Acosta DCFS Disciplinary Records Secret Until Final Decision

A couple of months ago I tried to obtain the disciplinary records of AJ Freund caseworker Carlos Acosta, who also serves a Democratic Party member of the McHenry County Board, plus those of his supervisor Andrew Polovin.

As you can see below, my Freedom of Information request was denied.

Now comes the McHenry County State’s Attorney with a request for substantially the same information.

It will be interesting to see if the subpoena results in pulling the information out of the Department of Children and Family Services.

The AFSCME contract language follows:


Acosta DCFS Disciplinary Records Secret Until Final Decision — 14 Comments

  1. Millions.

    These two aggrieved want millions of your dollars for negligently performing their sworn protective duties to a murdered child.

    Carlos Acosta wants not only millions of your dollars but societal acceptance of his total negligence by having his job and benefits reinstated, a felony trial for his role in the eventual murder of the child avoided and his elected position being continued with the particular insult of the honorarium “Honorable” being attached to his name while in public service.

    I’m sure there are many people who have skated when they’ve been directly or indirectly involved in the murder of a child under their supervision.

    We hope these two, particularly Acosta, are dismissed from their positions, dismissed from the Union and, in Acostas case, prosecuted for his negligence resulting in the murder of a child.

    The Union process of taking time to review these cases is maddening but to skip steps to shortchange these two a full and complete review would be unfair.

    It will be interesting to see if the institution of governmental child management, service and advocacy through DCFS will be totally undermined by finding for these bad actors or if they choose to start repairing their relationship and trust with the public by utterly shutting the door on them.

  2. Patty O’Kenneally won’t prosecute this as he’ll offend other County governmental agency officials and could possibly lose votes.

    It’s more important to this goofy looking jackalope to get reelected than to enforce Justice in my opinion.

    “Justice, Justice O’Kenneally shall avoid*”

    * If it benefits himself

  3. Ah, Senor Acosta, a grifter from way back, with blood on his leathery hands.

  4. -Yes, Acosta should resign from the board.

    -No, he should not get his job at DCFS back.

    -Should he charged criminally? That would depend on the facts of the case and what relevant law applies, but I’m inclined to think so.

    -No, I did not vote for Acosta and will not vote for him in the future.

    At the same time, I can’t help but to suspect that Kenneally might be doing this because an election is coming up, and many people who voted for him four years ago consider him to be both corrupt AND dumb now (quite the feat).

    What better way to drum up support for a failing state’s attorney than to get involved in a highly emotional case?

    AJ died a year ago, and Kenneally just announces he’s going to look into it?

    There was a story from September 2019 about Acosta having some time sheet discrepancies (being clocked in for DCFS when he was at a county board meeting).

    Many in the comments, including myself, Trisha G. Bred Winner, Ms.Trumpion, Pete Sonneburg, and Paul Revere asked the question, “Where’s Pat!?”

    Anybody with half a sense of decency and a brain sees a dead child and a DCFS worker with phony time sheet documents, they’d demand an investigation.

    But where was Pat?

    Well, now Pat is out here taking it VERY SERIOUSLY just in time for the election.

    I also don’t understand how Kenneally could conclude Miller did nothing wrong with those exotic purchases.

    So in addition to Acosta resigning, it would be nice if Kennealy resigned too.

    He has lost voters’ trust.

  5. Does anyone have any links to the back story on this? I’m not familiar and would like to read more. Thanks

  6. From reading some of ajs story.

    This poor child was born with drugs in his baby body.

    Dcfs case workers should have taken child out of the home permanently.

    This was the first real red flag.

    This way case workers could never have been able to do wrong in taking care of aj.

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