Democrats Control Cities Having Trouble, But Apparently Should Not Be Blamed for Not Solving Them

Just look at Chicago, for instance.

Since the corrupt Republican “Big Bill” Thompson lost in 1931, Chicago has been ruled by Democrats.

No need to go into a litany of problems in Chicago, but I can’t think of any for which Republicans are responsible.

Yesterday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot corrected pointed out that President Trump is trying to blame problems of big cities on Democrats:

He wants to show failures on the part of Democratic local leaders, to throw red meat to his base.

His goal is to polarize, to destabilize local government and inflame racist urges.

We can absolutely not let him prevail.

And I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump.

It’s two words.It begins with F and it ends with U.

Notice that Chicago’s Mayor does not refute Trump’s generalization that her party is to blame.


Democrats Control Cities Having Trouble, But Apparently Should Not Be Blamed for Not Solving Them — 19 Comments

  1. I’m shocked – SHOCKED I tell you !

    How could the DEMOCRAT multi-cultural utopia fail ?

    Just wait, summer has yet to start . . . and it’s going to be a hot one
    in more ways than one for that Joe Pesci suit wearing degenerate Leftist.

  2. Meanwhile, the domestic terrorist group Antifa are burning the country to the ground.

    Democrat-run cities are mostly just letting it happen.

    Police being told to stand down, literally running away from the crime scenes.

    There is the “Democrat utopia”.

  3. “He wants to show failures on the part of Democratic local leaders, to throw red meat to his base.”

    Where’s the lie though?

    Big cities are literally burning down.

    Opportunistic criminals and communists are running amok destroying everything.

    Funny how she says his goal is to polarize people, then proceeds to direct an obscenity at him as if that won’t be polarizing.

    Bad things are coming.

    I hope you are all prepared for a self-defense situation.

    The police are useless, so don’t count on them.

  4. Police murder people for jay walking or selling loose cigarettes then let hordes of criminals mug, beat, rape, and murder us.

  5. The small rural poor cities ravaged by meth and run by Republicans are the “forgotten man”

  6. Lori Lightfoot’s, FU comment to President Trump, is just a symptom of what is wrong with Democratic run cities or states.

    I suggest she work on her people skills a little more, rug rats are not socially acceptable either.

  7. Given that the City and the State are in such a severe financial hole that they’re financial future has been underpinned on a hope of a federal bailout, one might think that elected officials such as Lightfoot and Pritzker would give pause for thought before insulting the one man that has the power to torpedo a badly needed financial bailout.

  8. Oh spelled backwards is Ho.

    Methinks his handle is a shout out to Ho Chi Minh.

  9. The lesbian witch is going to have to get a new incompetent negro police chief soon, after Michigan Ave and Boystown get torched.

    It’ll be funny.

    Wait for the real riots.

    Chicago police raised some of Chicago River bridges downtown …… issue shoot to kill orders and the riots will stop instantly.

    Police in Brazil, Spain, Belorussia, Singapore and S Korea don’t mess around.


    Riots stop.

  10. You are disgusting, and you are contributing to the violence and the disinformation.
    Her statement was based on propaganda and you got sucked in and you are spreading the propaganda.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I had thought you were fair-minded, even-handed and objective. And you seek out the truth. Obviously that is not the case.

    You are culpable in promoting these lies and their after effects.

  11. Riots and INSURRECTION nothing new to Chicago. Following from WIKI on riots in 1966:

    “The riots began on July 12 after an ex-Convict named William Young, who was wanted for armed robbery, attempted to evade arrest at a liquor store on the 100 block of South Pulaski road. Young ran away from officers Biaggio Panepinto and James Rizzi and began screaming that the officers were trying to kill him, attracting a crowd of around 200 people. Young was caught in an alley but the mob encircled Panepinto and Rizzi and began demanding that they release Young. Panepinto and Rizzi were eventually rescued by other officers, but the mob began to loot the liquor store, beginning the unrest on the West Side.

    The riots

    Unrest quickly spread throughout the West Side. On July 13, around 200 youths looted a drug store and threw stones and fired shots at police, wounding seven policemen. Several drug stores, liquor stores and supermarkets were looted and set alight, with rioters pelting responding firemen with stones.[3] During a raid on an apartment building, 21 members of “paramilitary group” were arrested. A police captain said he received reports the group was planning on waging guerrilla warfare and had caches of automatic weapons and explosives stashed throughout the city.[4] At one point, services of the Lake Street Elevated train line had to be cancelled as snipers had fired at passing trains several times.

    By July 15, 1,500 National Guardsmen had been deployed to patrol 140-block area of the West Side and calm returned to the West Side, though looting and fires continued to be reported. The troops had been given orders to shoot. Over 30 people injured during the riots, including six firemen and six policemen who had been shot. Two civilians, a pregnant 14-year-old and 28-year-old man, were killed by stray bullets from shootouts between police and snipers.[5] More than 200 people were arrested on July 4 alone.

    Martin Luther King condemned the rioting but blamed the police and the city for the riots and asked for a black man to be named the number 2 in the Chicago police. Mayor Richard J. Daley stated that “rioting” was too strong of a term and instead referred to the events as “juvenile disturbances” and asked for religious and community leaders to call for peace. Archbishop John Cody echoed Daley’s statements.”

  12. Riots in Chicago April, 1968 per WIKI:

    “On April 5, 1968, violence sparked on the West side of Chicago, gradually expanding to consume a 28-block stretch of West Madison Street and leading to additional damage on Roosevelt Road.[4] The Austin and Lawndale neighborhoods on the West Side, and the Woodlawn neighborhood on the South Side experienced the majority of the destruction and chaos.[5] The rioters broke windows, looted stores, and set buildings (both abandoned and occupied) on fire. Firefighters quickly flooded the neighborhood, and Chicago’s off-duty firefighters were told to report to work. There were 36 major fires reported between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm alone. The next day, Mayor Richard J. Daley imposed a curfew on anyone under the age of 21, closed the streets to automobile traffic, and halted the sale of guns or ammunition.[4]

    Approximately 10,500 police were sent in, and by April 6, more than 6,700 Illinois National Guard troops had arrived in Chicago with 5,000 soldiers from the 1st Armored and 5th Infantry Divisions being ordered into the city by President Johnson. The general in charge declared that no one was allowed to have gatherings in the riot areas and authorized the use of tear gas. Mayor Richard J. Daley gave police the authority “to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand … and … to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting any stores in our city.”[5]

    The South Side had escaped the major chaos mainly because the two large street gangs, the Blackstone Rangers and the East Side Disciples, cooperated to control their neighborhoods. Many gang members did not participate in the rioting, due in part to King’s direct involvement with these groups in 1966.[2]

    The riots resulted in over 125 fires and 210 buildings being damaged, totaling $10 million worth of damages.[4] Power lines and telephone lines all around the city were knocked out. In the first two days of rioting, police reported multiple civilian deaths but were unable to determine whether they were caused by the riots or other crimes. No official death toll was given for the riots, although published accounts say 9 to 11 people died as a result. Over 2,000 people were arrested, and a thousand people were left homeless. The destruction was mostly on the west side. However, there was some damage on the south side, the near north side and as far north as Old Town.”

  13. Nothing like a bunch of suburban republicans who’ve never lived there spouting off about chicago.

  14. You have to wonder why the Police Chief of Minneapolis is not being questioned by various elected public officials in MINN and the US and the media regarding his policies and procedures for determining fitness for duty for all of his police officers. The officer charged with the murder of a citizen, as well as his 3 colleagues who stood by, were obviously NOT fit for duty as police officers. The officer arrested had numerous complaints from the public and none of the specifics are presently known.

    The police chief is Medaria Arradondo who has been in that position for 3 years. He joined the Police Force in 1989. He had served at one time as Commander of the Internal Affairs Division. The internal affairs refers to a division of a law enforcement agency that investigates incidents and possible suspicions of law-breaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force. Given his background in Internal Affairs and that he happens to be an African American, he should have been especially sensitive to the need to have police officers that strictly follow all rules and regulations in their encounters with the public including arrests.

    So, why the silence. Nobody in the media is talking about the above.

  15. There’s Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard entertaining us
    by making a fool of himself once again.

    The useful idiots of the DEMOCRAT party are extremely dedicated to
    their cause, just like the rioters.

  16. Sanctuary city Kizzie you got what you wanted… so stop crying on TV you are even more of embaressment than before just being well over your head….

  17. I live in Fairbanks AK, The liberals are even trying their stupidity here.

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