Dems Want to Stop Congressional Republicans from Sleeping in Their Offices

Remember when Congressman Joe Walsh got a lot of publicity for bunking in his office?

Joe Walsh is one of the three freshmen congressmen featured in the CBS story.

Apparently, he was not the only member of the House of Representatives to do so.

California Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier wants to ban the practice.

“You know, they sleep on their couches, they then get up in the morning, sneak downstairs [to] the members’ gym, shower, change their clothes, and come back up for work,” WBCU reports.

She told a reporter that the practice an inappropriate use of taxpayer funds and something that can make staffers feel uncomfortable.

And she alleges that with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unhealthy.

The article says, “Previous reports have estimated that up to 100 members of Congress — mostly Republicans — live in their offices while in D.C. The last House speaker, Paul Ryan, was one of them.”

North Carolina Republican Rep. Ted Budd says, “Every two years at the beginning of a new Congress, there’s a concerted effort by the left … to try to kick us out of our offices.” 

One Democrat estimates that members who sleep in their offices sayve $25-30,000 a year.

And, by the way, the Democrats are seeking a housing allowance to supplement their $174,000 a year salary.


Dems Want to Stop Congressional Republicans from Sleeping in Their Offices — 4 Comments

  1. The irony.

    The hypocrisy.

    A DEMOCRAT accusing the R’s of “inappropriate use of taxpayer funds” – and working, too.

    Just like the fascists that they are, they seek to ban everything that “offends” their


  2. I want the Illinois RINOs like Stephen Reick to stop sleeping in Lake Geneva bars and sleepwalking through this corona farce.

  3. remove

    There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 because nobody has ever purified the virus in a lab to prove it even exists.

    The PCR test is checking for some random piece of genetic material that nobody even knows what it is.

    The brain-dead leaders destroyed the economy over a ghost virus.

    However, the economy was screwed anyway, they just needed to blame it on something other than the corrupt financial system.

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