Message of the Day – A Warning

Here’s what the Illinois Department of Public Health is warning:

If you have been exposed to crows, you may have been exposed to Covid-19.

To state the obvious.


Message of the Day – A Warning — 7 Comments

  1. That’s like saying, if you get into a car you may get into a car crash.

  2. “Exposed To Crowds” ?

    You mean like looters, arsonists and murderers ?

    It would seem that rioting has been the cure for WuFlu all along.

    Who Knew ?

    More fear mongering hysteria from IDPH meant to keep the panic stoked
    and the populace paralyzed with fear and under control of the DEMOCRATS that run Illinois.

  3. So I’m guessing the ‘your killing your grandmother’ narrative applied to lockdown protesters, doesn’t apply to the morally superior ‘black lives matter’ imbeciles.

  4. Lots of talk by political types of social justice. Usually phony Democrats. Wait, they are all phony.

    But the real justice may very well be poetic justice. Over the last 1.5 weeks, arsonists, rioters, anarchists, looters, insurectionists by their close association and proximity, may have contracted the Virus. How appropriate. How fitting. How deserving.

  5. People should be more worries about the infections of communism that have lead up to the destruction and murders over the past week.

  6. Some Guy is absolutely right on that. There is no such thing as a virus. The hoaxers are still determined to put their new world order in gear with propaganda like this. We have Marxists in every single agency of every single government across the world. Meanwhile, the brainwashed children of Satan are kneeling and shouting their Communist scripts like the useful idiots they have become. The BLM is a Marxist organization from its founding. This current silliness was also “kicked off” over a complete hoax, but useful idiots know nothing about what they are promoting or the Marxists behind it all. The Protocols of Zion are what they are following to a T when they shill for communism and Satanism like they are doing right now. The brain dead have no clue what a Bolshevik Revolution is or how they are being played. Every single one of the unwitting pawns has been used for this by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and Freemasonry that running these scripts to destroy the world. They remind me of the hippies of the fifties and sixties that were seriously duped but were not nearly as dangerous to mankind.

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