Antifa in Chicago?

From Chicago Tribune video:

Broken window at Old Navy.
Fire at Dunkin Donuts.

The White House reacts to riots as President Trump designates Antifa as a “terrorist organization:”

Fox News reports:

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told “Fox News Sunday” he has evidence that people from out-of-state were involved in violent behavior in Minneapolis, but he did not specify whether they were affiliated with any particular group or ideology.

The Minnesota Attorney General is not known for having conservative views.


Antifa in Chicago? — 9 Comments

  1. DeKalb was crazy last night with these Communists. Lock and load. It’s coming.

  2. People in Minneapolis and Minnesota are nuts. They elected a former wrestler from WWF as governor in the past and now Ellison as Attorney General. Going farther back, Minnesota gave the US a far left wing liberal Senator named Hubert Humphrey and later a left winger named Walter Mondale who served as sidekick VP to the 2nd worst president of the US, Jimmy Carter.

  3. Don’t forget the Zionist-First Coleman and the Antifa creep Wellstone.

    Or the SNL Snickerdoodle-groper-perv antifa Franken.

    So many Somalians have been imported by the two Bushies and Obongo, what did they think would happen.

    I think this will explain what went wrong in Minneapolis and Minn.:

    “Minneapolis, Minnesota, was almost entirely white until 1980. However, in the last few decades, large numbers of non-whites came to the city, especially immigrants from Somalia. Now, the idyllic city created by settlers and pioneers is a center for black crime and Islamic terrorist recruitment.”

    Excerpted from:

  4. Why did’nt Trump declare Antifa terrorists in 2017?

    Because little Jared Kushner told him not to?

  5. the dummies who don’t even think they are on TV cameras all over will be caught with the destruction they have done, and when they are all of them then can PAY BACK THE TAXPAYERS or live in their own Chit… and still pay back the taxpayer! or deport them … just like Cuba did to us… put them on a canoe and set them out in the Ocean… no return..

    Oh and G.S. don’t think we don’t know its you behind this mess just like the caravans you backed with your $$ there is a special kind of hell waiting for you…

  6. iSawWhatYouDid: McTrumpy was going to do that, but his Alzheimer’s got the best of him and he forget after Mike Pence was done changing Donnie’s Depends.

    That said, I heard Donnie filled his Depends 7 times while in the WH secure room, but stopped up the toilet with the first flush.

    Talk about a stinky sphincter.

  7. I remember what Juan Peron said about rioters.

    Mow down the first layer and the problem goes away.

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