Return of Elevator Operators?

One of the elements of Jim Edgar’s campaign for Secretary of State was a promise to get ride of elevator operators.

Now comes the possibility they may return:

Junior Button Pusher: JPMorgan said it might designate workers to push elevator buttons in its offices to prevent unnecessary contact with germy objects. The company expects offices to remain half full for the “foreseeable future,” per Bloomberg.


Return of Elevator Operators? — 9 Comments

  1. Let’s throw the banksters down elevator shafts.

    Start with the bail out pukes, Goldman Sachs.

  2. This sounds like a great job for Slappy Patrick Kenneally or the illegal Mexican!

    Maybe he can do this right!

  3. Kenneally? Is he still letting governmental crooks go scot free?

  4. All of these proposed positions would be represented by . . . SEIU.

    The first words out of their mouth ?


  5. Sorry Hoss but Patty O’Kenneally would likely get confused as the elevator can go up and down. Throw in a multiple floors variable and this Colonel Klink look a little would be even more confused in my opinion!

    I believe Patty was asked at the McHenry County Court House about Mens Rea. O’Kenneally replied….

    ” It’s down the hall, second door to the right!”

  6. Let’s see….Elevator operator qualifications – bachelor’s in communication, history, literature, art, phys ed, etc. Salary – $10/Hr. SEIU salary – $30/Hr.

  7. This strange quote appeared under Pat Kenneally’s Hinsdale Central HS yearbook picture:

    “What is wrong with being effeminate?”

  8. FattyArbuckle, I can only imagine what this jackalope Kenneally looked like in this High School Yearbook.

    I’d bet he’s looking like Poindexter, weights a buck and change with brace’s, participated on the Debate Team, Chess Club, a Thespian and Cross Country ( pick from the above).

    At my High School, his head would have been a frequent flyer in the toilet*!

    * With all the trimmings

  9. Frank, Frank, while Kenneally was a thespian, recruited by Mr. Faunce Gayly, Drama Dept. Head,

    He was on tiddly wink team, not cross-country. He quit the chess club bc everyone there called him “pawn.” The school had no debate team, but they had a strange club for effeminate red haired boys called ‘Ginger Snaps.’ Which Kenneally was elected president until it came out he cheated.

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