Ugaste Comments on Minnesota’s George Floyd

From State Rep. Dan Ugaste:

Ugaste Statement on George Floyd

GENEVA—In response to the tragic death of George Floyd, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) released the following statement:

“Last week a terrible tragedy occurred in an otherwise great American city.

“What happened to George Floyd was reprehensible and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

“I am fully supportive of those who are peacefully trying to change things for the better and our first responders, who are protecting us and our rights, as well as our society and system of government as a whole.

“As an ardent supporter of the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, I believe every American has a right to voice their opinions and peacefully assemble, however, when those peaceful assemblies and protests turn violent we must protect the lives, property and livelihoods of innocent Americans.

“What happened to Mr. Floyd was a terrible injustice; the looting and violence that has resulted from his tragic death is no way to remedy this injustice and needs to end immediately.

“We have a lot of work to do to heal these wrongs. We must be better, together.”


Ugaste Comments on Minnesota’s George Floyd — 6 Comments

  1. Maybe they should do what Georgia did.

    Remove the Confederate flags in return for the riots to end.

    That of course would require them to go up in the first place.

  2. Bla, bla, bla says Ugaste.

    Yet another self-serving virtue signaling press release
    while Illinois collapses under the weight of Lord Jumbo Boy, King of Burgers.

    Ugaste is too stupid to realize that the Leftist thugs are not interested in “working together”.

    What they are interested in however is overthrowing the government whereupon they can take
    over and destroy America.

    It’s OTOT = Operation Trump Over Throw.

    Ugaste, what a simp.

  3. Honest Abe, you’re right!

    Why do these morons think they have to comment bc they saw an edited video.

    What happened to innocent till proven guilty.

    What happened in the Ferguson and Trayvon cases: exoneration for the killer of a thug!

  4. Did this creep issue a similar press release after Smollett cruised wolf, too?

  5. Funny Drum.

    All the tears.

    All the fears.

    All the the Hollywood lying for Years!

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