Of Political Pictures, Buttons and Petition Signing

All sorts of politicians cover their walls with photos of themselves with higher ranking elected officials.

The problem with that, at least in Illinois, is that politicians sometimes get indicted, even convicted.

I collected buttons instead.

This 1960 Nixon button has two messages.
Twist it a bit and one can read, “Our Nation Needs Nixon.”


Now, comes to my attention two signatures on petitions for McHenry County Chairman Jack Franks re-election.

One is from former, long-time Circuit Clerk Bill Kays, officially known as Vernon W. Kays, Jr.

Franks himself asked Kays to sign.

Another is for Ringwood Village Board President Richard Mack, a one-time Chairman of the McHenry Township Republican Central Committee.

Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Martha Swanson, who serves on the Ringwood Village Board, solicited Mack’s support.

Both signatures were affixed in November.

That was before Franks was inundated with publicity about a State Police investigation into alleged sexual misconduct.

I wonder if they still support Franks re-election.


Of Political Pictures, Buttons and Petition Signing — 4 Comments

  1. I realize it’s being “picky” and I don’t particularly “aim” this at Franks’ petition, but . . .

    When a signer fails to place his address in the correct box, is that signature subject to disqualification?

    I mean, when they toss an entire page simply for lack of a page number, it would see “reasonable” if they can’t put their name and address in the correct box.

  2. Slogans included:

    They Can’t Lick Our Dick
    Don’t Change Dicks In The Midst Of A Screw, Vote For Nixon in ’72

  3. Rick Mack is a patronage rent boy for Jeff Ladd ( aka RINO road rage Ladd [https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1997-11-20-9711200283-story.html].

    Mack” always been a stinking RINO,

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