McSweeney Complains about Pritzker Orders to U.S. Attorney General

From State Rep. David McSweeney to U.S. Attorney General William Barr:


McSweeney Complains about Pritzker Orders to U.S. Attorney General — 16 Comments

  1. Cindy’s right, Barr is controlled opposition.

    McS will get nowhere with that letter except maybe be moved up on a roundup list.

    So many psyops being played on the Amer. sheep right now.

  2. McSweeney requesting help. How’d it go last time?

    I recall McSWeeney “requesting” an investigation into how tens of thousands of votes went missing when Lauren Underwood won.

    Former County Clerk Mary M said (I’m paraphrasing) they had figured it out: it was just some missing early votes. Jack F defended that explanation.

    The state board of elections was satisfied with that answer, did not do an investigation, and McSWeeney raised no further objections.

    Wow, what a courageous fighter!

    There is no shortage of narcissistic politicians in McHenry County.

    McSweeney has always been a headline chaser.

    Consider that McSweeney might be controlled opposition.

    Why does the media love him so much when many of his stances are not substantively different than the so-called Eastern Bloc that the media loves to beat up on?

  3. Correcting – not sure how you came around to attacking Rep. McSweeney.

    And, without taking a position on your claims, I”m afraid I can do nothing but applaud Rep. McSweeney’s letter to the U.S. Attorney General.

    Someone needed to send that letter.

    It’s good that Rep. McSweeney did so.

  4. Bla, bla, bla – Look at me, I wrote a letter to the U.S.A.G.

    Never confuse activity with accomplishment.

  5. In shocking news… Gateway Pundit doesn’t know he’s talking about.

    The “confiscate property” language is existing law.

  6. That’s easy to answer, Richard.

    Because 1) I pay attention and can remember things that happened in my community two years ago and

    2) I’m not a Republican precinct committeeman who needs to self-censor when it comes to criticizing Republicans.

    I see something bad, I say it’s bad.

    I don’t first ask whether the person has a D or R next to their name.

    What I wrote was fact and it can be looked up and verified whether you want to take a position or not.

    A lot of Republicans have woken up to McSweeney’s game.

    You are obviously playing dumb, feigning ignorance about someone criticizing McSweeney for being an ineffective headline seeker.

    Do you sincerely believe that Dave McSweeney is the first and only person to write a letter to Bill Barr about Pritzker?

    McSweeney didn’t even cite any specific laws that were broken in this letter.

    What is the AG going to do with that, Richard?

  7. McSweeney: sit back down, boy, and shut yer piehole.

    Good gravy!!!

    “AG Barr” is a flaming fat dumpster fire of grease.

  8. Thank you for pointing that out, Shake.

    I saw that article on confiscation and believed it — shared it too.

    It just seemed believable that Bill Brady would do something stupid like that.

    That’s what I get the one time I do not fact-check Gateway Pundit!

    Lesson relearned.

  9. By the way, DOJ IS looking into this now but it’s because of Darren Bailey’s lawsuit, not because of McSweeney’s letter.

    McSweeney did not mention in his letter that Bailey had sued Pritzker and won, or mention Brettman, or anybody who had some success fighting the lockdown, or provide anything helpful.

    McSweeney is all about look at me.

    He is not a man of substance.

    He must be absolutely SEETHING that his financial expert & long-time politician big brain got outworked by a farmer boy freshman rep from southern IL.


    Bailey leapfrogged McSweeney to any high office overnight even though McSweeney had been rubbing elbows and kissing babies for a decade thinking he would be something big.

    And Bailey leapfrogged McSweeney by lightyears!

    Remember, McSweeney would not take questions about his township bill from people in McHenry County, despite the fact that McHenry County was specifically targeted in that bill.

    McSweeney threw Brettman under the bus.

    McSweeney through Gasser under the bus.

    McSweeney through Tirio under the bus.

    He threw them all under the bus to score points with newspaper boys like Ed Komenda.

  10. Correcting is a township parasite.

    A blood sucking parasite that needs to be squashed.

  11. I meant to type threw instead of through in that last post. It was getting late.

    @Johnsburger, I have never received payment from a township nor has anybody in my family.

    Lawmakers should answer their constituents about laws they pass which affect those very same constituents.

    It is cowardly when a politician refuses to answer simple questions about a bill that they authored.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    A good way to make sure the anti-township movement gains no momentum is to lack transparency, which is what McSweeney did by acting like a chicken.

    By the way, whatever you are doing in Johnsburg and McHenry Township in general, you are doing a terrible job at convincing people there why they should join your side.

    The election results prove that.

    Maybe you are a pro-township plant pretending to be anti-township to sabotage them or maybe you are just really bad at persuading people because you have an IQ of 65.

    Maybe you are having secret homosexual affairs with certain people who work at the Illinois General Assembly and the Northwest Herald and that is why you feel compelled to defend them.

    Maybe you work for the government yourself and that is why you threaten people with violence.

    I could further speculate about your motivations but won’t.

    You refuted NOTHING I said (almost none of which had to do with townships in the first place), and you chose
    instead to lie and then threaten me.


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