IL-14: Oberweis on George Floyd’s Violent Death

From State Senator Jim Oberweis, running for Congress in the 14th District:

Jim Oberweis’ statement on the unjust slaying of George Floyd

Sugar Grove, IL – In light of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests that have turned violent, Jim Oberweis is issuing the following statement.

Jim Oberweis

“There is no question that George Floyd was the victim of a heinous crime.

“The officers who took an oath to uphold the law abandoned their oath and became violent criminals, and because of their actions, an unarmed person was tragically and unnecessarily killed in their custody. The video from the incident is hard to watch. It is barbaric and horrifying.

“It is understandable that this disturbing incident would spawn protests and demonstrations.

“Decent people understand that what is depicted in that video is an unspeakable miscarriage of justice and citizens do not deserve to be treated the way those officers treated George Floyd.

“I support the right of Americans to demonstrate and protest peacefully, but I unequivocally reject the notion that rioting and looting in our communities is an acceptable response to Floyd’s death.

“Innocent people are getting hurt and innocent lives are being destroyed.

“Fighting injustice with more injustice is the wrong response.

“The need for accountability from both the death of George Floyd and the rioters and looters is something with which we should all agree.”


IL-14: Oberweis on George Floyd’s Violent Death — 30 Comments

  1. I thought people were innocent until proven guilty…… unless they’re white I guess.

    He shouldn’t be talking about the Floyd case at all.

    He should be protected the law abiding of Lake County.

    But he fails at that.

    There was an Asian cop there too.

    What about that?!!!

  2. AZorBust, yes, I heard that cause of death, and I like many doubt its authenticity and there needs to be an independent of Hennepin County coroner/medical examiner autopsy to determine the real cause of death.

    Kalki, personally I believe all three cops are guilty of a crime, and the people in the crowd who stood by and did nothing but talk and run the camera.

    So many aspects of George Floyd’s murder don’t look right.

    The murdering police officer looked square in the camera while killing George Floyd?

    There are some saying the man whose mug shot was released as George Floyd’s murderer does not completely match the images of the officer at the scene.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the people who ran the camera interfered with an arrest and by distracting the police may have even contributed to the cause of death.

  4. Covid didn’t work out the way they thought so enter psyop number two. And all the little minions will take the opportunity to speak out “their opinions” over something that was NEVER REAL! Gotta keep this new one world order on track to fulfillment. Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat.

  5. John Lopez, are you saying the coroner didn’t fulfill his oath of office because you disagree with his findings?

  6. Cindy is correct.

    Officer Chauvin was only doing what I and many hundreds of thousands of LE were trained to do. Floyd was over 275 pounds and 6’7″, also high, seemed to be committing crimes. Look at the video carefully ….. Chauvin’s knee is on Floyd’s head. I’ve done that dozens of times.

    A handcuffed drugged out brute is still a dangerous brute!

    “I can’t breathe” “but I can shout!” That’s pure bs!

    All these idiots condemning the 4 cops w/o all the evidence! BS!

    Where was the national outrage when an imported Somalian black moslem cop in Minneapolis shot point blank an unarmed white lady who posed zero threat and who called 911!

  7. Arrest George Soros, Jussie Smollet, Kim Fox and Fatso Pritzk for abetting the mayhem.

  8. Maybe idiot Oberweis should shut his fat mouth and figure out he knows nothing of what happened in Minneapolis and quit pronouncing the cop guilty!!!

  9. Paul Revere, you’re partially right. Coroner fulfilled his oath of office, but he got it wrong, and will give the benefit of the doubt that it’s an innocent mistake.

    Anyone with common sense knows the officer killed the man who was handcuffed and secure!

    Now, the Minneapolis Police need to arrest the three other officers, and right now, the county jail is the safest place for them. They are assessories to murder.

    We all saw the video. If the police officer literally gets away with murder, God helps this country, and that’s assuming the officer lives long enough to stand trial (he’s on suicide watch, and we saw what happened to Jeffrey Epstein).

  10. BTW – More white people are killed by the police than any other race
    and yet no riots, arson, looting or shooting.

    Why is that ?

    You can get arrested for going to church, but not for any of the above felonies
    that have been committed in Chiraq.
    Oberweis is quickly becoming the failure you were warned about.

  11. George Floyd was overweight and high on drugs which contributed greatly to his death.

    Perhaps had been sober and engaged in exercise and proper diet he’d be alive today.

    Floyd loved smoking rocks of the white variety.

    “Please pass the crack pipe!”

  12. Oberfool

    Lopez, you are part of the problem: asserting guilt when you weren’t there and get all your ‘facts’ from fakenews. Let’s see ALL the videos and hear Chauvin’s side.

    Rush to judgment like total fools taught to ’emote’ over staged events.

    None of this would have happened in South Korea or Spain.

  13. So John Lopez, you are now the coroner, judge, jury & executioner?

    Because you saw it on TV, WTF….

  14. Parker, your counterfeit passing icon is kaput.

    Whining won’t resurrect him.

    Start passing petitions to elect Underwood in reparations.

    She’ll pat you on the head.

  15. OK all of you citing the Hennepin County cororner’s report, the coroner ruled George Floyd’s death a homicide, and the trauma at the hands or knee of Minneapolis Police as contributing factor.

    The independent coroner also ruled Mr. Floyd’s death a homicide, by asphyxiation.

    The autopsy reports alone convict the police officer of murder, and will convict the other 3 officers as assessories to murder.

    Pat Robertson said himself, today, that the murdering police officer should be placed in the prison population once he is convicted, but he will receive protection under cruel/unusual punishment.

    Anything I’ve said is nothing to hear the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network pronounce, based on Scripture, what should happen to the police officer.

    There is no rush to judgement.

    The problem is, it’ll take months before the conviction is official and months or years before the sentence is carried out.

  16. Again John Lopez, you assume he will be convicted.

    When was the trial?

    I missed it

  17. Pat Robertson?

    That loony toon?

    Oh, was he there at the scene?

    He should be put in the general population for not registering as a foreign agent for Israhell.

    He swore there were WMDs in Iraq too.

    Hoping death and torture on someone not even convicted, what’s this country coming too.

    Remember the Rodney King videos they played 24/7 but neglected to show the prior videos?

  18. Just make sure there’s enough Antifa and Somali hopheads on the jury and you’ll get the right racial result.

    Just like the OJ trial was rigged.

    Had the trial taken place in N Cal., or some desert county, OJ wouldn’t have had to stand for his NV criminal trial.

    But the powers that be decreed ‘We can’t afford another Rodney King riot if the ‘right’ result doesn’t materialize!

    Oberweis, in the immortal words of Loti Lightfoot, FU!

  19. What a grandstander. He took Underwood’s playbook. Gradel or Marter would have known what to say.

    I’m finished with the Rinos.

    If I haven’t been clear: Oberweis go to HELL!

  20. Oberweis a cuckservative!

    I like that term AZorBust! That’s what he is alright!

  21. Citizen Kane: We’re all in hell; we’re in Illinois run by degenerates, thieves, and cultural marxists

  22. With all the looting and property destruction in Chicago, including the old Marshall Fields (now Macy’s) who would want to continue doing business in Chicago?

    METRA shut down, bridges up, interstate exits closed.

    Sad that Chicago has turned into a shi* hole

  23. The Reich Wing ice cream man should instead put his face into a tub of his frozen fat product rather than flap his disingenuous gums.

  24. Some of you are conspiracy nuts or loony toons.

    You should here your voices spouting racist rants.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  25. I thought Oberweis had a elegant statement.

    Let’s all get along.

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