County Board Acts Like a Legislative Body, Fails to Roll Over and Play Dead for Jack Franks – Part 4

“I think you are a hypocrite,” Jim Kearns told McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

He pointed out that Franks was taking county health insurance when he could be saving county taxpayers its cost by taking the state health insurance to which he was entitled because he was receiving a state pension.

“I can see your political hacks making the rob-calls tomorrow.

“When you say it’s not a political thing, you did that by calling out names.

“I would call you on to immediately give up your county insurance.”

Jack Franks

Franks could not let the challenge go unanswered.

“You don’t have to fill out the time sheet unless you take health insurance.”

Franks explained he took the county insurance because he wanted to understand the “consternation [that county employees have] at having a high deductible.”

In taking county health benefits Franks revealed, “My cost is greater than the state subsidy” he receives for not taking state health insurance.

At this point, Democrat Michael Vijuk spoke up in support of Franks’ proposals.

Franks talked of people without health insurance.

Trying to justify his placement of the items on the agenda, he pointed out that the resolution about salaries had been before two County Board committees at which “nobody wants to increase our salaries.”

Franks again pointed out that County Board salaries were the highest per capita of any collar county and managed to work the phrase “petty politics” in.

Kearns again issued is challenge:

You can effect it immediately.

Give up your insurance.

Take the state.

Right now!

“I will do it when everyone else does,” the millionaire retorted.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” Kearns replied.


County Board Acts Like a Legislative Body, Fails to Roll Over and Play Dead for Jack Franks – Part 4 — 7 Comments

  1. In Illinois, a Democrat could have a garbage bag of meth and a hard drive of ISIS videos and still get elected.

  2. @D J

    I realize you’re being sarcastic, but what makes you think this has not already occurred?

    If not Illinois, then elsewhere.

  3. I just got a robo call; the calling number was 815-338-6363 showing Chairman Jack Franks.

    Franks’robocall consisted of redundant information; covid helpline, how to get a loan, and adding a plug for himself about the big tax break people got with the property tax payment delay, which in itself is a joke,
    and reciting the great things he’s done as chairman, and ending the message with his phony ” together we’ll get through this.”

    As a taxpayer I’m tired of Franks using our tax money to continue his campaigning on our dime, Let him know this often and with emphasis that he’s not fooling anyone.

    Besides the time sheet for Franks we should see a running tab for his campaigning.

    His penchant for robo alls is well known.

    This has been a tactic abused by other elected officials.

    More to follow.

  4. The mayor of Flint, MI sold his computer for crack.

    Not necessarily what DJ said, but close.

  5. County board finally grows spine.

    What are they taking a tough stance on?

    They vow to not cut their pay during a recession/depression and they vow to oppose requiring timesheets for loafers who get taxpayer funded health insurance…

    Yes, THIS is the hill that they want to fight on. smh

    These people have the political instincts of a doorknob.

    No wonder Jack Franks runs circles around them.

    These people are so dumb.

  6. Has the County Board chosen to ignore the sexual assault allegations levelled against Jack Franks?

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