Reader Suggests Ways to Make Illinois Government Work Better

From commenter “Jack W.:”

“Unprofessionalism and Questionable Business Practices Is Unparalleled”

As one who works with state governments on a daily basis, let me tell you that Illinois is one of the most difficult states to work with.

The level of State unprofessionalism and questionable business practices is unparalleled.

Bids being awarded to higher priced offers, bids being awarded to firms unqualified to perform the services is commonplace.

It is who you know.

Very few decisions are made on a best value or most qualifies basis.

And this has been well documented for years.

We as taxpayers are continually funding these decisions.

Millions and millions are being wasted on inept bidding practices and the powers to be in the state just keep on rolling and figure the taxpayer will bail them out by raising taxes.

BigOrange asked Mr. Rabine for a solution?

Well at a minimum, how about taking on the unions and cutting spending.

Not to mention overhaul the bidding process to bring best value awards into the state.

Another thought is to stop pensions for state employees and a 401k program should be implemented for all new employees.

Keep the legacy pension system in place for current and past employees and eventually it will phase out.

But something so simple will never be adopted because every Democrat is in the pockets of the Unions.

Just look at the political donations for every Democrat and you find the Union money flowing into their campaigns.

When politicians vote for the benefit of their constituents, things will begin to improve.

But in Illinois, the cancer is already at stage 4 and it will never go away.

Commonsense tells you that as business and residents continue to leave the state, the base becomes more diluted and there is less revenue coming in.

So the Democrat philosophy is to tax, tax, tax those remaining.

Well good luck Jelly Bean.

I am sure that whatever tax you want to see implemented, your family fortune will not be affected.


Reader Suggests Ways to Make Illinois Government Work Better — 2 Comments

  1. Corruption at it’s fnest if they were giving out awards for we would be uno 1

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