Crystal Lake Therapeutic Horse Riding Facility Flooding Results in Request for Financial Help

Dream Riders at 4701 N. Oak Street in Crystal Lake (right before Hillside) has a flooding problem and is seeking about $2,000 more of a $5,000 Go Fund Me goal.

Here is their request:

In the midst of a pandemic and springtime storms…Dream Riders Therapeutic Riding Center, located here in Crystal Lake, IL is facing an impending disaster.

Located on a 17 acre piece of land just outside of city limits, Dream Riders is a registered 501c3 that offers hippotherapy and adaptive riding to low income families across northern Illinois. 

While we are currently closed for business due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we still maintain a herd of 11 that require daily care and attention.

Furthermore, as we are positioned on a registered wetland , the majority of the property is under at least six inches of water due to rainy conditions.

While we are running pumps and seeking advisement from our board of directors continuously, we need your help to relieve the farm from the thousands of gallons of water currently situated on our beloved turnouts, arenas and trails. 

As always, the population of people that we serve remains our utmost priority and we look forward to the day that we reopen our doors to our families, children and volunteers once more.

In order to help us reopen in the future, please consider sparing your resources to assist us.

If you have even a dollar to spare, please consider donating to keep us afloat during treacherous and uncertain times. 

May God bless each of you and your families and we know that we will see you soon!


Crystal Lake Therapeutic Horse Riding Facility Flooding Results in Request for Financial Help — 7 Comments

  1. Our Lord Jumbo Boy, King of Burgers, loves the equine so why isn’t he helping
    this worthy cause ?

    Just askin’ . . for a friend.

  2. You people cutting down this rescue and other are the real problems.

    These people, we all give our most to help the horses and people.

    You all need to learn to be kinder.

    We all are hurting right now.

    My place is flooded out to but these folks help others in a way that you people cutting them down I pray nothing bad happens to you.

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