Jim Oberweis Wears Shield, Rather Than Mask

Something completely different was seen on State Senator Jim Oberweis in Springfield this week.

Jim Oberweis wore a shield, rather than a mask.

Instead of wearing a mask like everyone else, he sported a clear shield made by Kane County Coroner Rob Russell.


Jim Oberweis Wears Shield, Rather Than Mask — 12 Comments

  1. Soon he’ll be be known as the “Bubble Moo Boy” in a durable Hazmat sphere.

  2. He knows that the whole planned demic is FAKE. He’s making fun of the nitwits that kowtow to the masquerade.

  3. That’s hardly passing as PPE even. If I were blowing dust out of an air filter, I’d probably still get hit.

  4. At a boy, Nelson. Nice catch. (Apparently, Alabama is even dumber than Nelson!)Oh wait, I repeat myself.

  5. Diary Man should not be touching his seat then his face. Underlesbian touches her privates then rubs her eyes.

  6. Nancy, between Obermoo and Fake Nurse Creep Underweird, I’ll go with Obermoo every time.

    Sure, he’s not the best candy-date, but he’s light years ahead of little Miss ‘I’ze been oppressed all’s my life; ax me a kwestshun.

    Black Power!

    Crystal Lake Indebizible.

    I’ze be just like Lightfoot…..

    Don’t like no mens, get my hair all freaky an’ scare de racist white folks”

  7. It fits the bill as masks don’t work either.

    Face covering.

    Didn’t say what it had to be made of!

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