Nine Years of Corruption at State Capitol Headquarters of Secretary of State Results in Woman’s Indictment

A woman supervisor in Secretary of State Jesse White’s Springfield headquarters seems to have made off with over $300,000 in cash in an operation that was not supposed to accept cash. The Springfield U.S. Attorney’s press release is below:

Grand Jury Indicts Former Administrator, Supervisor of Illinois Secretary of State Department of Vehicle Services for Alleged Fraud Scheme

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A federal grand jury has returned an indictment that charges Candace Faye Wanzo, 57, of Centralia, Ill., with defrauding the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office and the Illinois Department of Revenue of nearly $350,000.

During the time of the alleged fraud, from March 2015 to April 2017, Wanzo was employed at the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office as administrator and supervisor of Vehicle Services.

In this capacity, Wanzo was responsible for operation of the Public Service Center located in the Howlett Building, in Springfield, Ill., where, among other services, vehicle owners may pay title and registration fees, apply and pay for license plates, and make sales tax payments related to the sale of vehicles.

The indictment alleges that Wanzo stole title and registration fees and sales tax payments.

Wanzo allegedly concealed the theft of title and registration fees by replacing stolen funds with title and registration fees from other vehicle owners.

Wanzo also allegedly used the United Parcel Service (UPS) rather than the U.S. Mail to deliver license plates to conceal the delay caused by Wanzo having to locate and use other funds to replace stolen funds.

According to the indictment, from March 2015 to April 2017, Wanzo misapplied approximately $303,649 in title and registration fees to conceal title and registration fees that she had previously stolen.

In October 2015, without superiors’ permission or knowledge, Wanzo allegedly changed the SOS policy of not accepting cash for sales tax payments and directed staff to begin accepting cash for the sales tax payments.

Staff were directed to deliver the cash to her at the end of the day in a yellow envelope.

Wanzo also directed her staff to submit any customer complaints directly to her in order to conceal the complaints from her superiors. 

In addition to the $303,649 in misapplied title and registration fees, the indictment alleges that Wanzo stole approximately $40,102 in sales tax payments from December 2008 to April 2017.

If convicted, the statutory penalty for each count of mail fraud (three counts) is not more than 20 years in prison and not more than three years of supervision. For the offenses of intentional misapplication of Secretary of State fees (one count) and for theft of Illinois Department of Revenue sales tax payments (one count), the penalty is not more than 10 years in prison and not more than three years of supervision.

The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the assistance of the Illinois Secretary of State Inspector General’s Office which referred the matter to federal law enforcement. Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory K. Harris is representing the government in the prosecution.

Members of the public are reminded that an indictment is merely an accusation; the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

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Only $300 made it into Jesse White’s campaign fund. And that eas way back in 2005.


Nine Years of Corruption at State Capitol Headquarters of Secretary of State Results in Woman’s Indictment — 4 Comments

  1. $350k ?

    Paul Powell would be jealous !

    Speaks volumes about the incompetency of political hack Jumpin’ Jesse White, doesn’t it ?

  2. She got a little to greedy, just like Franks &Austin.

    Democrats are basically corrupt.

    The abortion policy and sanctuary criminality proves it.

    GOP is just dumb, w/RINO Democrat enablers like Durkin and Lee Daniels as the kept whores they are or were.

    Emperor Madigan laughs at fatso guv and the bug-eyed b—h, taking all the heat while he plots his moves for further destruction of the state.

    Bug-eyed Lesbian says squashing ‘vigilante’ gun toters in White Bridgeview and Hispanic Pilsen is her ‘top priority’ now.

    This weekend will be wild!

    She better not show her mangy hide in Cicero, the Mexican gangs are doing an ethnic cleansing thing.

  3. Time for Jesse White to move on…old, slow, eyes shut and this high level thief helps herself.

    Come on White, enoughs enough.

    Do something innovative, positive in that Division instead of carrying on Mr Shoeboxes reputation in that office.

    Another one who was old and slow and stuff was taken on his watch.

    Complaints managed by the White thief, yellow envelopes stuffed with cash given to her—only thing missing were the stuffed with cash shoeboxes from Flagg Brothers Shoes.

  4. Jesse said that he’s not seeking 2022 election but he backpeddled in 2018 when he said the same thing.

    Last time he was sending campaign letters out by mail, I was amazed at how long he’s been secretary of state and has served in politics in general.

    I have to give the man some credit though, as he was 101st Airborne.

    That isn’t for the weak.

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