Female Democrat Surfaces to Challenge Republican Marty McLaughlin for David McSweeney’s State Rep. Seat

Lisa Arvanites

From supporter Lisa Arvanites, Democratic Party Precinct Committeeperson from Huntley’s Grafton 1:

Introducing Marci Suelzer. 

She has stepped up to run in the 52nd District against Martin McLaughlin (R) Village President of Barrington Hills.

The seat is currently held by McSweeney (R-IL) who is vacating it.

**Marci needs 500 minimum petition signatures before June 1, 2020** to get onto ballot for the November election. 

Due to COVID19 door knocking is not possible.

Instead democrats across the area have mobilized and set up Drive-Thru stations.

Wear a mask.

Bring a pen.

Sign a petition from your car to help Marci Suelzer get on the ballot for State Rep in District 52.

If you live in District 52 (see map below) here are locations:

3pm – 7pm
Apostles Episcopal Church, 26238 N Rte. 59, Wauconda
(on Rt. 59 just south of Rt. 12) In the parking lot

9am – 1pm
143 W. Franklin Ave, Crystal Lake (private home)

11am – 1 pm
Hosted by Dundee Dems
Vacant Dominick’s store on the Northeast corner of Randall and Huntley Roads.
In the parking lot

1pm – 4 pm
All American Reclaim, 990 W. Northwest Highway, Lake Barrington
(Formerly Pasquesi’s – back parking lot off Penny Road)

1pm – 4pm
8 Fenview Ct., Oakwood Hills (private home). Social distance respected

1pm – 4pm.
Holy Apostles Episcopal Church located at 26238 N Rt. 59, Wauconda
(on Rt. 59 just south of Rt. 12)  In the parking lot

9am – 1pm
835 Feinberg Court, #120, Cary, IL 60013
Wear a mask and bring a pen

1pm – 4pm
All American Reclaim , 990 W. Northwest HighwayLake Barrington
(Formerly Pasquesi’s – back parking lot off Penny Road)

Request a porch signing by emailng electdemocratsnow@gmail.com



Her LinkedIn page reveals she graduated from DePaul University College of Law, but I could not find her name listed on the state licensing agency for attorneys.

She lists her occupation as “Senior Manager, Strategy and Innovation – Law Firms” for CT Corporation.


Female Democrat Surfaces to Challenge Republican Marty McLaughlin for David McSweeney’s State Rep. Seat — 22 Comments

  1. LOL – Best joke I’ve heard in quite a while.

    Thanks for the much needed comic relief.

    Perhaps Arvanites will invite the fake nurse to attend
    and give free COVID19 tests.

  2. Her shirt reads, “The Patriarchy Isn’t Going To Smash Itself.”

    Fair to say that’s her agenda?

    What about the Matriarchy, which has existed as long as the Patriarchy on a parallel path.

    We need to get it through our thick skulls:

    Men = Bad. Women = Good.

    And the only good man is one who submits to the new Matriarchy.

    We should all write, 500 times, “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.”

  3. And here all this time I thought “All American Reclaim, 990 W. Northwest Highway, Lake Barrington” was one of the Good Guys.

    Guess they’ve shown their true Colors.

    No Thanks on either–the store or the candidate, not that I need reclaimed Barn wood at the moment.

    McSweeney was for all the people, not just the female voters…thats a horrible shirt to be photographed in as a candidate for anything except NOW or a Planned Parenthood spot.

    Might want to change it real quick, at least for the coming out of the gate part of your candidacy–better yet, keep wearing it.

  4. **thats a horrible shirt to be photographed in as a candidate **

    Cool… but, you do know that picture isn’t of the candidate, right?

    Cal actually gave the picture a caption with the woman’s name – “Lisa Arvanites.”

    The candidate is a different woman, named Marci Suelzer.

    Come on y’all… at least be accurate in your silly attacks.

  5. You’re right Shakes…thanks.

    My apologies to the candidate NOT in that shirt.

    I wonder if I can get close enough to Marci in person to be able to ask her questions at one of the many locations she’ll be at for signatures, just what it is she does believe in and will make a priority for her potential constituents of the 52nd.

    She’ll probably still need though to have the lady, Lisa, wearing that shirt wear something a bit less controversial if she’s to attend these sessions as well and garner any early interest.

  6. Bob Wire, you preempted me. Great job!

    That woman is full mental!

  7. Sorry to disappoint you all — that’s not the candidate in the photo.

  8. Hi Everyone!! I am the potential candidate AND I am not the person pictured. My tee-shirts tend to be plain or feature Pusheen (the cat)–sorry if that’s a disappointment to anyone.

    Someone asked about getting to talk to me: I will be at the events Sunday and Monday. And, yes, I will be happy to talk with anyone who shows up…provided they are wearing a mask and are civil. As to what I consider important, there are three key issues: ensuring access to mental health services, fostering small business success, and addressing the economic issues that Illinois currently faces. Those are issues that affect all of us, every day!

    For those wondering, my JD is from DePaul College of Law: You can find me on the Attorney Registration site under my former name: Marcia Richards Bergen, retired status. My Masters in Mental Health Counseling is from Trinity International University. (I’m on the Licensed Professional Counselor site under my current full name: Marcia Richards Suelzer.)

    I am hoping that I am able to get on the ballot because I feel every election should be contested and not awarded to someone by default. I would hope that all people of every party feel the same way–democracy and the electoral process is precious!

    If I am successful in getting on the ballot, I guarantee that I will listen to all sides of an issue provided the speaker is civil, respectful and addresses the facts. The issues that face us now are serious and demand thoughtful solution, not personal attacks and troll comments (no matter how witty).

  9. We need her like Fatty Pritzker needs another gallon of Tom & Jerry’s ice cream.

    Another unlicensed attorney like our RINO Stevie Reick, just like the Obamas.

    Gee, I wonder what happened?

  10. Since she makes such a big deal out of her maiden name, did she take the last name of a male spouse or female ‘spouse’?

    Let’s get a teal picture of her mug, I wanna see who never to vote for.

  11. Uh oh. This “candidate” is a mask wearer! What does that tell you, folks?

  12. But Cindy, she always wore a mask to hide her ugly communism and assorted, unsightly witch-like skin growths.

  13. These ad hominem attacks must stop!

    But please let me get mine in.

    She’s exactly the kind of idiot that jigs to Madigan’s tunes.

    Why doesn’t she just wear a T shirt that says;

    Vote 4 Me

    I hate TRUMP


  14. Hi Marci and welcome to the land of anonymous cowards.

    Standard procedure here is to attack anyone with whom you disagree with baseless and usually irrelevant nonsense.

    No evidence is required, and the best you’ll get when you ask is more insults and maybe a link to a conspiracy YouTube video produced by some nut in a Culver’s parking lot.

    I salute your courage in stepping into this little corner of misanthropy.

    Check your shoes when you leave, because you’ll likely step in something nasty.

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