McHenry County Turkeys Harvested, No Politicians Were Killed This Season

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources reports 101 turkeys were shot in McHenry County this spring.

Nine turkeys on Shadowood Drive west of Thompson Road in Bull Valley.

Last year the number of turkeys killed was 86.

None of the turkeys political relatives were killed, but one took four shots.

The first was from the Illinois State Police in Springfield.

It came in the form of a search warrant of Mike Madigan’s office for information concerning “crimes of criminal sexual abuse, criminal sexual assault, official misconduct, stalking and aggravated battery” by Jack Franks.

WTTW screen shot.

The second wound came from Madigan, when he asked the Illinois Secretary of State to have an officer accompany Franks whenever he entered the State Capitol Complex.

Joe Tirio photoshopped by the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund.” to look like a robber in a mask wearing rubber gloves. Besides the mask, he is show wearing gloves so he won’t leave finger prints at the scene of the crime.

The third shot occurred Tuesday in Kane County when Judge Kevin Busch imposed a $100 a day fine on Franks and held him in indirect contempt of court because he would not answer questions concerning his role in the Illinois Integrity Fund’s defamation of McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio.

And that same night, the County Board winged Franks by refusing to go along with the resolution cutting their salaries by 10% and those of elected countywide officials by 10% starting in 202 he introduced to get a “headline” in the Northwest Herald.

He lost two Democrats Suzanne Ness and Kelli Wegener in the vote, retaining on only Democrats Paula Yensen, Carlos Acosta and Michael Vijuk, plus Republican Kay Bates


McHenry County Turkeys Harvested, No Politicians Were Killed This Season — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t think that photo alluding to the Jack Franks “Sexual Misconduct Allegations” was cleared with the Chairman’s office.

    I suspect he’d rather we all forgot about those rather unsavory accusations by now (and, certainly by November).

    If you keep bringing it up, some people may recall the allegations when they go to the polls, if the allegations haven’t firmed up into charges by then.

    How is that supposed to help Jack retain his throne?

  2. Who knows maybe Carlos and Franks will be cellmates someday?

  3. Why is it not terminated?… disgusting appauling behaviors..

  4. Bullseye Richard. every one of us can do our job by keeping this in front of the voters.

  5. What about all the politico scarab beetles rolling dung endlessly in little balls? Like Weber!

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