IL-06: Jeanne Ives and Sean Casten Exchange Views on Minnesota and Aftermath

Jeanne Ives

George Floyd’s slaying and Ives addresses violent aftermath

On Sunday, Jeanne Ives’ congressional campaign issued a press release on George Floyd and violence in Chicago. On Wednesday, Congressman Sean Casten issued a 7-part tweet which is transcribed after the Ives’ release:

Ives’ Statement on George Floyd’s Death and Chicago Riots

May 31, 2020 –This weekend, riots broke out in most of our major cities – including Chicago –  in response to the apparent murder of George Floyd. Jeanne Ives, a candidate for Congress (IL-06), released the following statement: 

“There is no reason for Mr. Floyd to be dead. None. Four policemen. One suspect. A suspected non-violent crime. No weapon present. The police involved were inept and cruel and cowards. This is obviously a crime and anyone who saw the video clearly saw a man pleading to breathe and the policeman crushing him instead. I understand the anger over this. I am angry about it.

“In response to Mr. Floyd’s death, violence, arson and theft has erupted in our major cities. These are criminal acts, in some cases perpetrated by opportunistic violent people outside of the community. Those who commit these crimes must be prosecuted. Lawlessness of any sort cannot be tolerated. The riots represent a failure of leadership to prevent serious wrong-doing. Despite the show of force by the Chicago Police Department, police cars were burned and smashed, and unbelievably, Chicago police officers were dragged down the street by rioters. These actions show how little control elected leaders have over their city. 

“Our leaders must take control of the situation at hand. In the long run, it is also imperative to re-evaluate the policies that have led Chicago to this moment. If we are ever to heal and move forward, it will require leaders to work across the aisle, across the city and across the nation to rebuild trust that has been destroyed. Most of all, it will require consistent principles and moral strength to uphold and apply the law and public policies equally in all situations.

“Saturday was a day of contrasts in America.  As Americans soared into space showcasing our country’s great achievements in technology, science, and business, other Americans escalated peaceful protests over an unjust death to violence and  anarchy.  Our future lies in supporting the former and abolishing the latter.” 


Sean Casten

Congressman Sean Casten’s Twitter thread from his congressional Twitter account, which was finished at 4PM CDT on June 3, transcribed for ease of reading:

“As a white man, I will never fully understand the pain black Americans are feeling and have felt for generations. But what I do understand, is that those demonstrating are showing us the depth of the pain across our country from the years of systemic racism at every level of society and our failure to provide equal justice before the law.

“I understand that our constitution guarantees the right to assemble, and that Congressman John Lewis (D, GA) did not dedicate his career to fighting for equality just to have the President assault peaceful protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets.

“I understand that what happened to George Floyd was not an anomaly. His death was part of a pattern—years and years of police brutality, systematic oppression, and painful inaction.

“For too long, injustices against people of color have persisted & the brutal murders of George Floyd & Breonna Taylor are just the latest in our long national history of oppression—from slavery to Jim Crow to denial of the right to vote that persists even today.

“I understand we must act now to address the root causes of inequities & reform our justice system so it works for every American. We must take this moment & transform it into effective action to address racism, to promote justice & to ensure equal protection under the law.

“So while I will never fully understand, I stand with black Americans across this country demanding change.”




IL-06: Jeanne Ives and Sean Casten Exchange Views on Minnesota and Aftermath — 11 Comments

  1. A very good response by Ives. Spot on.

    On Casten? What can we expect from a Democrat AND a guy who callously refers to the taking of a human life through abortion as similar to a diseased gall bladder operation.

    Casten’s remarks are typical Democrat BS. He says “years of systemic racism at every level of society and our failure to provide equal justice before the law”. But, if that is true, he fails to place the blame where it belongs. For Floyd it was the MINN Democrats – Governor, Minneapolis Mayor and the African American Chief of Police there who had management experience in the Police Internal Affairs Division. Casten also fails to place blame for failed leadership of 8 years of the Obama/Biden Administration.

  2. Sean Casten should have his man card revoked.

    Jeanne Ives = A+. Army Veteran.

    Doesn’t mess around.

    Could beat the crap out of Casten.

  3. Who made Ives the judge and jury?

    Sure, Casten is a white groveling ANTIFAg PoS.

    BLACK LIVES MATTER (only when a white cop kills a black thug, NEVER when black thugs kill each other)

  4. At least Ives didn’t play into buzzwords and constructed a statement that addresses the rioting, protests and the frustrations with police brutality.

    She does this in a way that neither dismisses the death or the riots in response to it.

    Casten just played the “I’m a white guy and I don’t understand” card.

    It makes it too easy for soft people to clamor to him.

  5. Just saw this CNN video. White dude was saying that white kids shouldn’t grow up with innocence because black kids can’t. People are really bending the knee on this.

    Speaking of bending knee, any one else find it weird that they are kneeling in solidarity when Floyd had his neck kneeled on?

    It seems a bit weird to me.

  6. White guilt is absolutely a communist propaganda tool and needs to end.

    People need to stop tolerating it teach actual love and tolerance, not manufacture shame and hate.

    Don’t be afraid to stand up to the hate of the radical left.

  7. Preaching to the choir on that, could be a bit echo boxey in here. Just watched this Veritas video of a guy who’s infiltrated an antifa cell. I did not realise how much these people are donning the communist hammer & sickle.

    Irony of that being that those represent industry and agriculture…

    Capital prospects.

    Reminds me when my friend was all about communism in his teen years.

    But now these antifa cells are looking to start eye gouging people and “destroy” indiscriminately.

    I might be an unofficial proud boy if these ideas keep gaining traction.

    If the riots keep happening, and not just in the U.S.

    I can see them looking to opportunize on it like mr clown mask.

    If an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, then maybe it’d be easier to listen.

  8. Antifa is right here incHenry County.

    Ask Brian “Pretty Boy” Sager and Mike “Reject” Tauler.

  9. Brian Fallon who was a spokesman for thug Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and members of the Minneapolis City Council dominated by the Democratic Farmer Labor Party are proposing getting rid of police forces. The Democrat Mayor of LA wants to cut the police force budget by $150 Million.

    These Democrats apparently want to greatly diminish or abolish law and order. Not surprising to hear these moronic and idiotic statements from Democrats. Recall in the 2019 Democrat presidential debates, most of the candidates wanted to wreck our nation by having open borders and eliminating ICE.

    Low information and useful idiots are following the lead to get rid of the police by appearing in so-called protest rallies holding signs saying to defund police.

    Trust no Democrat. Ever.

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