Gas Station Planned Across Street from Northwest Herald

Thorton’s Fuel Center

The 4.7 acre lot on Route 31 across Tek Drive from the Northwest Herald has been sold for $3.8 million for a Thorton’s gas station.

Route 31 & Tek Drive

According to Rick Scardino, Principal of Lee & Associates’ Illinois office, who brokered the sale from AMP Real Estate Holdings to BSTP Midwest, in RE Journals,

This well-positioned corner will benefit the heavy daily traffic on Rt. 31, as well as the planned 2021 opening of the $100 million Mercyhealth Boutique Hospital being built across from this site.

Northwest Herald building on Route 31.

The gas station will be right across the street from the Northwest Herald building.


Gas Station Planned Across Street from Northwest Herald — 6 Comments

  1. Barney Styf found this out by reading this article.

    The Northworst Herald really has the pulse of what’s going on in McHenry County.

  2. Apparently the Northworst Herald’s property was not large enough for a decent Thornton’s station.

    That’s a shame as a gas station instead of the Northworst Herald at that location would represent the best and highest use of the land.

  3. I spoke with a personal friend’s daughter recently. S

    he said her company bought the Herald’s building.

    They own a few buildings locally already.

    2 in Crystal Lake and one in Cary.

    They are an “essential” business.

  4. Replacing the NW Herald with a new gas station would be a vast improvement for the communityYou want competition for Thornton’s?

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