Medicare Scam in McHenry County

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

“I just got a call from ‘McHenry County.’

“It was some Indian guy who wanted to know if I had received a new Medicare card yet.

“That was when I know he was full of crap, so I decided to have some fun.

“I told him I had not gotten a new card.  

“He told me that it was no problem, I just needed to get my old card and give him the number.

“I told him I am not 65 years old so therefore not able to qualify for Medicare.

“The line got quiet.

“I asked him if he really worked for McHenry County. He hung up.

“815 334 4954 is the number that called.”


Medicare Scam in McHenry County — 6 Comments

  1. I think that’s Peter Austin’s #.

    Hasn’t he pocketed enough yet?

  2. Lot of scams going on over time. The IRS calling or a medical professional has recommended you for xyz or a car warranty is about to expire. Also someone calling on behalf of a sheriff or police organization.

  3. When the herd is running in panic (in this case, driven by the shrill warnings of pending doom by the Left’s lapdog/attackdog media), it is a ripe time to run a scam.

    People in panic mode are less likely to think clearly.

  4. The people who would be victim to this are the same group targeted with these scams.

    Trick them into letting you remotely access their computer if you really wanna have fun with them.

    I’m still getting calls about an extended warranty on my car. Before that, it was some Indian sounding guys pretending to be Comcast saying I owed some $30. It’s not difficult to mask a phone number these days.

  5. Fry them.

    All those Chinese restaurants are going to be GONE!!!!

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