County Board Acts Like a Legislative Body, Fails to Roll Over and Play Dead for Jack Franks – Part 2

Toward the end of his “Chairman’s Comments” Jack Franks predicted “robust debate.”

Board member Joe Gottemoller led off.

“I really don’t like that none of these next three items went through any committee.

Franks again took the floor pointing out his proposal kept the health benefit “perk intact,” it just required documentation on time sheets of 20 hours of County Board work per week, just as the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund required for eligibility for pension benefits.

Franks then launched an attack on Board member Lori Parrish.

Franks naming Board members with health benefits who are up for election this fall:

  • Yvonne Barnes
  • Joe Gottemoller
  • Jim Kearns
  • Suzanne Ness
  • John Reinert
  • Mike Skala
  • Jeff Thorsen

“The voters deserve to know where you stand on this issue before the election,” Franks declared.

Going after elected countywide officials, he said, “There is no requirement for county officials to even show up.”

Concluding this interruption, Franks asserted, “Any attempt to take this resolution [off the agenda] is an act of cowardice.”

Thorsen immediately charged, “You just inserted politics into this session.”

Carolyn Schofield

Then Carolyn Schofield took after Franks:

People running for office were called out for political gain.

This [subject] wasn’t really discussed in committee.

It was about raises [which the committee rejected].

She pointed out that setting countywide officials’ salaries in 2020 could be changed by the next County Board.

“I’m just talking about time sheets,” Franks interjected.

“I think it’s absolutely political,” Schofield continued.

“I’m really disappointed.”


County Board Acts Like a Legislative Body, Fails to Roll Over and Play Dead for Jack Franks – Part 2 — 15 Comments

  1. The county toads croak about their pelf, dont give a s__t about taxpayers

  2. Does Jack Darrow Franks work 20 hours a week for the county?

    Who checks his “documentation”?

  3. Hypocrisy, fraud, obstruction of Justice and participation in schemes and scams should all be a menu for a Special Grand Jury to investigate and pursue the published actions of Jack Franks.

    Allegedly, Jack Franks is rumored to be the “want to be replacement” of Michael Madigan, who manages the Chicago Democratic Organization, having 920 reported contributors financing corruption by many, and against all of our citizens.

    It’s unfortunate, that Jack Franks has chose to exhibit participation in many activities against our citizens, including seniors and citizens of all ages, Veterans, the ill and those mentally distressed, plus coercion against public officials.

    I have known Jack Franks for most of his entire life, and find it deeply disturbing, that with his ability he has apparently lost his way.

    A prime example of the “obstruction of Justice” is the McHenry County Board Agenda, which is altered, deleted, maneuvered or erased in favor of those who “pay to play” and special interest groups.

    The special interest groups are composed of some County Board Members and others of influence to dictate and manage the affairs of the County and the citizens.

    Allegedly, some refer to this group as “the McHenry County Way”, which unfortunately, has been referred to as a branch of the “Chicago Way”, for delivery of services and to exercise punishment.

    Jack Franks may not have chose this wayward path and the harm it has caused citizens, but he did!

    Now it should stop!

    Our citizens should regain their Constitutional Rights and the power to have Justice!

  4. time for termination …. we don’t need no stink’n C.P. never have in the past don’t need now…

  5. These people and their whining…

    Jack Franks is a County Board member, not Executive.

    Jack Franks can no more set an agenda than any board member.

    Jack is, was and ever shall be a nothing human with zero power the board doesn’t allow him.

    The Citizen has elected you weak nothings to represent them and all you ever do is whine!!

    It feels good to whine about politics in political offices but they ARE political offices idiots!!

    Get in the game or get off the field!

    Jack is playing checkers and y’all are rolling hoops down a muddy lane.

    Jack is wildly easy to beat.

    Do it.

    He’s got more baggage than Kim Kardashian on holiday in Iceland.

    Politically execute this moron so you can get back to some form of genteel governance you apparently dream this county has had.

    Start with his two political hires and Pete Austin.

    Low hanging fruit to remove and pin on Jack.

    Then move on to resolving whatever petty differences you each have and, as a unified board, go after Jack hard in the election.

    He will squeal, then threaten, then beg and finally cry uncontrollably to keep any power he can.

    Let him wind himself out like the two year old he is and then put him out with the rest of the trash.

    Ooorrrrr…. Whine at Jack like he has any power at all and go all wide eyed when someone suggests you work at your political job for the good of those who elected you to represent them.

  6. Cal,

    Do you have a copy of Austin’s contract?

    Can he be found negligent or in breech of contact in any way? and the board fire him?

    Austin is the Franks enabler.

    Get rid of Austin and the Board can attempt to take control back.

    Get rid of Franks on November 3.

  7. Get rid of Franks, Austin, Acosta, Althoff, Yensen, Bujumbura aka Vujik!

  8. He was named ” Jackalope Of The Year” along with Patty O’Kenneally by “Jackalope Monthly” which both appear in weekly.

  9. Board members – you really need to start working together to stop this before it is too late.

    It was all funny when I got ripped to shreds by a political hack sitting on the board.

    Joe G. you said it would never happen again.

    Isn’t so funny now.

  10. If Jack Franks were required to fill out a time sheet, would it help him avoid more sexual assault allegations in the future..?

  11. Joe G., the biggest loser on the board. Liar. Fraud. Crook. Did I miss anything?

  12. ** Allegedly, Jack Franks is rumored to be the “want to be replacement” of Michael Madigan, who manages the Chicago Democratic Organization, **

    I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to mean…

    But, regardless, it’s factually in accurate.

    At least attempt to get your facts straight?

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