Four Coronavirus Deaths Reported Wednesday, Lots of New Data, Including Available Hospital Beds, Percentage Testing Negative

From the McHenry County Department of Public Health:

“As of May 20, 2020, there have been 1267 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 66 deaths. 

The death(s) reported today: 

1 male 60s

1 male 70s

1 male 80s

1 female 70s

Here’s the latest interactive zip code map from the Count Health Department:

5-20-20 McHenry County Health Department Covid-19 zip code map.

Below is the new key:

Woodstock now has 248 identified infections, McHenry 164, Crystal Lake (60014) 144, Harvard 123, Lake in the Hills 106, and Algonquin 73 (I’m guessing for just the McHenry County portion).

Here’s a new table from the epidemiologists, rates of infection per 10,000 for ethnicity.

Rates of infection per 10,000 for various ethnic groups in McHenry County as of 5-19-20.

This explanation is offered:

“The rate per 10,000 population is an estimate of the number of cases that would be found among 10,000 people. A case rate of 20 for those who classify their race/ethnicity as White Non-Hispanic, for example, would suggest that if we gathered 10,000 individuals with this race/ethnicity, 20 would have COVID-19. This measure is used to make accurate comparisons among population groups of different sizes.”

The percentage of Latinos in the Covid-19 pie chart is now up to 34%.

Sixty-one percent of deaths are men.

Another new metric presents compares the number of tests to the number who tested positive:

McHenry County Covid-19 tests v. positive tests as of 5-20-20.

In addition, a graphic has been added showing the number of hospital beds available:

10.4% of McHenry County hospital beds are unused.

Drilling down, the Health Department also presents information about the availability of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds available:

ICU bed availability in McHenry County 5-9-20 is 23.1%

The final new element on the McHenry County Health Department dash board is ventilator availability.

91.4% of McHenry County ventilators are not being used.


Four Coronavirus Deaths Reported Wednesday, Lots of New Data, Including Available Hospital Beds, Percentage Testing Negative — 10 Comments

  1. But recovered patients are never reported!

    Nor are there ever any corrections to death reports.

    There’s always mistakes made.

    Why do hospitals gets almost 3 x the money for covid patients and their deaths. No wonder there’s phony reporting.

    And the many tests seem to be defective.

  2. WHY do these numbers mean anything to people reading this?

    Because one of the things they’re looking for to enter the next phase, phase 3, is “available surge capacity of at least 14 percent of ICU beds, medical and surgical beds, and ventilators”

    Just looking at med/surg beds, one could argue we are not meeting the goal.

    If you look at the other two, ICUs and ventilators, we are doing fine.

    If you average the three groups, we are doing fine.

    This could be a good topic at a press conference.

  3. Of course this is just data for the county, not the whole region.

  4. Med surgery graphic looks scary if you didn’t know it was even lower last July!

  5. Have never seen bar charts labelled as crazy as the one above. There are five bars and the first one covers Hispanic and Latino. A bar and count SPECIFICALLY for Hispanic and Latino.

    The next four are for: Asian, Black, Other and White. For these four, someone for what reason who the he** knows why, someone who makes these bar charts crazily needs to REDUNDANTLY tell us:

    1. “Asian” is “Non -Hispanic”
    2. “Black” is “Non-Hispanic”
    3. “Other” is “Non-Hispanic”
    4. “White” is “Non-Hispanic”

    Duh!, Duh!, Duh!, Duh!, Duh!…………

    Any high school math student could do a better job in making a chart.

  6. bred… you should do some research about racial demographics before you make yourself look sillier.

  7. Shake – You go ahead and tell us what you are talking about, if you can.

  8. There are plenty of black Latinos.

    My nephews & niece have a Belizian dad.

    Can thank Spain and the slave trade for that.

    There are also Spaniards, which are pretty white.

    Puerto Ricans can range from really white looking to being conflated as a Mexican.

    I think that’s what Alabama is getting at.

  9. There are white Hispanics, black Hispanics, etc. There’s literally a box on the census about this.

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