Feds Take Jurisdiction in Three Chicago Gun Arrests

The United States Attorney in Chicago has announced that his office will prosecute three gun charges which have occurred since the Minnesota death of George Floyd.

The men include Joseph Hammond of Chicago.

Part of the press release follows:

Joseph Hammond’s gun and sippy cup.

…agents approached Hammond near the 6800 block of South Sangamon Street in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood while investigating a report of a man holding a gun and a toddler, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago. 

As the agents approached in a vehicle, Hammond pointed the gun at one of the agents’ faces and told them to “keep moving,” the complaint states.  Hammond then picked up the toddler and ran from the area. 

The agents pursued Hammond and later arrested him nearby, the complaint states.  Neither the toddler nor the agents were injured.

Hammond, 33, is charged with one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 

Hammond was previously convicted of criminal felonies, including firearm offenses and attempted murder, and was not lawfully allowed to possess a firearm.

The other two are Kevin Tunstall, 29, of Oak Forest, and Johnnie Lee, 32, of Chicago.

The U.S. Attorney’s press release explains the charges:

…charged with one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.  Tunstall and Lee were previously convicted of criminal felonies and were not lawfully allowed to possess a firearm.  Initial court appearances in U.S. District Court in Chicago have not yet been scheduled…

Tunstall and Lee were arrested separately this past weekend by Chicago Police officers. 

Tunstall was arrested early Saturday morning near the 600 block of South State Street after officers observed him in possession of a loaded semiautomatic handgun while seated in a vehicle, according to the charges. 

Lee was arrested late Sunday night after a vehicle he was driving crashed into a Chicago Police car near the 3200 block of North Southport Avenue, the charges allege. 

He was taken into custody while in possession of a loaded handgun. 

A city of Chicago curfew took effect at 9:00 p.m. Sunday, and Lee was arrested nearly two hours later.


Feds Take Jurisdiction in Three Chicago Gun Arrests — 8 Comments

  1. And why didn’t the feds takeover the Smollet case he could be charged with mail fraud across state lines.

  2. I believe that the federal penalties for possession of a firearm by a felon are far more severe than would be handed out in state court.

    Then, too, considering the Cook (or is it Crook) county courts and their prosecutor Crimesha Foxx, the chances of him being charged with a felony are nil since, you know, he was just funnin’ ‘n stuff.

  3. That Glock 10mm is not a typical hood rat’s gun; it’s more of an enthusiast’s weapon.

    Ammo is expensive, can be hard to find, and is quite powerful.

    The FBI tried adopting the 10mm as a duty round at one time, and they discovered that a lot of their agents couldn’t shoot it very well because it kicked too hard.

  4. +1 Fort Drum could it be because he is black so special priveleged one has to wonder…

    All this crap is not about the race card they keep throwing these looters and criminals are what they are no matter what color of the skin…

    scum and should be treated as such you get what you ask for looting and shooting “go to jail” like the way you act…

    its as simple as that..

    nothing underlying …

    but these G. S. snowflakes have to keep pushing it and pushing it, they are going to get what they want soon if they keep it up civil war will be next on the agenda if they don’t stop this nonsense of acting like everyone owes them something in this day an age, and trying to change history!

    suck it up buttercups…

    there politicians such as Obammie who just can’t shut his pie hole and was the biggest racist ever in office

    i watched as he was spewing speech about nothing while behind him in the streets of s.L

    there was gun firing and shootings happening no one was even listening to him yeah his people …

    go to school and learn the word STOP !

    and your life will be much easier… doh!

  5. The federal jurisdiction still needs to be explained, if it can be!

  6. The federal prohibition on possession a firearm by a convicted felon is part of the infamous Gun Control Act of 1968, which was passed in haste shortly after the assassinations of MLK and RFK.

    Personally, I believe that most gun control laws are null and void because they conflict with the plain language of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, and that was the prevailing opinion for most of this country’s history.

    With the advent of the progressive era, the liberals started to see the Constitution as a real impediment to getting what they wanted, so they started pushing a “Living Constitution” theory which holds that fidelity to the Constitution is optional.

  7. Farrin and Fort Drum MP,

    Because FDR said so and back then courts just said everything was fine to regulate because muh interstate commerce clause.

    If you want to read the specific answer to your question, check out this case.


    This case was from the 30’s and challenged one of the first if not the first federal gun laws.

    From 1791 to the mid 1930s we had no federal gun regulations.

    Then some gang members from the south side killed some gang members from the north side during prohibition, so naturally after prohibition was repealed years later FDR said “let’s regulate guns at the federal level” because that’s not at all illogical…

    Also seems like some of the groundwork for this may have been laid while Wilson was president, when the Harrison Narcotics Act was challenged but the courts sided with the federal government.

    And many of the statewide regulations on guns go back to an 1886 case called Presser vs Illinois where some German socialists formed a militia to fight against pinkertons and people got spooked seeing them riding around on horses while brandishing swords and rifles in Chicago.

    I agree with give us a break that the feds will probably be tougher than Kim Foxx.



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