IL-14: Lauren Underwood Releases Video on George Floyd and Pandemic

Lauren Underwood

Working with Congressional Black Caucus drafting legislation to prevent tragedies like George Floyd

Since the alleged murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police last Monday, 5/25, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has been completely silent about Floyd, and the protests and violence which has gripped the United States over the past week.

Former rivals Matt Quigley (R, Aurora) and Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) among other 14th district residents, have been voicing their concerns of Underwood’s silence in recent days on Twitter.

Quigley, in particular cited shots being fired in his Aurora neighborhood within the 14th district, and questioned why Underwood has not been addressing the violence.

Today around 12:43PM CDT, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood posted a just over 4 minute video on Twitter. Her congressional office did not release a formal statement, so the Twitter video is her only official response, which was posted on her congressional office’s Twitter ID:

Since McHenry County is the largest county within the 14th district, look forward to hearing comments from McHenry County Blog readers.

Please keep comments solely on the contents of Underwood’s tweet and video.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood Releases Video on George Floyd and Pandemic — 61 Comments

  1. Except for the fact that it’s not a “race issue” and is a “police brutality” issue. It’s dishonest to claim that this is a tragedy that “only African Americans have to endure”. So sick of all of this victim mentality.

  2. Don’t let Underwood fool you.

    The only thing she is interested in is getting re-elected.

    Everybody knows the Democrats have to take the hit on this.

    All of a sudden they’re promising everything they forgot to accomplish during the Obama Administration.

    Underwood thinks that’s horrible that protesters are being channeled by the police.

    Not one word of Sorrow about all the business people that have lost their livelihood, perhaps forever.
    This is another attack on the middle class.

    Following the housing and the college attack.

    If you know a business person who was affected perhaps you need to give Underwood a piece of your mind.

    And vote her out on November 3rd.

  3. Bell, i’m Sick of people that use euphemisms, like ‘attack on the Middle Class”.

    It’s an attack on whites, family structure and Western Civilization.

    And it will soon be met by counterforce.

    Oh yeah!

  4. LeopardMan, I’m sick of people saying it’s an attack on whites.

    Non-whites who believe this garbage are also impacted.

    This isn’t an “us vs them” situation like the Democrats try to make it out to be.

    This isn’t what America used to be about but the Democrats who vote with feelings are so easily manipulated by race and gender politics that they’ve allowed themselves to regress to this.

    If you love all people and love God this brainwashing has zero impact.

    Only the most hateful and nasty fall for it.

  5. All about her feelings, her not sleeping, blah blah blah…meeting with the Black Caucus?

    Why does a color have to be in front of any Caucus?

    They have never had a good reputation.

    Talking about 4 officers in Mn on Floyd–we get that.

    But no mention of the 4 Police officers shot in St Louis, or those that have been killed in these melees or the 130 in her backyard of Chicago that have been injured trying to distill violence and destruction.

    No mention of the stores in her District that have been looted or the Officers shot at in Aurora and elsewhere nearby that border her District

    She’s a disgrace to represent this County.

    Missing the mark unless her mark is “I’m with antifa and the looters”.

    She mentions Pledge of Allegiance not being Conditional, blah blah blah.

    I thought she was of the ilk that hate the Pledge, Prayer, Flag and Country.

    You blew it big time Underwood—sounded like a Pelosi and Don Lemon talking points memo.

    God do we need to vote her the hell out of here.

    Type that thinks shopping plazas and stores in McHenry need a good loot and “need a turn” because, well we’re mainly White and have been Bad.

    Her District is 2.9% Black, 85.5% White.

    We’ve been very very bad.

    No law and order from this one, she’d let the County burn given half a chance just to show AOC and Omar, she down for the cause.

    Sorry I tried to listen with an open mind but she made no mention of what is important to every neighbor of mine in her District about this “Protest”, and it isnt supporting looters and being silent about the destruction–by not even mentioning them.

    Silence is Approval.

  6. Absolute boilerplate nonsense from the Democrat Party. The Democrats have controlled Chicago for many decades and African American Eddie Johnson was Police Chief for 4 years. Barak Hussein Obama and his regime was in control for 8 years. What did they do, what did they accomplish with regard to CHANGE and so-called social justice. They are the ones who always complain but do nothing.

    Race relations deteriorated during the 8 years of Obama. Democrats going back to President Lyndon Baines Johnson are gigantic failures.

    This lady must be defeated.

  7. They didn’t listen to you and didn’t keep it to the contents of the video. Shocked that this blog post spurned so many comments about the pigment of her skin color. Shocked. Racists commenters gotta be racist.

  8. Now you know that the Left doesn’t like to be questioned about
    their dictates and propaganda because to do so makes those who
    question into racists automatically.

    So much for “tolerance” and “inclusion”.

  9. And now the racists comments were removed.

    Is this a new McBlog policy of deleting racist BS from this board or did it just apply to this one post because Lopez specially requested comments to be limited to the contents of the video?

  10. Oh, your comments are about the content of the video.

    Nobody cares about your hurt feelings or what you perceive as “racism”.

    Keep it on topic,

  11. Some Guy –

    “This isn’t what America used to be about but the Democrats who vote with feelings are so easily manipulated by race and gender politics that they’ve allowed themselves to regress to this.”

    A lot to unpack here…..

    1. What did America “used to be about” and when was that? Going back to whatever time frame use have in your head, what do you think this period was it like for people of color, gay people, women, etc?

    2. Look at Congress and look at all the pictures of Trump and his team. It’s dominated by white men. Same for Congress. Especially for Congress. So when you claim that Democrats are “manipulated” by race and gender, politics, can you explain to me why elected Republicans and Trump’s Administration are *almost* exclusively white men? Republicans are manipulated by gender politics WAY WAY MORE than Democrats. Republican women are almost nowhere to be found in Washington. There are 250 Republicans in Congress. The breakdown is 22 women and 228 men. Explain that to me and explain how Republicans are not manipulated by gender politics? So maybe look in the mirror when you blame Dems for “gender” and “race” and “identity” politics.

  12. Underwood’s friend Joe Biden is set to officially have a majority of delegates after next Tuesday’s election in Georgia and West Virginia.

    It is now mathematically impossible for any candidate besides Joe Biden to secure a majority of delegates.

    The clamor about him being replaced or resigning has simmered down.

    People are taking a hard look at Val Demmings from Florida, a swing state.

    Demmings is African American and a former law enforcement officer.

  13. Is this all ms.b.w. does is jump on every band wagon that comes along… useless … just useless sucking of our tax $$…

  14. Bob Wire brings up black caucus. Why do Democrats condone and endorse a group/committee in the U.S. Congress that only allows persons of a particular race? Is that discriminatory? Is it racist? Would Democrats give their ok to forming a congressional white caucus whereby only persons who are white can be a member?

    Ohon says 250 Republicans in Congress (House of Reps?) with 228 men and 22 women. So what? What is the point? Are women in any U.S. Congressional District in the U.S. prohibited or disallowed from running as a Republican in a primary for office of US Representative? Where is that? Do all women in the US have free will to run for political office?

    Ohon says that Trump and his team are dominated by white men. So what? Is it responsible and smart to have qualified individuals in each job position regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference? Would it be reckless and incompetent to select persons for a staff or administration to artificially have a certain percent, certain White, certain Black, certain Asian, certain Hispanic, etc. and then claim diversity for diversity sake? Is it racist to even count up by percent of categories of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc in a staff or administration?

    Any good manager or leader will select the best possible candidate for a job position strictly based on qualifications and resume’ and experience without regard to race, ethnicity, etc. Diversity and formulas and percents should never be a factor.

  15. Reading these comments, especially Bred’s comments, explains a lot about where we find ourselves right now in this country in 2020. He sees no problem with having all white men in positions of power in this country. Very insightful. Thanks for adding your two cents, Bred.

  16. The irony; The country is in more chaos than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime as we have a more “diverse” leadership.

    I use leadership very loosely.

    But it’s never enough for Oh, who believes that elections should be based upon feelings and mandatory / artificial equity instead of merit.

    I’d expect no less from a founding member of the Mchenry County Communist Women’s Club Group or whatever you call yourselves.

  17. Radical communist women like Oh and Lauren Underwood are the great destroyers of this great nation.

    They pervert the truth and use lies and hate to manipulate and control people with bogus accusations of racism of all who oppose them.

    For all we know, Oh could even be Lauren or someone very close to her.

  18. **Except for the fact that it’s not a “race issue” and is a “police brutality” issue. **

    Oh boy…

  19. **as we have a more “diverse” leadership.**

    Why is diverse in quotes?

  20. Some Guy –

    So no explanation as to why Republican voters aren’t the voters who are “easily manipulated” by “gender politics” yet they only sent 22 women out of 250 people to Washington?

    I didn’t think you’d have any answers for that…… and I was right.

    I do think that people who make and enforce the laws should be representative of our country.

    Clearly you don’t.

    Clearly you see no problem with having white men make and enforce the laws in this country.

    Clearly you, and your Republican voters, think men are more qualified and make better lawmakers than woman.

    And that’s fine that you and your Republican voters believe that.

    I will just say is that you should have just a little bit of self awareness when you say Dems voters are “manipulated by gender politics.”

  21. Oh, I voted for Democrat for most of my life.

    I was a Clinton and Obama supporter.

    Voted for Obama.

    That said, I don’t think that voting based upon gender or race is a wise decision for election (based upon your claims).

    I never said any of the things that you are claiming.

    Fact of the matter is that whites, especially including Hispanic whites, still make up the majority of the country.

    And there are also a number of reasons why males are more prevalent in politics that seem to be way over your head.

    Some of them actually are biological, and that many Republican families tend to place a strong emphasis on having a parent in the home.

    Often (but not always), it’s a mother who chooses to be there.

    Not everything is about your made-up story of oppression.

    Furthermore, the Democrats have made it painfully obvious that they really hate anyone that doesn’t match their impression of who should be in charge.

    Why would any man, especially a white man, want to associate with today’s Democrats?

    Strange, because Joe “You ain’t black… (if you vote Republican)” Biden is white.

    I’m ashamed of voting for him and Obama.

    They tore the country apart.

    Do you even see that what you are claiming makes zero sense?

    You have zero understanding why Democrats have alienated approx 3/4 of the population.

    Alabama, I figured that you were arrested for rioting or looting, and mysteriously were missing for days.

    Guess that dreams don’t always come true.

    The Dynamic Duo are back in action to smash the patriarchy and end oppression on MCB!

  22. You are confused why “any white man” would want to be associated with today’s Dems AND………. you also say the Dems are the ones who play to race and gender identity politics??????????????

    Think about that.

    Let is simmer.

    Let it sink in and try to gain a tiny bit of self awareness.

    Also, you don’t think there’s any issue with the number of women the GOP sends to Washington.

    Thanks for sharing your views!

  23. Oh, you’re a master gaslighter, like most liberal LGBT women.

    My point is that the Democrats have made it clear who they hate the most.

    It’s at a point where things simply don’t mesh with these people who have such a huge platform that’s based upon identity.

    Some people simply don’t want to play into the identity politics.

    It’s not worth the effort anymore for sane people to support the Democrats.

    They’re too far gone from reality.

    Bred Winner already debunked your claim that there is no Republican prohibition on women or PoC running for any position at all.

    I think that this might be the 4th or 5th time you’ve tried to tell me to get some “self awareness” on the alleged racism or sexism that you accuse everyone of.

    It’s always your last ditch response when you’ve got nothing at all.

    But it’s you that’s throwing out the accusations and making the hate obvious.

    So let me put it another way.

    Who would possibly want to share a political party with someone as nasty and hateful as you are?

    Can you seriously tell me that the Democrats haven’t alienated a large majority of people?

    Be honest here.

    Even decent moderates can’t stand them anymore because they’ve gone so far off into la la land.

  24. Dems have made it clear that we hate white men the most? That is why we are nominating….. Joe Biden? What the hell are you talking about?

    “Can you seriously tell me that the Democrats haven’t alienated a large majority of people? Be honest here.” Yes, we won the popular vote in 2016. We dominated the voting in 2018. We are dominating every single poll in 2020. I’m not even offering any opinions here. There is only one objective answer to your question. Who did you say lives in a far off la la land? Please tell me what’s it like there.

    “Who would possibly want to share a political party with someone as nasty and hateful as you are?” Great question you posed to me but I disagree with your contention that I am nasty and hateful so I guess I disagree with the premise.

    Bred didn’t debunk anything. Women and PoC are not prohibited from running. That is true and not in dispute. I never said they were prohibited from running. I said the issue is that the GOP voters and the GOP power structures are not giving them the support to win. The reason is the GOP voters are super into white male identity politics.

    I will leave you with two comments:
    If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” – Joe Biden
    “Why would any man, especially a white man, want to associate with today’s Democrats?” – Some Guy

    It’s the same sentiment, Some Guy. Admit it.

  25. There’s a lot that’s being said in here. So I’ll drop this indirectly.

    As a bi guy, I hate how BLM has co-opted the LGBTQ community into their message.

    My struggles do not coincide with BLM or LGBTQ for that matter.

    This constant grab for adjectives in identity politics is more destructive to the communities.

    Like, I’m not transphobic but I don’t feel attracted to them.

    I don’t agree with how we’re encouraging people to “swap genitals” like they’re interchangeable parts.

    But what’s going on now is that people like me, who technically fit into such a group, can no longer feel welcome.

    Just because I don’t share the same copy & paste political views.

    This is why I abstain from groups of political advocating.

    If Russel Means can be a part of AIM and then leave because of the radical elements, then what’s to stop progressives from regressing society?

  26. **Alabama, I figured that you were arrested for rioting or looting, and mysteriously were missing for days.**

    Glad you were missing me.

    **You have zero understanding why Democrats have alienated approx 3/4 of the population.**

    LOL – is that why the Hillary got more votes than Trump? Or why the Dems have won a bunch of races in previously Republican districts previously?

    **Even decent moderates can’t stand them anymore because they’ve gone so far off into la la land.**

    Ah, yes, all those moderates who are now voting for Republicans. That’s why the Republicans have done so well in the suburbs lately, right?

    How does it feel to be so divorced from reality?

  27. Oh, are you really unable to see that there is a major difference in your comparison?

    You’ve made it abundantly clear that you really hate men, especially white men.

    The point is that you’ve indicated above that white men are simply are unwelcome unless they can serve you in some way or another.

    Hence, your comments about how you were appalled about how few Republicans were women even though you received a reasonable response as to why this is the case.

    For Joe Biden to imply that black voters owe the Democrats something, especially with “you ain’t black”, is absolutely appalling.

    As though people are supposed to somehow be owned by the party.

    Does he also carry hot sauce at all times, like Hillary Clinton claimed to do?

    These people are so disconnected and are full of deception.

    Some time after Obama was president, it became obvious to me that it was impossible to love all people and be a member of the Democratic Part of Hate.

    You simply cannot love everyone and be a Democrat, because the whole platform is one of hate and glorification of oppression.

    Alabama, there is always push and pull in politics.

    You can “LOL!” all you want again, as most basement dwellers tend to do, but you may not recall that prior to 2016 the Republicans controlled BOTH the House and Senate and it ONLY changed because the Democrats started pushing the identity politics so severely in an attempt to recover.

    I don’t think it’s going to work for long once people start to see the truth.

  28. Nelson, They have co-opted the various groups because they know it’s all about winning over a large group against the types of people that Oh clearly hates.

    When in reality, all of these groups really seem to hate one another.

    The trans-exclusionary radical feminists hate trans women (Oh probably associates with these types because they really hate men above all else).

    Black and latino don’t particularly get along.

    I’ve had lesbians tell me that they hate the inclusion of “Q” in LGBTQ.

    There is no real love in these groups.

    But they’ve got to attempt to at least get along for enough time to achieve a means to an end.

    And most of it is largely driven by radical women who hate men, even if they are also LGBT.

    This type of politics practically exploded overnight during Obama’s tenure.

    It wasn’t like this before.

  29. I once asked a lesbian if she accepted trans women in LGBTQ (along with trans men) and she couldn’t give me a straight answer.

  30. Some Guy –

    Were you “absolutely appalled” by Trumps comment’s too? Were you curled up in a ball in the corner of your room sweating and distressed over Trump’s triggering comments….

    Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Showing a fresh willingness to play politics along religious lines, President Donald Trump said American Jews who vote for Democrats show “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”


    “you may not recall that prior to 2016 the Republicans controlled BOTH the House and Senate and it ONLY changed because the Democrats started pushing the identity politics so severely in an attempt to recover”

    wait… the Dems are winning because of “identity politics” or 75% or the country is against Dems because of “identity politics” or Dem were winning because of identity politics but soon people will see the “truth” and THEN they will start losing because of “identity politics”?????? Are you capable of one coherent thought?


    I never said nor implied that men are “unwelcome unless they can serve you in some way or another.”

  31. Trump says a lot of dumb things.

    I don’t necessarily agree with him on many things. I also didn’t vote for him.

    Debatable what he meant but I don’t even want to go there beyond the the fact that Orthodox voters having very different beliefs from atheist voters.

  32. Seems as though he was calling out Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

    Both who’ve made it well-known that they really hate certain groups of people.

  33. Sounds like you were not “absolutely appalled.”

    Maybe that’s because you thought he was only referring to Orthodox Jews when he very specifically said “any” Jewish person.

  34. She sounds mighty nervous on that recording.

    I guess she should be.

    It’s the white suburban woman’s vote that got her in office.

    She has quite the line to tow.

    This was NOT a race issue.

    It was a police brutality issue and all races are subject to that!

    The rioters are targeting blacks!

    Why doesn’t she tell them that that is NOT the answer?

    Because she’s a weak person.


  35. Ohon still has not explained what is wrong with hiring or appointing the most qualified and experienced persons to positions in an entity or an administration. Only diversity freaks get upset if the makeup of the staff does not meet THEIR standard of certain percent of each race, certain religion percent, certain gender percent. But all that really matters is that every candidate for each position get a fair hearing/interview as to their qualifications and experience. Then, the best candidate gets picked for each position.

    Ohon should tell us what percent of each of whites, blacks, latinos, asians, LGBTQ, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, etc is the desirable or perfect diversity formula.

  36. Ohon says:

    “Look at Congress and look at all the pictures of Trump and his team. It’s dominated by white men.”

    Ohon apparently thinks this is not good. Not proper. Too many white men, not enough of…..what in the makeup?

    With that mindset by Ohon, and for consistency, Ohon no doubt has a problem with the makeup of players in the NBA. Per WIKI:

    According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2015 was composed of 74.4 percent black players, 23.3 percent white players, 1.8 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.2 percent Asian players.[2] The league has the highest percentage of black players of any major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.

    Ohon should tell us what percent of players in the NBA should be black, what percent white, etc. Does Ohon think that the makeup of NBA or any organization should reflect the percents and makeup of types of people overall in the US? For the almighty DIVERSITY goal or some imagined need?

    Diversity for sake of diversity alone can never be rationalized nor defended.

  37. Oh keeps trying to bait everyone into falling into her little “racist” traps. Oh, lighten up a bit. I told you I had no idea what he was talking about. I’m sure we’ll agree on something one of these days.

  38. bred winner, there is no perfect diversity formula, because the bar is always changing. But you can be assured that she would never be happy with it because angry people are never happy with anything at all. Even if the country was 100% PoC lesbian run, she’d still claim that the politicians were somehow oppressed.

    I’m convince at this point that Oh really is Lauren and Lauren is Oh.

  39. I didn’t say that “75% of this country can’t stand Dems”. I said that they alienated approximately 3/4. You have a habit of this with every discussion.

    I don’t think that you are looking at the big picture. In those same suburban 64% of women, they were also 92% Hillary Clinton voters in 2016. What do you think that really means? In general, these polls are meaningless. They also said that Clinton would win in 2016. It’s OK that that you hope that Biden winds though.

    I don’t think that these numbers really mean what you think that they mean, Oh. And as I stated before, I never voted for Trump. Frankly, I was dumbfounded that he won the election. If anything, it’s the suburban men that seem split. Where they were 83% Trump in 2016, now they are neck and neck at 42% / 46% with a Trump edge. But suburban women are voting LESS for Democrats according to this poll.

  40. The firm that conducted the poll apparently has a history of misrepresenting the people it questions.

    Almost like it’s designed to be deliberate fake news.

    Apparently lamestream media didn’t like the last time they ran with fake impeachment poll numbers where they claimed that 51% to 40% approved of Trump impeachment but apparently skewed the results.

    Who even knows what’s true at this point?

    We won’t know until November.

  41. **you may not recall that prior to 2016 the Republicans controlled BOTH the House and Senate and it ONLY changed because the Democrats started pushing the identity politics so severely in an attempt to recover.**

    Oh, don’t worry, I do recall. But that seems to be the OPPOSITE of your argument? You claim that Democrats have alienated 3/4 of the country (and you pointed to Obama/Biden as a reason for that), yet since 2016 the Dems have pretty much dominated electoral politics, winning a large majority of every contested/swing district.

    You claim that Democrats have lost moderates, yet Dems are cleaning up among moderates right now.

  42. I don’t know Alabama.

    What I saw at the polls; A lot of single mothers dragging their 90 lbs, barely old enough to vote sons in there and forcing them to vote blue.

    Anecdotal, of course.

    But if you search “democrats losing moderates” there are a lot of articles on liberal media sites on the matters.

  43. I believe the reason Underwood took so long to respond to George Floyd’s murder was that she’s coached.

    She is a prize jewel to Democrats because they can create a narrative that she stands for the medical field, the working class, mothers, students, women, people of color.

    She doesn’t truly reflect the people of the 14th District who really need relief from real estate taxes, state taxes, and soon to be unavoidable increased Federal taxes because of relief packages like the CARES Act.

    Underwood is among the most dangerous politicians in the US today because she stands for Democratic socialism.

    She has one of the most Leftist voting records in Congress.

    Everything she sponsors costs a ton of money.

    Seriously, this woman is no different than the Communists of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

    She’s afraid?

    What’s she afraid of?

    All people should be guaranteed Liberty and Justice?

    If we re elect her it will be a guarantee she will vote for legislation that will persecute Conservatives and Christians through a chokehold of Government control.

    If you want to see the 14th District demolished by unsustainable taxes, vote for Underwood.

    Why if we need so much help in the 14th are we voting for higher taxes?

  44. Kirk –

    We already elected her. She’s already been in Congress and in the majority party in the House of representatives. What legislation did she sponsor or vote for that was, “legislation that will persecute Conservatives and Christians through a chokehold of Government control” You are full of sh*t.

    This post reminds of the BS scare tactics in the run up to the 2012 election when people like you and Rush said, “Well…. Obama didn’t take your guns away in his first term because he wanted to get reelected. If he wins his 2nd term, that’s when he will take away your guns.”

    spare me the BS.

  45. **Seriously, this woman is no different than the Communists of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.**

    Good god… don’t be absurd.

    You truly don’t understand the communists of the Bolshevik Revolution and/or Lauren Underwood.

    **What I saw at the polls; A lot of single mothers dragging their 90 lbs, barely old enough to vote sons in there and forcing them to vote blue.**

    Please do tell where you saw all of these single mothers dragging their young sons to vote?

  46. Right…. I can just imagine Some Guy running around from polling place to polling place on election day to look and find out who is showing up. When he’s going from place to place he sees all these “single mothers” (WTF…. seriously, they were single mothers???) “dragging” (sounds like they didn’t really want to be there… was it their body language or were they actually pulling them by the collar???) their “90 lbs, barely old enough to vote sons in there and FORCING them to vote BLUE (because he was conducting exit polls???)!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is pretty good story, Some Guy. Thanks for the laugh. You paint quite the picture.

    “In those same suburban 64% of women, they were also 92% Hillary Clinton voters in 2016.” – If Hillary would have won 92% of suburban Wisconsin women, she would have carried Wisconsin. This is just a stupid false statement.

    La la la la la la land indeed.

  47. If Hillary would have won, we’d have a no fly zone over Aleppo when Russian aircraft was doing stuff around there.

    The Ukraine pocket war could’ve easily expanded.

    I’d be surprised if you’re even aware of the occupation of the Crimea.

    If we’re going to be talking about la la land that is.

    Hillary was not the Democrat I wanted to see.

    I’d much have rather seen Sanders v Trump.

    But now we’re looking at two sex offenders as our next candidates and people are still excusing one in place of deterring the other.

  48. Oh no – Doing what you Leftists do so well, twisting what I said to fit your narrative.

    I never indicated there was a piece of legislation she has voted on that has put a chokehold on Conservatives and Christians, I said she will!

    Her God is the Federal Government!

    Funny thing, I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh, so if any one is full of “digestive waste” it’s you.

    Your precious Underwood shows nothing but biased contempt for Conservatives, eg. condemning Brett Kavanaugh, voting for impeachment of President Trump while the majority of voters in the 14th were against it?

    Say, what about her Congressional debut about the Trump Administration killing children in detention centers?

    Yet, she wants people to withhold judgement when it comes to the sexual allegations against Jack Franks, and where’s her condemnation of Joe Biden?

    The only “BS” in this comment section is your hypocrisy!

  49. Captain Kirk – why has she not introduced or voted for legislation that will put a chokehold on Conservatives and Christian yet?

    She knows she could be voted out in November and this might be her one and only shot.

    What are your sources or gut telling you about why she’s waiting to do this?

    How is this legislation is going to work?

    Can you share the specifics of this legislation with us?

    Talk about trying to “push a narrative” but please, do share your narrative…..

  50. Alabama Shake – Just to fill you in, I know plenty about the Bolsheviks.

    My literature focus in college was Russian literature, one of my historical interests has been the Romanovs, in fact I have a whole volume that’s dedicated to the last days of the Romanovs and where they are buried.

    My favorite movie is Dr. Zhivago.

    So you see, I truly do understand the communists of the 1917 Revolution, they like Underwood, want change, change controlled by the government.

    They like she is against the “powers to be”.

    She stands for the Party, and only the Party.

    Her appearances are staged and have an agenda.

    She is the symbol that the Party is saying you must like.

    To her, the government should provide for the people.

    She is, to sugar coat it a “Democratic Socialist”.

  51. Oh no – Not a problem, but I have to go to work and help pay for all those social programs!

    I get back to you and your little twist there “trying to push a narrative”, once again, I never said that, get it right!

  52. Why do you think her appearances are staged?

    In fact, she was quite accessible before COVID-19.

    She held numerous town halls where she met face to face with constituents.

    She’s held a town hall in every one of the 7 counties she represents.

    She held town halls after impeachment where she was asked about her vote.

    It’s a curious claim to say her appearances are “staged” when’s she’s been so available to her constituents.

    Contrast her availability to her predecessor who was nowhere to be seen and refused to hold any town halls.

  53. Oh on – As I said, I’d get back to you and here it is.

    Yes, I believe Underwood will continue to vote against traditional Christianity and Conservatives with every piece of legislation that presents the opportunity, and since you brought it up, let’s look at her record.

    She condemned Brett Kavanaugh because he’s Catholic and she perceives that he’s Prolife.

    She voted for the Equality Act which endorses nonbiological females (no surgery needed, just identify with) in girls’ locker rooms, she and the House Democrats voted to strike “So help me God” from the Oath of Office (although chose to keep it after backlash),she voted to condemn Israel for protecting its own borders against terrorists, she voted to support Iran which was in contention with the present Administration.

    All of her talk about “affordable health care” is simply trying to lay groundwork for the Democratic dream of the return of Obamacare.

    When these bills become laws (if they pass the Senate) the citizens are subject to them, that’s where you get situations like Jack the Baker in Colorado, the florist on the Northwest Coast, Nuns being forced to buy birth control for their employees, the IRS targeting Conservative Organizations, schools promoting LGBT curriculum against the will of the parents.

    There’s so much evidence that Underwood will continue to vote the far Left on issues that it defies her core political tenants to say otherwise.

    She has one of the least bipartisan voting records in the House. In answer to your second question regarding my comments about “staged appearances”

    This is perfectly obvious, starting with her phony campaign add filmed in her parents dentist’s office where she pretended to be a practicing nurse (you’ll notice she no
    longer refers to her self as a practicing nurse), her “health care town hall” in Crystal Lake where about 8-10 people were allowed in and given questions to ask her (there was press on this), her town hall on foster care which had about six people at it, her appearance at a pumpkin farm that had her, the owner, and her podium in attendance, oh yeah, she’s real accessible!

    She’s staged through and through!

    It’s not the appearance, it’s the exaggerated coverage afterwards.

    Lauren Underwood has exhibited bad judgement consistently telling her constituents she’s voting for impeachment on the first article, election interference, the charge President Trump was cleared on, bunking up with Katie Hill the disgraced House Representative, allowing Nancy Pelosi to proxy vote for the 14th District.


  54. There were more than 6 at the forum on foster children.

    Besides panel and staff, three from a church, maximum ten in audience, I’d say.

  55. Thank you for the clarification, the You Tube video only shows the attendees.

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