Police State of Illinois Hits the Neighborhood

Here’s an email I received today from my property owners association informing residents of Country Club Additions that we can’t use our beaches.

Update on CCAPOA Beach Status: Beaches are closed…for now

With the warm weather quickly approaching we understand that people are anxious to head to the beach and enjoy the lake.  

Unfortunately the COVID19 pandemic and the State of Illinois restrictions are causing an impact on our ability to open our private swimming areas.

As a result CCAPOA Swim beaches are currently closed by the State of Illinois and McHenry County Department of Health.

Once the offices reopen and can certify our beaches we will reopen them as soon as possible. (We miss you too!)

To demonstrate our compliance with the statewide restrictions the beaches have been temporarily fenced and closed in order to minimize any inadvertent violations of any codes that the State/County Department of Health enforces.  

Lakewood’s Gate 7 Beach, closed by order of Governor JB Pritzker. Photo credit: Mackenzie Garcia.

It is important to note that the swimming areas are not closed for the season and will reopen as soon as the State allows.  

In the interim, we appreciate your patience during this difficult time.

In addition, it is also important for our members to understand that CCAPOA has been informed by the ILDH that if the Beach Closed status was violated, we may not have the ability to certify for the remainder of the year.  

In essence, that means if we have people in the water or on the beach then those individuals may directly cause us lose our beaches for the remainder of the year.

(Please don’t do it! Pretty please!!)

Please, be patient with us and don’t go on the beach or in the water.

It is not only a violation, but we also don’t know if the water is safe without certification.

(We don’t want an outbreak of water based bacteria to keep us all at home either.)  

I know this weekend is supposed to be warm and beautiful and I also want to go enjoy our beaches, we just need to give it a little more time.

That being said, the grass areas are NOT restricted or closed.

We request that you attend safely and follow the guidelines for safe interactions.

The websites for details on that are posted on the beach as well.

The association is not here to enforce any attendance in the grass areas unless they are immediately unsafe.

If you have questions regarding the Department of Health decision to close the swim beaches, please locate the number posted on the signs at every beach and contact them directly.

(The representative I spoke with today was Sean, he was extremely kind and professional and he welcomes any questions.)

We look forward to seeing everyone and safely enjoying the great weather.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!!!

Marcus Andreopoulos

= = = = =

A! May 22nd memo from the McHenry County Health department pinned the tail on Governor JB Pritzker.

= = = = =

This intrusion on property rights and Freedom of Association reminds me of the Illinois Department of Public Health’s attempt to force port-a-potties at every CCPOA beach in the 1990’s.

As one might imagine, neighbors were not pleased.

I finally got the IDPH to back off by pointing out all residents using the beach were within walking distance of the beaches and could return home to go to the bathroom.


Police State of Illinois Hits the Neighborhood — 20 Comments

  1. It’s time for a LAWSUIT.

    The only way to get government off your back.

  2. That sucks, Cal. Out here Fun Mode has been activated. Everybody is playing basketball and doing the cha-cha slide.

  3. Awww….. must be rough having First World problems of having beach access!!

    How cruel and inhumane!!

    Please throw more tantrums amongst yourselves because real people with real problems arent interested in the problems of the snobishly Elite.

  4. Speaking of police state: the people in MN just burned down the police station and now they’re doing a firework display to celebrate.

    First they looted it and took all the guns and jackets, then they lit it on fire. Police are standing down.

    Nat Guard is supposedly going to come. We’ll see what happens. Here’s a livestream.


  5. Why would the Minneapolis PD stand down?

    They should have defended themselves and the building.

    With full firepower. They also did not arrest looters.

    That just emboldens thugs, riffraff, criminals. Militia will likely be needed to assist law enforcement agencies everywhere.

  6. Isn’t Marcus the guy who got in trouble from the village for pumping sewage out of a man hole and into the street?

  7. Let the inner city slums burn down so whitey can build more ‘jects that have to be demolished in a decade bc of the poor savages can’t take of anything, but they need to breed more and more of them.


    The effeminate mayor of Minneapolis whines about the cops, he’d be lynched w/o the cops.

    They should stand down and watch the savages incinerate the place and then wonder why it all had to happen.

    Chicago is going to go up like a match this summer!


  8. Because they’re probably complacent in it, Gus.

    Why do you think the Arbury case, the birdwatcher case, and the Floyd case all broke on the news in such a short period of time?

    What did they all have in common and what do you think the reaction is?

    Who were those white federal agent looking people who were caught on camera breaking windows and lighting things on fire?

    Why is there so little talk on the media about them?

    They did not look like the scrawny vegan communist antifa types and they acted very strange when confronted by peaceful black protesters.

    There is more going on then just some random thugs wanting new televisions.

    (I am not at all denying that there’s a lot of that happening too.)

    And Trump’s tweet about looting and shooting comes in the wake of the Twitter dust up and EO threat.

    I guarantee the government does not want social media to just be a neutral platform and the devil is always in the details.

    Intel experts are warning about us losing the AI war with China.

    The U.S. government is jealous of China.

    They want to create Chinese style surveillance state here.

    Since people aren’t buying into this creepy contact tracing, they’re making widespread civil unrest.

  9. Correcting has some very food points.

    And Pinto is right about Chi-Congo ready to blow!

    Lauren Weirdfoot’s stoking the future blowup.

    I hope Prim has plans on setting up roadblocks so the ravaging hordes from Chi-Congo do not flood out here.

    You can multiply this by 10,000: https://dreamindemon.com/community/threads/5-teens-charged-with-murder-after-illinois-homeowner-shoots-14-year-old-during-burglary-attempt.107341/

    Oh, and those ‘purely boys in Boystown will be fair Red Line Game when Chi-Congo blows.

    Open season on looting and robbery.

    And the abused cops will basically standown.

    Then people will wish there were 10,000 officer Van Dykes) of the PCP thug ‘Labuan’ MacDonald case.

  10. Oh no we can’t use the 14Million gravel pit ! we got sucked into paying for?!

  11. Get me Gestapo Headquarters*!

    * McHenry County States Attorney’s Office

  12. If this is your version of a police state, I had something more dystopic in mind than being able to utilize a beach.

  13. Slippery slope, just watched a video on contact tracing.

    Total control over your life.

    Isolation means no pets allowed. Craziness, pure craziness. Traveled internationally during SARS and bird flu, nothing crazy like this.

    Increase your immune response through healthy lifestyle and vitamins and sunshine.

  14. It is obvious that the entire Minnesota and Minneapolis leadership is grossly incompetent. Oh, and the governor of MINN and the mayor of Minneapolis are Democrats. The AG of MINN is left wing Democrat Keith Ellison. The police chief of Minneapolis reports to the Democrat mayor. Looks like the Democrat mayor is responsible for his police chief and the conduct of their police officers. This entire incident happened in a strongly controlled Democrat controlled State and City.

    Total and gross incompetence in that the Governor and the Mayor should have had the National Guard deployed much sooner and also had police assets from many nearby towns and communities on patrol BEFORE the riots, anarchy and insurrection started.

    When riots, anarchy and insurrection occur in the US it is likely that the Democrats are grossly incompetent to deal with these. Trust no democrat.

  15. Idiots! You are still watching mainstream media and believing in government control. It was a false flag (DONE BY YOUR “GOVERNMENT”)and you are being led into your own incarceration. You’ve listened to nothing I’ve been telling you. When you should have protested and stood your ground in this fake war they are unfurling you ran and hid frightened out of your minds. Now they have you. And they did it all with terrible crisis actors and lying constantly. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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