Furloughed McHenry County Employees

Here’s the list of McHenry County government employees who were furloughed:


Sova, Barbara R.
Brady, Megan
Fifer, Linda B
Gora, Cynthia A.
Ippolito, Joanne M.
Retek, Susan A.
Stieg, Mary C.

Court Administration

Hoffman, Nancy S.
Huffman, Susana
McFarlin, Sharon L.
Prescott, Elizabeth K.

State’s Attorney Office / Administration

Angielski, Elizabeth P.
Knott, Jeaninne M.
Lausche, Mary C.
Wilson, Robin L.


Furloughed McHenry County Employees — 7 Comments

  1. Why hasn’t Patty O’Kenneally been furloughed? He’s as worthless as a day old t.u.r.d. in my opinion.

  2. So, Franks lied…AGAIN!

    He Claims these employees are suffering during their furlough.

    Without exception, EVERY one of these employees are making MORE on unemployment than they were working.

    That must really stink.

    Below is total compensation(including benefits) for each:

    Sova, Barbara R. 47404.00
    Brady, Megan 39493.00
    Fifer, Linda B 54343.00
    Gora, Cynthia A. 50483.00
    Ippolito, Joanne M. 44460.00
    Retek, Susan A. 52140.00
    Stieg, Mary C. 39078.00
    Hoffman, Nancy S. 45405.00
    Huffman, Susana 38649.00
    McFarlin, Sharon L. 15267.20
    Prescott, Elizabeth K.
    Angielski, Elizabeth P. 44895.00
    Knott, Jeaninne M. 47600.00
    Lausche, Mary C. 27826.50
    Wilson, Robin L. 68263.00

    The numbers would be skewed due to benefits received, but pop those numbers into a calculator then add in the $600 the Feds will tack on and you’ll see they are making out like bandits.

    If you were to back out the benefits they would benefit even more.


    I feel terrible for them.

  3. Retek worked exactly 5 days in 2019, and some of those were half days.

  4. Why’s everybody on Retek’s spiny back?

    She’s just one of many hundreds and not the biggest money gobbler, either.

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