Millionaire Jack Franks Wants to Cut Salaries of Lower Income Elected Officials

A Friend of McHenry County Blog listened to some of last Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting and wrote the following;

Why Doesn’t Franks Offer to Cut His Salary in Half?

As readers of this blog it is clear that the majority of you care about our county, and state.

It is for you, that your attention is directed to the McHenry County Board website at this link:  

This May 14, 2020 audio/video of the county board meeting gives you a clear picture as to how elected officials attempt to do the county’s business. 

“Attempt” is the correct word because you will hear a few brave souls make every effort to stand up to the manipulation and bullying coming from the podium.

While there are several issues of importance on the agenda, you are specifically directed to the “2:41 minute” mark in the audio. 

At this point, Chairman Jack Franks begins his comments on item 13.2.

The discussion is about a resolution that will have elected officials, county board members specifically, using “time-sheets,” to log the time they spend working on county business. 

This is to prove that they qualify for taxpayer funded benefits.

Many of us, those who have a history in elected office, do not support these benefits/perks for part-time elected or public officials. 

There are also those who defend the practice and often seek such positions for the salary and benefits. 

This is an issue that must be seriously addressed.

Leading up to todays’ Meeting of the Whole, two county board committees had discussed the issue of salaries. 

They did not, however, bring forward the resolution shown under 13.2 of the agenda. 

The chairman had taken it upon himself to draft and include the document before the board.

At this point in the discussion, the Chairman lights into what is a carefully prepared, political speech suggesting, “the public needs to know” where several, specifically named, county board members stand on the issue. 

Jack Franks reads a prepared statement.

The members named–Jim Kearns, John Reinert, Jeffrey Thorsen, Joseph Gottemoller, Michael Skala, Yvonne Barnes and Suzanne Ness–are up for election in November. All but Ness are running for the County Board. Ness is running for State Representative.

Responses to his political statements include:

Carolyn Schofield

Member Thorsen – “You just introduced politics into the discussion!”

Member Schofield – “I agree… what was discussed in committee were the wages… NOT this!” 

Member Gottemoller – “The only time you bring up these things is when you do not agree with something in committee! 

Member Lori Parish – “I am appalled that you created a story out of what I said at committee for your own … end-gain.”

What is appropriate is that the Chairman violates every civilized discussion as members are yelled at, cut off, and told they’ve had their chance to address the issue.

The lesson in this exchange is that voters rejected the “Executive” form of elected County Board Chairman. 

Three years later, he is still acting as though the County Board members are simply in his way…as demonstrated by his petulant rants.

Hopefully, the Chairman and his “helpers” will be filling out the same “time-sheets” with full details of their activities.

where does he spend the majority of his time;

There are so many questions about the Chairman’s activities:

has he been directed by the Board to do any of the things he is doing

what part of his “duties” are being done by his helpers;

how can his $84,000+ salary and benefits be justified…

among other things.

Two or three times during the Chairman’s political rants, he makes sure everyone knows that “his salary is $20,000 less than any of the other collar county chairmen.” 

Frankly, were he to relinquish half his current salary and all benefits, that would be a good-faith, legitimate and serious effort in reducing the cost of county government. 

Unmentioned is that Franks has County Administrator Peter Austin to do his heavy lifting, plus two patronage employees, while Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen, has no counterpart.

Jack Franks’ campaign sticker says he will cut property taxes by 10%.

Cutting his salary in half would be a refreshing change from the three long years of continued political pointing at his “smoke-and-mirrors” claims that he has reduced your tax bills by $28,000,000… something taxpayers keep trying to find.


Millionaire Jack Franks Wants to Cut Salaries of Lower Income Elected Officials — 17 Comments

  1. Franks was real quick to start pulling the bountiful & luxurious pension/insurance for his 18 years working part time as a rep.

    Illinois, the state they love to milk.

    “Cept Betsy the cow is drying up.

  2. And this comes as a surprise to who ?

    You know he is a DEMOCRAT and good buddy of Lord Jumbo Boy, Kink Of Burgers.

  3. I’ve concluded that Jack Franks is some kind of stay-in-character comic genius, in the Andy Kaufman mold.

  4. I heard Franks and Pritzker are related. If so, this is just par for the course – Both disgraces.

    Franks holds a part-time job, and hired 2 people to do his job.

    He is a millionaire fat-cat that gets $84K plus benefits for putting in 4 hrs a week!!

    Plus, his campaign workers are compensated to kiss his ass and bolster his political career, all on the taxpayers!

  5. Franks is a Moron but the Dems have no inkling of challenging him.

    Lets see if Sue Ness and Kelly Wegner stand up to him?

    Want to bet they were on the phone with Jacko while he told them he was sorry and was trying to forge a plan to get back in their graces.

    Jacko the master politician.

    It is for the people except when it will benefit him personally and financially!

  6. Thanks to the friend of the blog for reminding us of what is still going on under Chairman Franks, asking accountability from others while providing none for himself.

    Wasn’t he FOIAd for the work product of his aides?

    Did he deny Kelly Liebman’s FOIA himself rather than the FOIA officer?

    I vaguely recall some portion of the meeting where Franks stated he was taking some kind of a financial hit just so he could relate to the citizens of McHenry County who were in difficult straits financially.

    How noble.

    Sounds a bit Bill Clintonish.

    “I feel your pain.”

    Its laughable to hear this humility from someone who, on a given day,may be seen in a luxury white convertible, a high-end white SUV with the license plate “state legislator retired”, or the white pickup truck with license plate BAC JAC (when hes “just one of the guys”)

    In the months to come, we shall peel back the layers

  7. Lyndon B. Johnson:

    “We still seek no wider war.”

    President Johnson announced to the nation after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August, 1964 that the U.S. would not rise to the bait after what was considered a provocative attack from Hanoi.

    While the American government claimed that North Vietnamese warships had attacked U.S. vessels in the Gulf, it later turned out to be the opposite.

    The Vietnam escalation followed shortly thereafter.

  8. Why did the Jackal stop with elected officials? How about an across the board salary slash for all county employees.

    If they don’t like it they can quit, but I don’t think they’ll find such a gold-plated health insurance or pension “jam” in the private sector.

    Plus the ninnies will have to actually do some work in the real world, and not lay about all the time.

    Why 10% anyway?

    Try a 25% slash and see how many will quit!

  9. Paul Revere, did you know that John Morrison’s Dad (of the Doors) was commander of the USS Maddox which staged the phony attack?

  10. Yes I did know that.

    Check out both Kris Kristofferson and his father’s military service.

  11. Ok. Let’s examine JACKO’s Bullying MO.

    In the case of coercing County Board members into agreeing to his proposed 10% pay cut:

    1. He put a large front page article titled “Salary Cuts” in the May 13, NW Herald.

    2. On full-page 3, he stated, “as leaders, we must lead by example”. A classic ‘shaming maneuver’ to
    shame Board members Into voting for his resolution.

    3. Never is a real breakdown of the line items expected to be negatively affected by COVID-19.

    4. Where does the $22M shortfall come from? As the duration of this pandemic is unknown, shouldn’t the predicted losses be broken down by year or even months?

    5. Why is the amount of savings from the 10% reduction not stated? The exact number exists since Board salary packages are a known quantity?
    Is it because the savings to the budget will be so very, very minimal?

    7. And the icing on the cake; listing Board Members
    who are up for election in November to force their hands to pass his resolution.

    County Board Members I urge you, stand in solidarity against this narcissistic bully!

    Let your votes show you will not succumb to Frank’s unethical politics.

    You are better than this Bully.

  12. It was really enlightening from Vijuk who gets over $100,000 in his pension because he signed a contract and he is owed that money!

    Ask him how much of a percentage he put into his pension fund compared to the Taxpayers!

    Ask him if he ever took a pay cut because it was for the children!

    The Democrats are laughable!

    Hey Jacko why don’t you bring forward a referendum on the ballot to eliminate Townships!

    Thought you were for reducing the size of government!

    I know you have no guts to do that!

  13. As crooked as Franks is, Shofield and Gottemoller can give him a run for his -gotten money.

    They are just as bad!

  14. Jack sold his Apple stock in January, 2019, when it was worth 155.

    Too bad, Jack.

    Vijuk is a pig at the table.

    This is based on my unfortunate firsthand observation at a restaurant.

    Kingfisher, that’s an excellent synopsis of the Jackal’s sham theatrics.

    But somehow No. 6 got cut:

    6.) Play anti-semitic card whenever anyone calls him on his fakery

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