McConchie Criticizes Lack of Opportunity to Question Pritzker Plan

From State Senator Dan McConchie:

“We have repeatedly called for legislative hearings of @GovPritzker‘s executive orders.

“And yet, here we are in Springfield and…crickets.

“Why are the people’s representatives not able to even ask questions in a public setting & the Governor answer?

“Where’s the accountability??”


McConchie Criticizes Lack of Opportunity to Question Pritzker Plan — 2 Comments

  1. So many questions, so little time . . . eh, McConchie ?

    When it comes to Illinois Republican politicians, never confuse activity with accomplishments.

  2. Republican pols have some vague frustrations about the lack of process, but many have little to say about the specific policies.

    Often times they say they actually agree with the policies but just want them to be voted on.

    Are any of these local legislators objecting to this contact tracing gestapo that Pritzker wants to set up?

    This is straight off of Senator Craig Wilcox’s website:

    “Consider encouraging all residents to begin keeping a journal of their daily interactions with contacts outside their households, as a way to begin “tracing” right away.”

    Republican leader Bill Brady is out here trying to give Pritzker MORE power to confiscate your property if you violate his executive orders.

    How sad!

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