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  1. The Dems will take back the Senate, gain seats in House, and take the White House because the President of the United States is DERANGED!

    He’s on a multi-day bender of peddling BS.

    The Republicans are too scared to admit it.

    His press sec told us Joe Scarbough had it coming for criticizing the President.

    The GOP’s failure to reign in this abhorrent sick man and play along is the reason he lost the burbs in 2018 and the reason he will give full control and all levers of the federal government to the Dems in 2020.

    “Psycho Joe Scarborough is rattled, not only by his bad ratings but all of the things and facts that are coming out on the internet about opening a Cold Case. He knows what is happening!”

  2. Is Ohon delirious? Dems take back the Whitehouse? With who? Mario Cuomo or Gavin Newson rather than the dufus dementia laden racist woman violator Biden?

    But, back to tee shirts. What might a woman Biden admirer’s tee shirt say? Actually, “woman Biden admirer” is an oxymoron. Except for Joe’s wife and sister, where is there evidence that women over the years in public places liked and welcomed Biden’s smooches on the face or smelling of hair or hugs with his hands high above their waists. Goofball Biden had a number of times hugged very young women who were daughters of fellow politicians. His hands high above their waists.

    Biden has a long record of planting unwanted kisses on women’s faces. He went way over the top one time by standing behind a woman in Nevada and smelling her hair. She was a Democrat candidate for some office there. After that incident, the woman told the media she was mortified in that on that one day, for whatever reason, she had not washed her hair that day.

    What women today, young or old, would like creepy dufus 77 year-old Biden to grab them, hug them tightly, plant a kiss on their face and smell their hair? If there were such a woman, what might her tee shirt say?

  3. ^I wouldn’t be surprised if Dems won the Senate.

    -McSally is a loser — why would they appoint a loser unless they want to lose again?

    -Gardner just lives in a hostile environment. Colorado is more of a blue state than a purple one now.

    -Loeffler might as well hang it up after Tucker buried her. It was revealed that she made money on stock trades after a confidential senate hearing. Even if people buy her story or don’t think she did anything illegal, they may still believe she is shady.

    -Collins… too close to tell, but Trump has not helped her. Trump has only hurt her.

    -Jones may end up hanging on to his seat in Alabama which should have been easy for GOP to switch. Now Trump is going with Tommy Tuberville instead of Sessions because he’s still bitter about Sessions recusing himself (which Sessions was right to do). Sessions is actually a strong ideological ally of Trump, and Trump is throwing him under the bus because he’s a petty, fragile man. Tuberville’s wife is involved in a scandal right now where she ran a red light and killed somebody. Trump sure knows how to pick them! Tuberville was also a coach for Texas Tech and given how big the Alabama Crimson Tide is I see his coaching as an impediment. And now if Sessions wins the runoff then what? Trump has already dragged him. What a moron.

    If these states go Dem, and there’s a good chance they do, Republicans lose the Senate.

    If Republicans lose the senate, their ability to appoint judges goes out the window.

    Trump had a unified government (both chambers were Republican) and instead of trying to get the wall built, he focused on taking away health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

    No wonder the Dems clobbered Republicans in the midterm.

    He has filled his cabinet with all sorts of swamp monsters too.

  4. Correcting –

    Don’t sleep on Dems flipping North Carolina too.

    Dems showed they can elect a Dem in a state wide race when they elected a Dem governor in 2018.

    Tillis has similar problems to Loeffer and the race is rated as a toss up.

    Kansas could be an interesting senate race, depending on who runs and more importantly, who doesn’t (Pompeo).

    Bred – How many of the 25 women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct can you name?

    Biden is on the way to becoming the 46th President unless Trump dies in office from COVID-19 or heart complications from taking Hyroxy.

  5. Biden will collapse under scrutiny and humiliation, his past swamp dwelling will come back to haunt him.

  6. Gary Christ you might be correct, but if you have been listening, Rahm Emanuel is discussing his VP pick, with creepy Joe and the DNC, the “King Maker”, is at work.

    We all heard JB on the FBI tapes with Blago, and Blago goes to Prison.

    JB wanted the coveted Senate position, but now is Governor.

    Just maybe the VP position is for sale, or will go to the highest bidder?

  7. LTRESIDENT: That’s because the Biden shirts would need to have the logo on the gut, because it would hang out past everything else.

    That’s because most of today’s liberal women look like trolls, which is why they support body positivity and any programs that marry them off to the government (because nobody else is interested).

  8. Some Guy:

    I just meant there aren’t Biden shirts because he like ’em topless.

    Liberal physiques not withstanding.

  9. This has to be one of the more ridiculous comment threads on the blog…

  10. As was expected, no one came up with a suggested tee shirt that women would wear to support Biden. No woman would publicly show her support in a tee shirt for the dufus, dummy, dementia laden goofball who was the sidekick to the worst ever president of the U.S. Women who may secretly vote for him come November are the ones who vote Democrat all the time.

  11. Your camera always did have a keen eye for a D-cup. Glad to see that hasnt changed. Next time, try to snap the pic on a cold day….

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