Marci Suelzer, Opponent to Republican Marty McLaughlin, Surfaces

Marci Suelzer

Under the article announcing her drive-in petition campaign, Democratic Party candidate Marci Suelzer, running to replace retiring David McSweeney against Marty McLaughlin, wrote the following comment about her candidacy:

Hi Everyone!!

I am the potential candidate AND I am not the person pictured.

My tee-shirts tend to be plain or feature Pusheen (the cat)–sorry if that’s a disappointment to anyone.

Someone asked about getting to talk to me: I will be at the events Sunday and Monday.

And, yes, I will be happy to talk with anyone who shows up…provided they are wearing a mask and are civil.

As to what I consider important, there are three key issues:

1 – ensuring access to mental health services,

2 – fostering small business success, and

3 – addressing the economic issues that Illinois currently faces.

Those are issues that affect all of us, every day!

For those wondering, my JD is from DePaul College of Law: You can find me on the Attorney Registration site under my former name: Marcia Richards Bergen, retired status.

My Masters in Mental Health Counseling is from Trinity International University. (I’m on the Licensed Professional Counselor site under my current full name: Marcia Richards Suelzer.)

I am hoping that I am able to get on the ballot because I feel every election should be contested and not awarded to someone by default.

I would hope that all people of every party feel the same way–democracy and the electoral process is precious!

If I am successful in getting on the ballot, I guarantee that I will listen to all sides of an issue provided the speaker is civil, respectful and addresses the facts.

The issues that face us now are serious and demand thoughtful solution, not personal attacks and troll comments (no matter how witty).


Marci Suelzer, Opponent to Republican Marty McLaughlin, Surfaces — 11 Comments

  1. Only those that are virtue signaling they are down with the new one world order 100% are wearing masks. Why would you “start” off on the completely WRONG foot by demanding anyone do something so dead set AGAINST their Constitutional rights (and very dangerous to boot!)? You aren’t even on a ballot yet, but you are going to dictate to people that are supposedly free? Seems to be a REAL big issue already and you are going to pretend that the people are NOT disgusted by tyrants already?

  2. Who the hell cares what this Madigan butt wiper wants or sez!

  3. **do something so dead set AGAINST their Constitutional rights **

    Ah, yes, the 28th Amendment: No masks shall be required when speaking to a candidate for office.

  4. I like that she mentions “Mental Illness” as a top priority—about time someone at least listed it.

    Its always lies around “lowering property taxes”,and other nonsense that never gets addressed by any of them.

    Property Tax bill, and Illinois Income and Sales Taxes proof of their effectiveness.

    Maybe she will stand out differently than other candidates, but the (D) part next to the name always scares me.

    Taxes are proof.

    If she listed “Pension Reform” as a focus I would give strong consideration to listening more.

    Was nice of her to respond to some of what she read on this Blog.

  5. Alabama?

    You are a complete moron.

    You haven’t read your Constitution EVER if you do not understand what is at stake here.

    NO ONE has any right whatsoever to EVER demand you wear ANYTHING!

    You aren’t funny OR amusing.

    You are pathetic!

  6. Mental illness. Will she stand with her party’s presidential nominee who shows some kind of sign of mental illness or dementia or demand that he step down? Where is she with regards to women’s rights regarding attackers? Does she support Tara Reade who said that Biden raped her? On Illinois issues, what are her ideas to fix the $200 Billion shortfall in government pension funding for rich and very rich government pensioners? What kinds of massive cuts in spending by Illinois government would she endorse? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Poster girl for Transgender ‘rights’ and Mental Illness.

    It all fits!

  8. **NO ONE has any right whatsoever to EVER demand you wear ANYTHING!**

    You are very confused, and very wrong.

  9. Alabama, you tarding out again?

    That Suelzer is really something. She got kicked out of the LITH weight watchers group a few years back for sneaking in Zabar bars.

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