IL-14: Oberweis Comments on New Charges for Minneapolis Policemen

From State Senator and 14th District Congressional candidate Jim Oberweis:

Jim Oberweis’ statement on additional charges against officers involved in George Floyd’s death  

Sugar Grove, IL – State Senator Jim Oberweis and 14th Congressional District candidate is issuing the following statement regarding Minnesota Attorney General’s announcement of additional charges in the slaying of George Floyd

“I applaud the Minnesota Attorney General’s actions in enhancing the charges against Officer Chauvin, as well as new charges being brought against the other three police officers that were on the scene at the time of Mr. Floyd’s slaying. 

As I previously stated, Mr. Floyd was the victim of a heinous crime. Our country is governed by the rule of law and we need to use our justice system to root out injustice and protect those who are victims. 

“Justice in this case must be served and served swiftly and the new charges today are a good indicator that this is exactly what seems to be happening in this case.”


IL-14: Oberweis Comments on New Charges for Minneapolis Policemen — 5 Comments

  1. No one died. This was a false flag from minute one. Stop with the “statements” about this complete fakery. Trust absolutely NO ONE that speaks publicly on this hoax!

  2. What a jokester fatassed Oberidiot is.

    Is he trying to get good press from the MSM.

    He’s a cuckservative Grade A.

  3. Start passing out some old fashioned wood shampoos to those resisting arrest or tasers on stun.

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