Thoughts on Memorial Day from Steve Reick

From State Rep. Steve Reick:

“Mort de la Guerre”

Over forty years ago while bicycling through eastern France, I took a break and walked into a small grove of trees which grew in the middle of a wheat field.

There, sitting in a small clearing was a simple stone, inscribed with the phrase “mort de la guerre”.

There was no name, no date and no means of identification, just a simple stone marking the final resting place of someone who had fallen in defense of Liberty..

Since then, the men and women of the United States armed forces have been sent to the far corners of the world to defend the Liberty that we so often take for granted.

It’s only appropriate that we dedicate at least one day a year in remembrance of those who didn’t come back..

This weekend there will be remembrances, parades, and family gatherings. To those of you for whom that family gathering will be to honor one of their own who, in words attributed to Lincoln: “laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom”, we should all offer a silent moment of thanks..

Secretary of State Colin Powell said in 2003:.

“Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

Cemeteries around the world stand as testimony to the price our country has been willing to pay for our freedom.

But whether it’s the beautifully manicured grounds at Arlington or Normandy or an anonymous grave in eastern France, our obligation is the same: to remember the cost of freedom and to honor all who were “mort de la guerre”.


Thoughts on Memorial Day from Steve Reick — 11 Comments

  1. Just a reminder, that when De Gaulle pulled France out of NATO and demanded U.S. Troops out, Dean Rusk asked if that included the 60,000 buried there.

  2. More forever wars for Israel, right Steve?

    Haven’t we wasted enough trillions and lives on WMD lies?

    Yet our own border is porous despite Trump’s theatrics.

    And you accept the sanctuary state bs and Pritzker’s unconstitutional power grab.

    Our very own atheist, LGBTQ agenda poster boy and roaring drunk: Steve Reick

    Don’t wrap yourself in the flag to pull the wool over the local rubes’ eyes.

  3. Today let us not forget those who died on The USS Liberty.

    June 08, 1967. Israel air and naval forces attacked a flagged recconosense (sp) ship The USS Liberty, resulting in the death of 34 Americans Sailors and Marines and 171 injured.

    Check Wikipedia for starters.

    TruNews has an outstanding documentary if you have the stomach for it.

    The purpose was to sink the ship and blame the Egyptians, bringing in the US to retaliate against Israeli’s enemies.

    Those surviving the attack give credit to God and the brave sailors who fashioned a communication system after the primary system was destroyed, along with the lifeboats.

    President Johnson recalled a naval aircraft response from another US ship, declaring he wanted that ship on the bottom of the sea.


    Total coverup by government, no Congressional hearings.

    I bring this attack up in order to awaken people to the FACTS that America wages false flag events in order to wage war…is CoVid 1984 another false flag???

  4. Cereal Killer,

    I get that our foreign policy is garbage, I understand the powerful influence of Israeli lobby groups, but Steve Reick is a state representative — not a congressman.

    He does not send soldiers to die in wars.

    I can disagree with him on some things (I don’t even think he should be running for office this year tbh), but calling him out for making a statement honoring soldiers on Memorial Day seems like misguided anger.

    Also, Steve Reick voted NO on Rauner’s TRUST Act.

    That bill was a big win for illegal aliens; Reick voted against it.
    I think Brian Sager would have voted yes on something like that or a bill that goes even further.

  5. Wow. I guess cereal killer doesn’t like Reick.

    I detest him cause he’s a RINO, and I can’t vote or against him.

    I’m stuck with his Siamese twin, Weber.

  6. Who gives flying f what that nut says. Did he plagiarize that?

  7. Yeah, read a lot how the Scofield version of the Bible is in serious conflict with earlier translations.

    Rick Wyles from TruNews expounds on this.

    Pastors Chuck Baldwin and Ted Pike as well.

    Developing safer and more efficient methods of landmine eradication has been my most satisfying venture.

    The people of Cambodia are super wonderful and deserve all the help we can share.

    Instead, the US government is demanding an emergency loan for food during the Pol Pot regime be repaid, with interest!

    To be fair, the US does sponsor landmine eradication in Cambodia along with Japan, Norway, Australia, Germany and several other countries, except China.

    China was the main beneficiary of the Pol Pot era, trading slave produced rice for landmines and all types of weapons left over from WWII.

    Trump and all US politicians should visit Cambodia and the S-21 genocide museum in Phnom Pehn.

    Then go to the Killing Fields nearby, then Aki Ra’s Landmine Museum and see how US intervention/ pullout caused the most intense “holocaust” on the planet for its geographic al size.

    1.7- 2 million plus Cambodians died during the 70’s in an area the size of Missouri.

    Naw, can’t talk about that…or any other holocaust, except one.

    Just like the Scofield Bible, historical facts get skewed to flavor a narrative.

  8. I didn’t look it up, but I assume “mort de la guerre” means “drinks are on me”.

  9. I used to like Steve.

    Until I spoke w/ him at the County fair in 2018.

    My conclusion: Total Faker

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