From Inside JCAR

From State Senator Paul Schimpf, a member of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules:

A Win at JCAR

One hour into yesterday’s JCAR closed-doors pre-meeting, one of the Democrat committee members said, “You all better make a deal because none of us are going to vote with you.”

We didn’t make a deal.

Two hours later, the Pritzker Administration announced that they were repealing the emergency rule they had filed on Friday.

We held firm and refused to acquiesce to Governor Pritzker’s attempt to circumvent the General Assembly and issue criminal penalties through administrative rule making.

Paul Schimpf while running for Attorney General against Lisa Madigan in 2014.

This happened for two reasons:

first, citizens like you made your voices heard and,

second, I and the other five Republican JCAR members held our ground. 

We worked together to make an effective presentation against the Governor’s emergency rule during that staff meeting. 

Relationships and the quality of your arguments do occasionally matter in Springfield.

Is this the end? 

Probably not. 

The Democrats say they will file legislation that is more reasonable than the Governor’s ill-conceived emergency rule. 

And they have the votes to pass whatever they want.

But, at least for one day, the rule of law won in Illinois.

Sometimes, standing your ground works. 

I hope that lesson is remembered during the next two days of this abbreviated session. 


From Inside JCAR — 7 Comments

  1. Why isn’t he the GOP minority leader instead of the current rino-rat?

  2. There is NO LAWFUL emergency. GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSES! AND everyone “following” or “promoting” these ILLEGAL “orders” should be tried for treason!
    From the land of fruits and nuts comes a complete explanation of how you have been swindled and hogtied in Illinois!

  3. Cal, I’m flabbergasted that this actually worked.

    There’s usually some Republican defectors in Illinois.

    Steve Reick and Sue Rezin must be getting bombarded with thank you letters from your audience.

    Both serve on JCAR.

  4. Madigan does not want to hold a vote on this matter, because the lockdown is extremely unpopular in the collar counties and even more so downstate.

    There’s even growing opposition in Chicago.

    Mikey wanted to stay under the radar and let JB take all the grief.

    Any candidate for State Rep or Senator who is in a remotely close race will have to think long and hard before voting to increase the State’s ability to enforce the lockdown.

    I hope the RINOs don’t defect and make things easier for the Dems.

  5. While people of some intelligence level are fighting against the nitwits and morons, Crystal Lake has turned into a sea of complete fools donning their muzzles signifying they don’t want free speech anymore. They are following the cabal of illegal “orders” like the lemmings they have become. They are fools not worth saving and they will beat you over the head if you try. Humanity is done. They have become nothing but drooling fearful morons who cannot recognize anything that TRIES to help them. THERE IS NO EPIDEMIC! Any fool wearing a ridiculous mask is marked for what they are. DEAD!

  6. Heh, heh, Cindy. Your wasting you time trying to educate brain dead collar county bed bugs.

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