Ness Criticizes Skillicorn Pritzker Recall Effort

From McHenry County Board member Suzanne Ness, who is the Democrat running against State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:\

The statement I wrote before the murder of George Floyd

Last week, Allen Skillicorn issued a press release announcing his effort to recall Governor Pritzker.

I wrote the statement below and sent it to the Northwest Herald.

I don’t know if they will print it, but you can read it below. 

I also want to say that I grieve with the family of George Floyd and want to see justice served. 

Enough is enough.  

The events of the last week further strengthen my resolve to win this election in November and to build into our government, justice, equity, and reason. 

Suzanne Ness

On May 27th, Representative Skillicorn, launched his effort to recall Governor Pritzker. The following day Newsweek reported that Illinois was the only state to have met the Federal Government’s CDC guidelines for reopening. That Gov. Pritzker was able to stay the course, follow the science, and meet such important benchmarks reflects his leadership and his faith in the people of Illinois.

Rep. Skillicorn on the other hand, has spent his time during the pandemic criticizing democratic leaders for what he sees as an “Overreach of power” as they’ve acted to save lives. This says more about Rep. Skillicorn’s leadership and less about him as a leader.

Representative Skillicorn by his own admission, is a science “skeptic.” He believes in less government and typically votes in opposition to anything that supports helping people, like capping the cost of Insulin, which makes his latest stand most interesting since he’s asserted that the website for unemployment  (more government) has been underperforming, leaving many people unable to apply and receive their unemployment payments.  Make no mistake – this is a serious issue.  People are struggling and it is important they are able to access benefits in an efficient manner. Out of work Illinoisans should not have to wait for their payments because of bureaucratic red tape. 

Governor Pritzker has taken full responsibility for this issue. He has admitted that the IDES website is underperforming and stated that they should have had more staff.  He’s also been working tirelessly to ensure issues get fixed and that lives get saved.  On Wednesday, May 28th, he was downstate touring flooded areas, even as he continues to give daily reports on the COVID pandemic.  Actions speak louder than words. The report about Illinois’ re-opening efforts are proof of Pritzker’s work.

However, Rep. Skillicorn’s recall is clearly a political act which will not fix the situation, nor have an immediate result for people who need their unemployment checks.  No matter what Rep. Skillicorn says, it adds insult to injury when politicians exploit the suffering of the people they represent in order to promote a personal agenda and keep his name in the paper.   His actions as a representative have shown little care or interest in funding programs meant to help people who need it most. 

I want to remind Representative Skillicorn of a famous quote from a Leader of the last century, “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…”  Theodore Roosevelt said that famous quote. Governor Pritzker has risen to the occasion.  Representative Skillicorn, has done little for the people who live in his district and it’s time for a change. 


Ness Criticizes Skillicorn Pritzker Recall Effort — 7 Comments

  1. I bet that Ness was at the Mchenry County Communist Women’s Club rally. (wink wink)

  2. “That Gov. Pritzker was able to stay the course, follow the science,”

    Let’s stop right there at paragraph 1, for a moment, and identif specifically this alleged “Science” that His Rotundity has followed…

    Perhaps we should first start by defining the term “science”?

    If we can’t have an honest conversation, then let’s not waste our time and energy.

  3. Ness is another SJW warrior, open borders, sanctuary state,
    White guilt ridden progressive bigger government is better government fool,
    just as Lord Jumbo Boy, King of Burgers, Putzker is.

    What will it take to rid ourselves of these societal leeches before they destroy
    what little remains of our jobs, business and lives here in Illinois ?

  4. Ness is going to have a tough time in prison … she’ll be getting a life sentence.

  5. HonestAbe1: Is Suzanne Ness really an SJW?

    We’ll know the next time we see her.

    Today, white women across the country are doing #GoBaldforBLM

    White women are shaving their heads to show they are in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter”.

    So, if Ness has hair, she is not the SJW you say she is.

    Wonder if any other white women in McHenry County will do the same?

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