Fox River Grove Rally and March Planned for Saturday

From the Village of Fox River Grove:

Peaceful March Planned for June 6th

As you may already be aware, there is a peaceful march being planned for Fox River Grove on Saturday, June 6th at 1:00 PM.

While this is not a Village event, the Fox River Grove Police Department has been in contact with the event organizer in an effort to help make for a safer demonstration.

The starting place for this planned peaceful assembly is the Algonquin Road Soccer Field located on the south side of Algonquin Road west of the water tower.

The event participants plan to walk northbound on Gladys Avenue to the Lions Park Baseball Fields where the event shall conclude.

The exact duration of the event is unknown at this time.

Please note that the Village is anticipating some traffic disruption as the participants move through the planned route.

Traffic control at appropriate intersections will be in place during the march.

If there are any concerns related to traffic disruptions, please make arrangements to avoid this area around the time of the event.


Fox River Grove Rally and March Planned for Saturday — 11 Comments

  1. March for what? Get rid of Democrats? I’ll go!

    BLM (except when shot by other blacks) Forget it!

  2. I just checked the census for Fox River Grove.

    It said 93% white, even a 0.33% native american population.

    But a 0% for black.

  3. Virtually every city in America has more middle-aged, communist, white, single women than ever before.

    They’ll march until the cows come home.

    Look at Woodstock

    (Actually, the cows were there).

  4. So long as they’re just cows and not bulls in a glass shop.

  5. Ok good, the route will not take them anywhere near downtown stores, so shouldn’t have to do useless boarding up like CL businesses did yesterday.

    They’re meeting at a park and marching to a park in FRG—much better than clogging up a downtown, interfering with small businesses and innocent people and shoppers going about their business. Anyone with a sign saying to defund the Police in places like Woodstock, CL, FRG, Cary, etc—have fun trying to report when somebody steals your stuff, they aint coming, they’ll send you a neighborhood watch dude who will console you and tell you to play nicer next time and have a heart for the thief, cuz he probably needed your stuff.

    “A conservative is a liberal mugged by reality.”

  6. One time, in Chicago… I had to enter this boarded up property for who knows what.

    We go in, coming back out the old neighbor lady said some guys were going through our truck.

    They made off with a hedge trimmer and when I asked which way they went, “I don’t know.”

    Is what she said.

    No police is going to be able to help me there, but defunding them would give those people…

    The ones who look for crimes of opportunity, a new way to look at how they operate.

    I’ve had another incident where they tried taking a lawn mower off the trailer without starting it up.

    They got it onto the asphalt before booking it.

  7. Well I’m locked and loaded.

    A lot of these white girl commies have been raped in California, NYC and Louisville.

    I won’t shed any tears!

  8. Last I looked it’s all Americans right to assemble, to protest not just those that vote republican.

    I’d be more concerned with the growing number of anti-Semitic groups in your backyards.

    As stated above 93% white village and it sounds like most commentators are proud of that.

    Scary villagers.

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