Camel’s Nose Under the Medicaid Tent

Springfield’s State Journal-Register reports on a new bill:

The reporter writes, “Illinois will become the first state to provide Medicaid for undocumented seniors…”

“…noncitizens over 65 years old and whose income is $12,670 or less, which is at or under the federal poverty level will be eligible for the taxpayer-subsidized medical care.”

Sponsor State Rep. Delia Ramirez said the coverage will “save the state money in the long run, costing about $2 million, which in her opinion, “is nothing to a $2 billion Medicaid bill,’” according to the article.

Continuing, the article says,

She said it’s about three times cheaper to cover undocumented seniors than it is to not cover them and then “have them in a hospital when they’re already dying and are in stage three of cancer and other things because they didn’t show up until they tested positive with coronavirus and then all these other things they had also came to light and became too late to prevent.”


Camel’s Nose Under the Medicaid Tent — 13 Comments

  1. The “Progressive” mind at work destroying all that it encompasses
    in their insatiable never ending quest for more power and control
    over your life.

    Suicide by self-destruction never sounded so good.

  2. It’s called ‘Dispossession’.

    Americans are being dispossessed…. white Americans are to be disposed of their wealth for total aliens.

    Demographics is everything.

    Let the war start now.

  3. And of course the State Rep is a Democrat. More madness and insanity in this State of Illinois, the worst run State of 50 in the US on a fiscal basis. Democrats have run this State into the ground and now this latest perk for “undocumented seniors” will likely draw more illegal alien seniors to Illinois.

    Trust no Democrat. Ever.

  4. “When I think about my mother and father who have been here for 37 years, there’s significantly far more to be done,” Ramirez said, “so that people are not put in a position that they have to choose between their property taxes and their medication.”

    How about going back to the country they came from on the sly?

    No free chit there?

  5. Your Floyd Riot coffee break is over Dalia, now go back to quarantine.

  6. I’m in favor of an improved path of legal immigration, but illegal immigration needs to stop being incentivized.

    Illegals that I know make it a point that they pay their taxes, but the lie has to start somewhere and it starts with their immigration status.

    To claim to pay taxes could mean a lot of things (I’ll elaborate later).

    More welfare for illegals just negates the whole purpose of having a system of legal immigration.

    You won’t find it even in the most socialist of societies.

    European countries are getting pretty strict on “migrants” because their welfare systems cannot sustain the freeloaders.

    Do you see what she is doing though?

    Painting a picture of people who want to pay for their property taxes (a legal obligation) but also suffer from not having free medical care.

    There is no guarantee that these people paid *income taxes* for that 37 years.

    Many have home businesses without an EIN.

    *Some* illegals actually obtain an ITIN.

    But if you don’t pay property taxes, you will most certainly have someone knocking on the door because it’s a lot harder to get around that one.

  7. I don’t believe for one second that this program will only cost $2 million.

    The average cost of full coverage for a senior is well over $10k a year.

    Tactically, they probably should have waited until after the election to do this.

    It will give great ammunition to the opponents of the progressive income tax amendment.

  8. Billy Bob – Since illegals were allegedly disproportionately affected by scamdemic, and elderly were at risk, you’d think that the overall cost would be $0 by now.

  9. I would venture a guess that people here illegally don’t own property, hence no property tax, so she can stick that argument.

    If they rent, it’s called “rent”

  10. Speaking of rent, here is the next crisis:

    Evictions loom as state freezes on rent payments expire

    (CNN) — As states reopen, tenants are facing the end of freezes on rent payments and evictions put in place at the start of the pandemic despite still-rising joblessness and a stalled economy.

    The freezes didn’t cancel monthly payments, which means that with June 1 looming, renters may suddenly owe three months’ rent to cover April and May as well.

  11. I call bs!

    And who is paying for this! ?

    Enuff is enuff!

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