McHenry Readies to Open for Business

From the City of McHenry:


In anticipation of being able to move to Phase 3 of Governor Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Plan tomorrow, May 29th, 2020, the City of McHenry has taken significant steps to reach out to local businesses to offer assistance in supporting their efforts to reopen.

This week City staff has hand delivered informational packets and personally coached over 200 businesses on the guidelines associated with Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan to ensure that as many of our businesses as possible are capable of reopening this weekend.

These businesses include restaurants, gyms, salons, barber shops, retail businesses, manufacturing businesses, service businesses and more.

In addition the City held industry specific zoom meetings this week on outdoor seating at restaurants and sale/service of alcohol outdoors to ensure all state guidance is followed.

Part of this plan to “re-open McHenry” has also included City Staff working with many businesses to ensure they have the needed Personal Protective Equipment and sanitation products to safely open.

This week Mayor Wayne Jett, with the support of the City Council, issued an Executive Order to allow all McHenry restaurants and bars to offer outside on premise dining opportunities through the use of public property adjacent to businesses or within private parking lots.

This included the extension of the premises associated with liquor licenses to permit service at these expanded locations.

In addition, the City has personally offered and delivered over 150 picnic tables and 150 steel barricades to local restaurants so that those who do not have outside seating availability will starting tomorrow.

The City of McHenry is committed to acting within its authority to support the reopening of all local businesses under the guidelines of Restore Illinois and will continue to lead the effort to provide businesses with the support needed to reopen as quickly and fully operational as possible.

Mayor Wayne Jett stated,

“We want our residents to know McHenry is Open for Business. We have worked hand in hand with our businesses to create safe environments, so please come out and support McHenry by shopping local”.

The McHenry Chamber of Commerce is working diligently with a new business plan called, “Relaunch McHenry”.

The City is excited to continue their partnership with the Chamber to ensure that the health of our business community is maintained.

Additionally the City of McHenry will be launching a new business orientated website located at:

Within this website local area businesses can register, allowing McHenry residents access to a wide range of local area retail, service and restaurants businesses.

As this site is brand new, please take the time to revisit it over the new few weeks as the list of businesses grow.


McHenry Readies to Open for Business — 9 Comments

  1. Is there a local McHenry business where I can buy a pair of
    Birkenstock sandals? Not a big box, but a local ma & pa?

  2. Restore Illinois should include deporting the illegal Mexican and assorted amigos as well as removing Chicago from the State geography. Remove Fred Flintstone from office as well!

  3. Too little, way too late.

    Several million dollars short.

    I’ll be going to Wisconsin from now on for cheaper food (and no food taxes; gas cheaper too!)

    Jett is a phony.

  4. Q:Why the spike in burglaries in McHenry businesses during Covid days?

    A: Directly related to illegal aliens increasing their presence and displacing the indigenous population.

    Q: Why do so many illegal aliens homes have 10 or more cars parked around the place?

  5. With the joke Corona tests, I’m surprised anybody tests negative.

    Rick Jett is a socialist. Sager & Jett, the worst yet.

  6. My co-worker’s mom and my brother both tested negative.

    I’ve been suspicious of the tests myself.

    Then there are whole families that my sister in law knows who’ve tested positive.

  7. “illegal aliens increasing their presence and displacing the indigenous population.”

    And that’s how America was born!

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