Johnsburg Plans Mobile Memorial Day Celebration

From the Village of Johnsburg:


Celebrate Memorial Day weekend in Johnsburg beginning Friday at 10:00 a.m. when the Greater Johnsburg VFW will travel through neighborhoods in Johnsburg with a towed tram outfitted to present patriotic music and singing by Maurine Christine and the Northern Illinois Streeters.  

Show your support by displaying the American flag and watch the presentation from your yard as the tram passes through your neighborhood.

On Saturday, the tram will again travel through neighborhoods with performances by DJ Russ Hyatt and Operation Wild Horse accompanied by the Northern Illinois Streeters and the Johnsburg Lions Club.

Watch for flyovers on both dates.  

St John’s Church will ring the bells on Monday beginning at 10 AM in honor of the Unknown Soldier event taking place at Arlington National cemetery. 

The Johnsburg Boy Scouts will plant flags at veteran graves in the cemetery on Friday while practicing safe social distancing.  

Although we cannot celebrate by gathering, take time this weekend to honor those that have given so much for our great country. 

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!


Johnsburg Plans Mobile Memorial Day Celebration — 3 Comments

  1. Geeesh!

    The Pritzker-backing mayor of that down at the heel town, mocks everything Memorial Day ought to represent.

    Anybody who features a large picture of himself with Pritzker on his social media page like Eddie Hettermann, shows his true colors.

    Soldiers didn’t die overseas so we could be herded like cattle in 2020!!!!!!

    Other mayors around the country AND IL are having actual parades.

  2. Edwin is a PoS. Catsh@t! He may well be the next croaker.

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