Truth about Racism Makes People Uncomfortable as it Should

Kira Davis

“Liberals try to tell us racism is everywhere all the time.Conservatives try to tell us we’re imagining racism.

“Both extremes are untrue and unhelpful and inherently dangerous.”

Those words from RedState Editor-at-Large Kira Davis were published with her article Don’t Play the ‘Race Card’: How Black Professionals Are Forced to Sacrifice Complaints at the Altar of ‘Just Getting Along’ late Thursday afternoon.

This article, from a conservative black woman writing for one of the most conservative publications in the country, is a must read.

And I would personally challenge all the commenters in the Monday article Tony Evans Speaks Out on Current Crisis Relating to Pandemic and George Floyd to read the RedState article from today.

Tony Evans

And speaking of Dr. Tony Evans, on Tuesday, he published a 13 1/2 minute video directly about George Floyd’s death, and emphasized Biblically how ALL LIVES MATTER, whether in the womb, or from womb to tomb.

But Dr. Evans nails what must be done, and how real healing of our nation, and how real change to heal our nation begins:

“This starts off with prayer…I’m talking about where we repent, of where we’ve failed to do what He says do, the way He says do it.

“Where we realign ourselves under His authority while pursuing a relationship with Him where His word can overrule our ideas, perspectives and agendas, and then He will listen to your prayers, cause you’re praying like He wants you to pray not like you want to pray.

And when that kind of prayer goes up, with that kind of action supporting it…now we’re ready to see what He will do, in healing our land.”

Tony Evans, 6/2/20

Please watch the video in its entirety, and do not be afraid to do what God says to do through His messenger, that is backed up in Scripture:


Truth about Racism Makes People Uncomfortable as it Should — 8 Comments

  1. Nobody is uncomfortable except for the followers of the race hustlers.

    Just because John Lopez says something is “truth”, doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

    People hate all sorts of people for a variety of reasons.

    None of it is right. Of course “all lives matter”.

    It’s dumb to have to even repeat that.

    You should love all men and women regardless of their color, but the fact of the matter is, many don’t.

    And are you ready for the reason why?

    It’s not “racism”.

    It’s because they hate God.

  2. Conservatives don’t say racism is imagined.

    That’s untrue.

    Conservatives acknowledge incidents of racism but don’t accept the “institutional racism” crap.

    Conservatives aren’t going to apologize for wrongs they haven’t done or bow down to the mob.

  3. FarrierDan, IMHO the ReformationCharlotte blog site is a sham, and your lies (monetary reparations) mixed in.

    Opinions vary, and nothing ReformationCharlotte says is based on the Truth of Scripture about both Dr. Tony Evans and his daughter, Priscilla Shirer, who was ranked #4 on that site. I’ve read and listened to Dr. Evans over the years, and clearly, the ReformationCharlotte blog author doesn’t care to tell the truth. Whether they are just wrong, or deceptively telling lies, God knows, and He will judge them one day.

    Just remember, as Scripture teaches, we are all going to give an accounting before God, whether it’s the Judgement Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21) or the Great White Throne Judgement (Revelation Ch. 20), all of us will face Jesus one day to give an accounting of ourselves and our lives. I pray none will use the “truth” from the ReformationCharlotte blog and no matter the source, always apply discernment, the Truth of the Word of God.

    And there are evangelical pastors I am not comfortable with myself, one or two of them were on the list cited, but for different reasons I choose to listen to other pastors, beginning with the senior pastor at the church we attend, and including Dr. Tony Evans.

    Some Guy, same to you, and if you’ve read what I write, whether about politics or faith, I urge people to listen to ANYONE with discernment, and in all of it, the discernment is God’s Word.

    If I haven’t emphasized the need for discernment lately, I will do better, Christ is my Lord and King, not any one individual person. And just like all of us, no one, including pastors, is perfect.

  4. Yes Conservatives acknowledge incidents of racism but the N word needs to be used for it to be acknowledged.

  5. John Lopez. Tony’s word is not God’s word. Kira Davis’ word definitely isn’t.

  6. “It’s because they hate God.” – Some Guy
    “Oh in here spreading more hate.” – Some Guy

    Some Guy keeps “showing the love” by accusing anyone who sees things different than him by spreading hate.

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