Black Lives Matter Rally in Woodstock Square

The McHenry County Democratic Party Women’s Club posted this notice:

If you attend, please send photos.


Black Lives Matter Rally in Woodstock Square — 49 Comments

  1. Hey wait, aren’t these the same people who were complaining two weeks ago about anti-lockdown protestors not staying home and not social distancing?

    My oh my the hypocrisy when it suits their needs

  2. Yes, Cindy. This was a set up. You saved the day and ruined our ruse.

  3. “The McHenry County Democratic Party Women’s Club”.

    Sounds about right. No real men are Democrats.

    Neither are good or moral women.

  4. **No real men are Democrats. Neither are good or moral women.**


    Some Guy questioned my manhood.

    Oh, whatever will I do?

  5. I didn’t question anything.

    Everyone knows that your gender is dubious.

  6. I was coming back home around 9, saw a bunch of people walking outside.

    Thought it was because of people enjoying phase 3.

    Right now my job is telling us to start later because of the riots that follow after the protests.

    Can that be avoided?

  7. Alabama, where you out there chubby chasin’ at the communist women’s club last night?

  8. Nelson: It’s a shame that the riots are even happening.

    Riots are not the same as protests and these are totally different groups.

    One is now a domestic terrorist organization and they need to be locked up.

    Evil people taking advantage of a situation.

    Virtually everyone is unhappy with what that officer did.

    Police brutality isn’t even a liberal / conservative issue, but people want to make it into one.

  9. Oh on just admitted that they are a card-carrying Soros Communist Antifa.

  10. If you want this to all go away, ask the Media who’s been in charge of Big City Unions and City Halls the past 50 years.

  11. NOT a nice poster notice by the Democrat women’s club. Looks threatening. Many Dems are incompetent such as: Minneapolis and Minnesota leadership, Chicago, State of Illinois Governor and Legislature, dufus dementia dope Biden. Biden was part of the Obama regime that sabotaged Trump’s transition team. Trust no Democrat.

  12. I’m very aware of the difference between the two groups, it just seems that they devolve from their original intent.

    The antifa groups are hilariously fascist themselves, so let’s not even go there.

    I’m just wondering,, as a community, can we not devolve into this?

    I’d like to have peace of mind that my house’s single paned windows won’t be destroyed if I decided to head out of town for the day.

  13. Agree with Some Guy at 10:17 AM. Peaceful protests as advocated and practiced by Martin Luther King Jr in the 1960’s are a right of US citizens to speak out. In no circumstance can looting, property destruction, arson, riots and insurrection be considered a protest. These are unlawful and dangerous acts against civilization and police and national guard, and if necessary the US Military, should be used to capture the perpetrators and put them in jail for a very long time.

  14. Cindy – you forgot to mention that I admitted all the protesters got paid $500 each!

  15. bred winner: The picture looks threatening because it’s a “black power” logo.

    It’s no different than any other hate symbol, but it’s not considered to be a hate symbol when make-believe “oppressed” people use it.

    All feminist / communist / socialist groups seem to love to use the fist as a symbol because it incites rage and violence.

  16. The whole rally is totally dumb because it misses the point.

    George Floyd’s death isn’t a race issue.

    It’s a police brutality issue.

    But groups like the “The McHenry County Democratic Party Women’s Club” are using it to manipulate and lie to people to manufacture hate and anger.

  17. just keep throwing out the race card that will solve everything…daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. Perspective is quite the thing.

    That article tried shaming me assuming that I was waiting to see NCIS with a bowl of corn chips.

    Maybe “white” people’s reaction is “oh no” rather than throwing things around because these stories get drilled into MSM and they result in these protests.

    The whole thing gets racially political and devolves into social media arguements that resort to citing this or that.

    I know I don’t hear on the news when it’s a white guy getting gunned down.

    I’ve personally had 3 handguns pointed at my head by police who were storming the site like they were swat.

    I was the first one to engage in conversation.

    There were a total of 8 officers, 5 squad cars and no Sherriff.

    I could very well be dead if I didn’t initiate communication.

  19. Watched rioters destroy several stores.

    In one case these lunatics destroyed, robbed and burned a black owned clothing store… In protest?

    This same group of 35-40 noticed a homeless white man 30 yards from them, a shot rang out and the man crumpled to the ground with a head wound.

    Is a homeless man is a legit target for those angry about a murdering uniformed simpleton.

    This is violence for the sake of violence.

    With the tinder box Pritzker has created this latest criminal in a Police uniform may be the spark for the wider form of violent cleansing many have voiced.

    Lord save us from the sociopaths begging for their own extinction.

  20. Oh, I’m not missing any point.

    Why would I care what a Nation of Islam-offshot supporting, millionaire sportsball player has to say?

    He has his own history of being linked with hate groups and domestic terrorists, if you were not aware.

    His mentor served in prison for life for taking 149 hostages and murdering two people during the Hanafi Siege.

    You just helped to prove my point about hate groups and race hustlers that are taking advantage of the situation; They think it’s “justified”.

    Even more ridiculous are the rich, black athletes that pretend to be experts on this matter.

    Total contradiction.

    The only people who are hurting black people are themselves, and too many people just want someone to blame for their own failures.

    Nobody should listen to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  21. “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then I look around and see someone white and feel relieved.”

    Above is a quote from the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

  22. Nice touch Oh. A Communist recommending a Communist lying newspaper touting a Communist’s point of view. Everyone be sure to follow up on that link so that the world will be one (if you believe in the fairytale psyop that these mind-controlled minions are acting out).

  23. Get your ammo now! Roving black gangs will attack the soft white burbs when they’ve leveled their own habitats.

  24. All the people in the Woodstock Square are Communist. The newspaper is a Communist newspaper. The author was Communist. I’m a Communist. You really like that term, don’t you?

    Guy: “Why would I care what a Nation of Islam-offshot supporting, millionaire sportsball player has to say?”

    Answer: Because he’s thoughtful intelligent human being who provides a different point of view.

    But, I guess, if all you see is a rich “black” athlete who supports terrorist (or had a connection to terrorist 43 years ago) then you will simply dismiss any point, out of hand, if that does not conform with your narrative.

    I try to at least understand different vantage points, even if I disagree with that, and then argue on the merits.

    I don’t think I would ever invalidate the opinion of a 73 year old man who has lived a life like his simply because of views he held when he was 30 years old or because he was a “rich black athlete.”

    Shut and play ball, right???

    You think he is “pretending” to be an “expert.”

    He’s not pretending to be anything.

    He doesn’t have to pretend to be anything.

    He’s offering his perspective.

    What qualifies anyone to become an “expert?”

    It was a great Op-Ed.

    Have a nice evening.

    Stay safe.

  25. You misunderstand.

    It’s not specifically him.

    I just don’t care what any of the rich and famous people have to say about the average person.

    Like you indicate, it was so long ago that his previous views aren’t necessarily relevant.

    But it could also be said that he’s also been detached from reality for as long as he’s had fame and wealth; over 40 years now.

    Strange though.

    The left is always the first to criticize someone for their past actions or views, unless it suits their own agenda.

  26. I hope major league sports die.

    If they ever come back at all.

    These overpaid idiots have gone too far and bite the hands that feed them.

    Good bye NFL, MLB, NHL, and of course the NBA thugs.

    Your viewership has been going down year after year.

    It’s time to get serious, major league sports are mere distractions

  27. SOME GUY – Do you have any examples of “THE LEFT” “ALWAYS” being the first to criticize someone for their past actions or views?

    Are you part of “the left” for citing KAJ’s views/actions from 43 years ago?

    Or are you criticizing “THE LEFT” for ALWAYS doing something that you just did?

  28. The stink that the left before Trump got into office with the “grab her by the” stuff circulating.

    Now Tara Reade is bringing to light the pedo/sex offender Biden is.

    But it still seems like he’s the democratic candidate.

    It’s convenient to ignore what happened to Tara so long as Biden gets Trump out, right?

    Imho, the Biden sex assault is far worse.

  29. Putting aside that Trump was accused 25 times by woman for sexual misconduct including many alligations before and after he made that statement, “the left” did criticized him for that.

    By the way, is Jason Chaffetz “THE LEFT?” Is Cory Gardner “THE LEFT?” Is Rodney Davis, “THE LEFT?”

    Several dozen Republicans had called for Trump to withdraw from the campaign and let his VP running mate, Mike Pence, take over the Republican ticket. Among those favoring a Pence takeover were former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr., U.S. Senators Dan Sullivan of Alaska, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Deb Fischer of Nebraska, and U.S. Representatives Jason Chaffetz of Utah, Bradley Byrne of Alabama, Rodney Davis of Illinois, and Ann Wagner of Missouri.

    Any other examples, Nelson Man, of “THE LEFT” criticizing past actions?

  30. Nelson Man –

    Also, when you bring up the Tara Reade allegation, you are cutting against Some Guys’ disapproving statement that it’s “THE LEFT” that “ALWAYS” brings this up.

  31. In regards to our involvement the Middle East.

    Leftists like to emotionally guilt people about the refugees even though it was the Obama administration that conducted so many uav bombing strike.

    Trump is a RINO, there’s a reason why Republicans want Pence.

  32. OMG you are so dumb, Nelson Man.

    Let’s try this… again…. Are “Republicans who wanted to remove Trump and put Pence in place because Trump is a RINO” considered “THE LEFT”

    The Point

    Your Head

  33. No, but it’s convenient for you to co opt that into your argument and dismiss what doesn’t fit into your data set.

  34. Guy probably shouldn’t have used a definite and should have said, usually.

    If you’re going to shift goal posts and target semantics then I’ll keep that in mind.

    I was trying to give a loose example by pulling out my pockets for the hungry soul.

  35. These are the bastards that got you into martial law and curfews. These morons that follow mainstream fake scripts are the culprits that just made your life even more miserable. Because we suffer idiots, we are now all going into the big lockdown. Even their fake planned demic didn’t you get locked down like you are going to see now. People need to wake the freak up and stop playing their silly games!

  36. Some Guy should have said “everyone” instead of criticizing “THE LEFT” for something that he, himself, Some Guy, actually did. Then in your attempt to argue with me, you actually used two different examples of “THE RIGHT” doing something that Some Guy said, “THE LEFT ALWAYS DOES.”

    It’s not semantics. His statement about how “the left” is always the first to point out past statements/beliefs was stupid. Your attempt to argue with me about this and then go on to use two examples of “THE RIGHT” doing something Some Guy said “THE LEFT” does was equally stupid.

    When I asked you for “any more examples” it was in jest because you came up with an example that was not exclusive to “THE LEFT.” I didn’t really need examples of “THE LEFT” doing this but you missed the point so thoroughly your arguments and examples became comical.

  37. The left blames the W Bush administration during the Obama years while he bombs civilians to quagmire the region into chaos. Refer to the European migration crisis. The left loves to blame Republicans for the war in the middle east but it was a dem commander in chief who executed the orders that caused so many to have to flee which lead to political problems with open border policies and how the EU deals with deportation.

    But think of the children.

    You are playing into the semantics about the argument more than the actual conversation. You’re the funny one here dude. You seem so tense about it too.

  38. Dufus dementia Joe Biden has a very, very long record of violating womens’ spaces AND in public view. We have seen him many times on national tv over the years of planting kisses on women’s faces, necks, smelling their hair and hugging them with his hands high above their waists. It is usually very clear that his actions are unwanted by the women as they squirm a little but are unable to get away. Biden has a PATTERN of violating women in public so Tara Reade’s accusation of him raping her has validity. The most obnoxious actions of Biden have been when he has hugged or held shoulders of very young women, a few of them daughters of other politicians.

    Joe is a creep who also has a long record of making racist statements, most recently saying to a Black audience, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Joe has a very poor record over the years on his position on US actions on foreign affairs. He is not very smart and almost got kicked out of college when he committed plagiarism.

  39. Heard the woodstock city councilman brother went…what a joke

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