Pritzker Sticks to Stupid Two-Person a Boat Rule

From Capitol Fax report on Gov. JB Pritzker’s Friday press conference:

This came out in a question about allowing charter boats to operate on Lake Michigan:

“… we have rules in place now around two people in a boat as a limitation. It’s really for the purposes of advancing, people just as a leisure time want to go fishing and want to have somebody with them and you know the theory is that a typical boat might allow distance between two people in a boat that was at least a recommendation that we received around boating.”

So, a family of four can drive to where their boat is docked or a launching ramp, but only two can get in their boat.

2015 Illinois Boating Manual

“Retired and loving it” left this on Capitol Fax:

“In regards to boating, it shows that they did not consult with anyone from the boating industry before creating the 2 people in the boat rule.”

Commenter “fs” added, “==With all the questions about boating you would think half the state owned a boat.Really showing people’s elitism with their focus of questions.==

“And assuming boats are strictly associated with rich or ‘elites’ really shows someones disconnect with many rural parts of the State.”

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