McHenry Set to Kick Start Economy Friday

From McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett:

Kick Start McHenry!

Join us this Friday, May 29th for McHenry’s Phase 3 Grand Re-Opening Event!

Dear Citizens and Businesses of McHenry:

On Friday, May 29th, 2020 the City of McHenry is on track to re-open a significant part of our local economy in accordance with Phase 3 of the Governor’s Restore Illinois Plan.

What this means for McHenry is that many of our businesses that were required to close due to the Stay at Home Order issued by the Governor can now open and start up again!

Local Businesses that will be re-opening with restrictions and guidance include: Hair Salons, Barber Shops, Nail Salons, Tanning Salons, Massage Parlors, Tattoo Parlors, Cosmetology Schools, Retail Stores, Day Camps, Health, Fitness and Dance Centers and Manufacturing Businesses.

Attached to this address are the State Guidelines and informational posters issued by the Governor’s Office for each business classification that is included in Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan.

Businesses and residents are encouraged to read this document carefully so they fully understand the rules related to Phase 3 openings.

A request for assistance form is also included for local businesses who might need additional resources or guidance so that they can open up as soon as possible.

Over the course of the next couple days, City staff will be working diligently to reach out one-on-one, to as many local businesses as possible, to review the guidelines, answer questions and support the re-opening of our local businesses.

Business related questions can be forwarded via email to Economic Development Director Doug Martin at

Many of our local businesses have been labeled non-essential by the Governor’s Executive Order but to us they are as essential to McHenry as any business can ever be.

My message to all McHenry residents is that we need your help to “Kick Start McHenry”.

You can do this by making a commitment to McHenry to embrace our local economy’s grand re-opening and shop local for ALL your needs these next few weeks.

If we all join in together we can help to ensure that our local businesses and our local economy gets the much needed kick start it deserves.


McHenry Set to Kick Start Economy Friday — 14 Comments

  1. Not that I needed Jett’s little pedantic message, I think most the state knows that phase 3 was coming that day based on the parameters set with Pritzker’s reopening plan.

    Only problem I’m seeing is all these payments being deferred until June 30.

    People who haven’t been working are going to need time to catch up so their power doesn’t get shut off.

    I think that’ll take precedent rather than going to Jexal’s or any other place that costs more than it’s worth.

    On the other hand, enough people feel like a $20 meal for one person is affordable.

    Oh middle class, where art thou?

  2. Now let’s deal with the reality that the cure is far worse than
    the disease.

    How many businesses will never reopen and how many people
    will become unemployed because of this.

    I know one thing for sure, you won’t get those stats from the FAKE NEWS MSM.

  3. The cure for the economy could be worse than the disease. Same thing can be said either side. But how about avoiding buzzwords to validate your statement? Where’s all this free thinking I hear about?

  4. Nelson? There was no could be. HonestAbe1 stated is. Why are you twisting his words? I’m pretty sure you didn’t understand ANYTHING he said.

  5. I’m pretty certain I didn’t understand anything you just said.

  6. He’s a Leftist troll Cindy, pay him no mind for he has just revealed himself.

  7. Abe, I’m not a leftist. Your cute and snide remarks scale you lower on the political spectrum. The only trolling I’ve done recently is in a fishing boat with a trolling motor.

    Quit being a silly pleb and hiding behind these buzzwords that are used to dismiss others like leftists. I can troll this place till 2021 but there isn’t enough activity for me to even entertain that idea. Comments are slow and the majority of the frequent posters are either smart enough to know a troll or dumb enough to say anyone is.

    So yeah, low value there.

  8. I disagree with Nelson on many things, but he’s not wrong in his initial comment.

    That said, it’s not government’s job to bail people out.

    It’s already gone way too far.

    If you listened to Pritzker, it’s your own damn fault. He had no legal authority to enforce the lockdown.

    Hence, nobody has yet been arrested. People simply complied because they were “told to”. Yet time and time again, the state police claim that they will not enforce this but businesses continue to comply.

    Nelson’s right that Jett is just making a big deal of nothing.

    This isn’t even an actual reopening.
    If he really meant what he’s saying, the city would just open everything up.

  9. By the way. You get the government that you deserve.

    If you want to be ruled, that’s apparently easily arranged.

  10. I actually miss Jexal’s.

    After that dumpy wing place that burnt down and left a vacant lot for like 5 years or so, it was good to have a place that actually tries, even if they’re still a little rough around the edges.

    I hope that they pull through.

    But nobody knows how a place that is right across the street from a fire station manages to burn to the ground.

    Says a lot.

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