Conflicting Advice on Wearing Masks to Fight Coronavirus

Found this tweet about the need for wearing masks from Blue Room Stream”

The recommendation has not changed and differs from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which urges individuals to wear a mask or face covering in public settings, regardless of infection or not, to limit the spread of the virus.

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BlueRoomStream@BlueRoomStreamDr. April Baller, a public health specialist for the WHO, says in a video on the world health body’s website posted in March.

“If you do not have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you do not need to wear a mask.”


Conflicting Advice on Wearing Masks to Fight Coronavirus — 17 Comments

  1. Cal, the advice is NOT conflicting.

    You’re reversing advice from two different points in time.

    Early on, several authorities, including Fauci, said we didn’t need to wear masks.

    This was when there was a shortage of masks for medical professionals, first responders, and other essential employees.

    As more was learned about the disease and masks became more readily available, Fauci, WHO and almost all governmental health officials began to recommend wearing masks in public. Strongly.

    If the sole purpose were to protect yourself from others, wearing a mask would be purely optional, like wearing a motorcycle helmet ought to be: smart, but up to the individual.

    But the main purpose is protect others from you, like motorcyclists being required to wear eye protection so that if something gets in their eye at 60 mph they don’t lose control and hurt someone else.

    Rights are not absolute, they’re limited, as, for example, the right to free speech doesn’t give you the right to shout, “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

    Basically, the rule is that when what you do puts others at risk, then the restriction is reasonable, especially when the solution is trivial.

    And there is nothing less trivial than wearing a mask.

    Doctors and nurses wear them all day long.

    I’ve seen old people in wheelchairs wearing masks.

    I’ve seen children wearing masks.

    But I actually had someone say to me that they wouldn’t wear a mask because it was “icky”. Really? You can protect other people from a deadly disease, but you refuse because it’s “icky”?

    You might as well spit in the face of every person on the front lines, and as someone with three out there (a doctor and two nurses among my children and their spouses), yes, I take it personally.

  2. Steve? You are a sheep. NOTHING they have told you is true. This includes that masks are going to help you in any way. They are detrimental to your health! They are dangerous for you to wear. You are destroying your own body’s ability to function. They are a ritual to signal the cabal that you are a sheep and will keep silent. They are being used by the cabal to cause divisiveness while they laugh at you for being such an easy pushover. Meanwhile, you are showing your hatred for the people that are smart enough to know better than to cave to the cabal and wear a senseless, useless, detrimental to your OWN health mask. If ANY of their fake virus hoax were true, you would be using a chain-link fence trying to trap mosquitoes while you can’t breathe because you are inhaling your own toxins that God designed your lungs to expel. Shame on you for fomenting hatred. You are championing one of their agendas whiell you spit in the face of God AND the Constitution.

  3. Even if there’s a rat’s chance in hell that masks work, no conscientious individual should put themselves or others at risk by not wearing a mask.

    It’s a very small measure we can do for one another.

    You may not think your life matters but the lives of others do.

  4. Come on, Steve, that’s a bunch of malarkey!

    If the country is practicing less social distancing than it was a month or two ago, then why would cases be going DOWN if it “exponentially grows” like we were told?

    Have you been hanging out with Corn Pop?

    He was a bad dude.

    Something doesn’t add up; you’re a math wizard and should see that.

    Have you considered the possibility that this has been wildly exaggerated and you’ve been bamboozled?

    There are literally thousands of people in the streets in cities all over America, and the media dropped coronavirus cold turkey.

    Every state in the country is opening up.

    How can all this be explained if coronavirus is so bad? (Charts showing decline of daily infections and deaths available in link below.)


    WHO doesn’t seem to be the one that contradicted itself on the mask policy, but their guidelines have been in conflict with the CDC’s guidelines, and the CDC’s guidelines have contradicted the CDC’s own previous guidelines which is what you referred to when you brought up Fauci switching positions.

    It’s hard to keep up, but here are some links regarding WHO’s take on masks.


    From late March, WHO says healthy people don’t need mask

    CDC and WHO have been in conflict with each other for a while over this issue.

    This is from early April:

    So it sounds like WHO has actually been more lassez faire than the CDC, and it sounds like they’ve been less self-contradicting/more consistent than the CDC.

    Guess which one the MAGA gang Tea Party cult is more mad at though?!

    WHO, of course.

    Because CHAI-NAH!

    Did we just get duped by Donnie the cult leader again?

    Everybody hates WHO now because they shared news from the Chinese government on January 14th that there was no person-to-person transmission, but as early as January 21st WHO had gone on the record that there was a possibility of person-to-person transmission, and as early as January 10th they had warned countries privately (including the U.S.) that there could be person-to-person transmission.

    Steve, you wouldn’t be trying to peddle fear about coronavirus to wreck the economy and saddle local governments with tons of debt due to a lack of sales tax revenue, and then force those broke local governments to issue municipal bonds (perhaps after you helped some anti-tax candidates get elected) which you would then purchase as an investment since your job is or was in municipal bonds, would you?

    In case I’m not being clear, I think you should address potential conflicts of interest.

    I hope that is not true and you are just a 60 something year old worried about his health.

    It’s understandable.

    I wish you no harm.

  5. Steve: Annals of Internal Medicine, May 20 journal. Look it up.

    Cloth and surgical masks have no impact on COVID…..only N-95 masks do.

    Sorry, Steve and Governor Pritzger, you’re just WRONG; facts matter.

    Masks now are for show only as it relates to COVID and if not used properly, can be a problem in spreading the disease.

  6. Steve Wilson, thank you.


    Finally, another voice of reason here.

  7. If I wear a mask and am wrong, I wore a mask.

    If you don’t wear a mask and am wrong, you get Covid 19.

  8. If I understand the “experts” reasoning for wearing masks in public, it is to help prevent airborne pathogens from escaping ones nose and mouth.

    OK, but only the N95 masks are capable of preventing this, the disposable surgical masks and bandannas are for a show of compliance, and do little to help.

    Reminds me of the helicopters flying bags of water in an impossible attempt to extinguish raging forest fires.

    The officials in charge admit this does little good, but it gives the public a chance to see that the government is at least doing something.

    What next?

    Will we be forced to wear crash helmets while driving our cars…just in case?

    I will ask those on the “Trump Train” again,
    why does Trump listen only to those Jared Kushner choses?

    Drs. Fauci and Brix are driving Bill Gates agenda to vaccinate everyone and implant tracking devices.

    I suggest everyone research Chuck Baldwin’s interviews with constitutional and medical experts.

    The world is being taken over by the pharmaceutical industry.

    Also the Trump heralded USMCA trade agreement is FULLY globalist by design and destroys national sovereignty.


    Trump is a globalist wrapped in an American flag, and his supporters can’t see through it.

    Sorry to say…

  9. Regardless of politics, there are too many facially impaired out there, frankly I’d rather not look at.

  10. It’s tax time again. If you really understood what they are doing, you would realize that taxing is just a scam to keep their money system (they call it the economy) going. If you didn’t have to pay their taxes you wouldn’t be forced to live on a rat wheel and keep the scam going. Your money isn’t used to keep anything going but the scam. They already “print” whatever they need. They need YOU to play their stupid game! Gary and Correcting are starting to see a lot of what is going on. Their comments are worth reading.

  11. CLM: Thank you for providing genuine scientific evidence to support your position.

    I appreciate that.

    In analyzing this issue, I think two things are important.

    First is to evaluate the quality of the studies.

    Second is what the preponderance of the evidence shows where there is conflicting evidence.

    To date, few large scale studies have been done on COVID-19 because it’s so new.

    However, numerous studies have been done on other viruses, including corona viruses spread by exhalation, and these studies provide the best evidence.

    So, let’s look at the study you cited and then at a representative handful of other studies.

    The study you cited seems to have been well conducted.

    However, I have two problems with it.

    First, it had a total of four data points per test.

    Now, the minimum number of data points necessary for a parametric statistical test is thirty.

    Larger tests are preferred because they reduce the margin of error.

    Second, the nature of the test was of questionable utility in evaluating real life situations.

    However, I will still grant it is one study that concludes masks offer no protection.

    However, most of the studies of masks and corona virus transmission reach the opposite conclusion, so in addition to concerns about the accuracy of the test you cite, the preponderance of the evidence is in favor of masks.

    I would cite for you 04/03/20 “Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks”, a study found on the US National Library of Medicine/NIH site


    “Influenza Virus Aerosols in Human Exhaled Breath: Particle Size, Culturability, and Effect of Surgical Masks”, a study published at (,

    “Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks”.

    There have also been several large scale statistical studies of the incidence of disease in areas where mask wearing is common.

    So, in conclusion, I have problems with the study you cited and I find that the preponderance of the studies support wearing masks.

    One final point here, and that is that wearing masks is not the sole step needed.

    Washing hands and social distancing are also important.

    In particular the latter because transmission diminishes with the cube of the distance, and the probability of contracting the disease is a function of the volume of exposure.

  12. The only point of the mask is to spread fear and demoralize people.

    I haven’t worn a mask at all, and will not wear one.

    Those of you who conform are exactly the types of sheep that the authoritarian government want.

    I might suggest that China is looking for slaves just like you.

  13. Only fools would don a muzzle to acquiesce the tyrant’s illegal and dangerous orders. Steve is a moron that never learned to wash his hands in kindergarten. Pounding this tripe into peoples’s brains now is NOT what is needed. You are a huge part of the brainwashed minions that are promoting the new world order with your claptrap ideas. there is no transmission of ANYTHING. The only way you can get any of the “diseases” that they claim are “viruses” is to be injected with them! I am so sick of fools that are spreading fear because of their stupidity. Then on top of their stupidity, they have to keep touting things that are actually false and dangerous for a healthy human to do to themself. Just like the fake planned demic caused devastation to every single country of the world, this erroneous “health advice” is going to cause sicknesses that you never thought possible because you are destroying your own bodies with bad and fake “science”.

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