Viet Nam, not send young sons to fight and die for nothing in that hell hole. This was his presidential campaign promise. A gigantic lie. He ramped up the conflict in Viet Nam to a grand scale that ultimately lost more than 60,000 US Troop lives. He justified this with the phony Gulf of Tonkin event. All for nothing. Viet Nam was not a threat to the US.

  28. My many trips to Cambodia opened my eyes to the reality of war, how it began and the long term consequences.

    Broken family structure, Poverty, landmines, destroyed infrastructure, prostitution, AIDS, to name a few.

    Henry Kissinger, Sec. of State during the Pol Pot genocide, stated Cambodia was his worst policy decision.

    Read the book “Sideshow” for greater insight.

    I am disappointed to see Congress just voted to spend MORE money promoting and educating people about the Jewish holocaust without any mention of the Cambodian holocaust.

    The Cambodian holocaust caused about 1.7-2.2 million deaths in an area the size of Missouri.

    As I educate myself on how Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took power, I see a very similar technique being used today.


    And guess who is promoting the New World Order now???

    Henry Kissinger!!!

    Stand up, get educated, don’t be afraid!

  29. And the other technique Pol Pot used was total surveillance and snitches and food deprivation and forced labor.

    I recommend the books, “When Broken Glass Floats”, and “First They Killed my Father”, “Sideshow” and visit the one and only Cambodian Genocide Museum in Chicago.

    Americans need to understand there was more than one “holocaust”.

    BTW, Some of the famous “death camps” in Poland have dramatically reduced the numbers of victims who died there after much investigation.

    Shouldn’t this give some universal relief that fewer people died than reported?

    Instead researchers are labeled anti-semetic and imprisoned.

    The Truth Shall Set US free!

  30. I agree with Rich Rostron for the most part but didn’t get his cheap shot at Jack Franks, who has stated his stance on several occasions.

    His stance is to re-open the county quicker than Pritzker wants to, so Franks and Rostron agree.

    Rostron says Franks should take a stand.

    He has taken a stand, so I’m assuming Rostron wants something more than that.

    Does Rostron want Franks to put a resolution on the next county board agenda?

    That might be a constructive idea.

    Why not ask Bill Prim and Patrick Kenneally to take a stand as well?

    They are the ones responsible for enforcement and prosecution.


    Are Richard, Karen, and Chuck demanding answers?

  31. We were once part of Wisconsin time to suceede from this t. Bowl state we r attached to

  32. Jose, I have greater respect for you now that you dared to point out Bush the greater and lesser were traitors along with the mystery homo Obama.

  33. Nelson is such a huge moron that he doesn’t even understand that Karen is a term for a snitch. You can’t even use your own Communist term correctly!

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