Photos from Woodstock’s Friday Rally Against Pritzker’s Coronavirus Order

For those interested, here are pictures of some of the demonstators rallying in and around the Woodstock square Friday:

“Quarantining the healthy is sick.”
“Pritzker Sucks” tee shirt.
Homemade “Open Illinois” signs.
Standing in “God’s Disinfectant,” are three holding anti-Fauci, Brix and Gates signs indicating they are lying.
“All Lies.”
A question about freedom.
Walking around the Woodstock Square without masks.
Couple with an American Flag.


Photos from Woodstock’s Friday Rally Against Pritzker’s Coronavirus Order — 28 Comments

  1. 10-12 nerds parading around the square. some will end up in the hospital with those massive BMIs.

  2. Thanks for posting photos of some of the Freedom Rally folks.

    To be honest, I don’t like walking around chanting slogans of Freedom and Liberty, wondering if I will be arrested or harassed or my photo being filed in some data base…but somebody has to do it.

    I refuse to walk in fear of government.

    Thank God for the organizers and Karen Tirio who lit the spark a few weeks ago.

    This plandemic event is like 9-11-2001, only much worse.

    That is why I encourage ALL of you to educate yourself and everyone about the true events that day by looking at the University of Alaska’s three year study that absolutely proves Building #7 collapse was not caused by fire or ancillary damage from other buildings. is where to start.

    I believe the government/media LIED to everyone everywhere so they could attack the M.E.

    Notice how heroin became a huge problem in America after we attacked Afghanistan?

    I recommend Gen. Smedly Butler’s book “War is a Racket”.

    Should be required reading for students.

  3. Gary, BMI stands for body mass index.

    It’s a measure of your weight and height.

    There’s a “healthy” range and then there’s underweight, overweight, and obese.

    If you hear people talking about high BMI and COVID risks, it’s just a fancy way of saying that fat people have more health complications and can have more trouble fighting off illness.

    If somebody says Pritzker has a high or massive BMI, they’re saying he’s obese.

  4. Thanks Correcting, of course!

    Actually I do not recall seeing obese folks in the march, just happy to see smiling faces.

    Strange how the Guv wants us to stay inside when health practitioners report sunshine kills the virus and provides vitamin D.

    Go figure!

  5. I laughed thinking “massive BMI” had something to do with BM (bowel movement implosion) ya gotta laugh sometimes!

  6. Nice to see some younger people involved.

    Poverty Kills and this sham will effect a lot more than 3000 people adversely .

    Wish I had known about this.

  7. KillTheSnakes? Coronahoax ABSOLUTELY tops 9/11. What are you thinking? The WHOLE WORLD is involved. We are in the beast system now. What are you thinking? 9/11 was a picnic compared to what they are doing today! You still had a chance at a life after 9/11. NOT ANYMORE! What are you thinking!!!!

  8. I don’t see Patty O’Kenneally marching around. I thought he enjoyed marching and this was the perfect opportunity.

    Likely he felt there wasn’t enough political opportunity and waiting to see what works best for Patty regarding the First Amendment!

    O’Kenneally is probably having someone explain what it means.

  9. Where can I get a “Pritzker Sucks” t-shirt ?

    These are bound to be a collectors item and pissoff the Lefties.

    And yes, the Coronascam far exceeds 9/11 by orders of magnitude.

  10. That’s where I like to get my medical advice, from a bunch of slovenly, over-weight morons matching around the square.

  11. And Dr. Andrew Kaufman. There are many astute, respected physicians that claim the lockdown is causing way more harm overall than Covid 1984.

    This crisis’ was planned to make pin cushions of humans so the pharmaceutical companies can make billions of dollars forcing vaccinations on everyone.

    Don’t believe me, check out “event 201” and “Operation Lockstep” if you care about Freedom and Liberty.

    Please research James Corbett, Jason Bermas, Kim Iversen, Amazing Polly before you make such stupid, insulting comments hiding behind an anonymous handle.

    Why are commenters afraid to use their real names.

  12. Oops, I forgot to put a ? after my last sentence in my previous comment.

    Please explain to me why commenters use anonymous handles if they speak truth.

    Living in fear means we have lost.

    No fan of FDR… but I love his quote “We have nothing to fear…but fear itself!”

    Educate yourself!

    Don’t expect the government to.

  13. Poor Heinrich. He’s got the MORONavirus. And he forgot to end his idiocic comment with his thrice daily ‘Heil Hitler’ salute.

    These Astute young people know this tyranny has nothing to do with ‘medical advice’ or our ‘Safety’. This is all about controlling the masses.

  14. Ok…time to lighten up, how about a joke?

    My recipe for a CoVid 1984 attack.

    #1: watch Roy Clark play “Malagueña”, if that doesn’t make you believe there is a God, that can direct supernatural talent to anyone, go to step #2.
    #2: watch the Kempter family play “Orange Blossom Special. If yer not yet feeling better… somethings WRONG! Go to step #3.
    #3. Hillary Klug playing “Ol’ Suzanna” on fiddle, singing and klog dancing on the shore of the Mississippi with a wheel-paddle boat cruising by. By now ya oughta be dancing and breaking social distancing confines and swinging yer partner round and round! Feeling the vibes? No???? … go to Step 4.
    4: Visit your friendly cannabis dispensary, get some NATURAL ORGANIC LEGAL CANNABIS in edible form or whatever, ask your kids or your neighbor how to do this if you have questions. Most important is the last step, should have been the first step.
    #5. Pray to God for Wisdom and Healing while thanking Him for the blessings we have. What good is a blessing if we don’t share it, like the artists above.
    Repeat as needed!

  15. Heinrich? Medical Advice? You have GOT to be kidding! You are so far behind the eight ball to even throw out an outdated term like “medical advice”. That’s rich. Really rich! I suppose you think things like Dr. Fulachit is an actual doctor giving you “medical advice”! Go back to sleep. You are a huge part of the problem.

  16. USA is great.

    Can protest anything.

    Apparently these protesters were peaceful, did not turn over any cars or start garbage can fires, break windows, etc.

  17. Most people think of advice as a recommendation, not “go to jail if you disobey.”

    They aren’t “advising.”

    They’re dictating.

  18. I thought fat shaming was a no-no on the snowflake’s list of things that are VERY bad. Look at the hypocrites that try to use their own forbidden speak! The only ones trying to denigrate are using their own false politically correct backward speak. Throw a red herring in for good measure when in doubt as to how to fight your pathetic nonsense battle. You got nothing!

  19. I live so close to the square and I’m only just finding out?

    Must’ve been quite the rally…


  20. The Spirit of the Rally lives on.

    How many Patriots met the British at the bridge in Lexington?

  21. This is merely the first stages of the “Progressive’s” March to control you.

    If you took part in that march it’s ipso facto proof of mental illness, therefore gun confiscation and confinement in a state facility for re-education, probably run by a transgendered Jack Franks acolyte.

  22. Heinrich, you are a strange hybrid: Part human, Part rat, Part vulture, and part blood-sucking leach!

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