Patch Has Piece on Peaceful Hundred Person Demonstration Led by CLCHS Grad in Downtown Crystal Lake

You can find the story here.

Much is an interview of 18-year old D.C. Smith, a Crystal Lake Community High School graduate, who was a leader in the demonstration’s organization.


Patch Has Piece on Peaceful Hundred Person Demonstration Led by CLCHS Grad in Downtown Crystal Lake — 27 Comments

  1. Good gods…

    Here’s a fast reform, make it a requirement for police officers to be paramedics and EMTs rather than not.

    It was required at the time for me to be a paramedic to have a full time job as a firefighter.

    That job apparently attracts arsonists, but at least they’re more medically staffed to stabilize a person than a police officer.

    Sitting down does nothing, holding a sign is like a bumper sticker on your car.

    We all hear it.

    But can we also not gloss over deaths like Tony Timpa and address it as a policing issue?

    I’ve experienced police guns pointed at my face, I could see the boring inside the barrels.

    They weren’t looking to injure to detain.

    Advocate for reform with ideas, not chants.

  2. I don’t need to be corrected on firearm terms.

    I’ve assembled my own ar 15 upper with a 1:7 twist 16″.

    I used the wrong word because I dealt with boring companies for a bit and conflated the wrong word in my head and used it in a synonymous sense because you bore out the center to rifle it.

    My bad.

  3. That article is positively sickening.

    I am grateful that they are peaceful, so far.

  4. I wonder how many of the “protesters” have ever lived in unsegregated housing, been assaulted by a minority, been battered by the same.

    I observed the protest which was peaceful.

    I also observed the average age to be about 20, maybe 22.

    My life experience includes working with minorities, living in unsegregated housing, being assaulted by minorities, having friends assaulted, beaten and robbed.

    I made a conscious decision as a young parent to abandon the city for the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

    I continue to have many friends of minority culture.

    Doubtful that many of the “protesters” can say the same.

  5. Jim, that reminds me.

    Back when I was maintaining and repossessing homes after 08, I was in a really bad part of the neighborhood.

    Most houses were boarded up, some weren’t.

    Some had been demolished which I didn’t see as often, but needless to say the house I maintained got broken into every time.

    Had a dude ask me a question with fear in his eyes, “Where do you live.”

    I told him NW suburbs, he asked how bad the property taxes were.

    Gave him my response, he didn’t care that they were high.

    He just experienced another night of police chases and helicopters with a shootout.

    Another day, on the way to said house, a girl my age with a fit body tried flagging me down as I drove by as if she had car issues.

    I wanted to see what’s up, but I had to cold shoulder it because I was at least another mile away.

  6. Need to know how to purchase the sign on the billboard when they take it down.

  7. I would suspect high percentage of those protesters were “Bernie” supporters.

    If they only knew what hard work was about.

  8. Snowflakes who once again do not know All the facts on what took place and the type of jail bird being arrested this is by no means ok of the screw up on the other side however lots more to this which I’m sure will be coming out in court soon enough let’s see how the media spins the dirt on the perp then.

    Nothin but sheep!

    To bad these people don’t have jobs that our politicians sold to China they would not have time to loot and block our roads!

  9. Was Patty O’Kenneally marching around at this like “The Wiz” character on “Seinfeld as he likes to march?

  10. Amazing how Social distancing isn’t important anymore now that the Dems have a new crisis to ‘not let go to waste!’

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these demonstrations aren’t school assignments or extra credit by the teachers.

  11. White boomers gave away America to 3rd world trash and elevated the lowest and most undeserving to the highest position. Shame on them.

    What a terrible legacy to leave your children and grandchildren.


    Preside over what, a nation in ruins?

  12. Pat Kenneally has been taking the knee for the last 4 yrs! And before that he was taking it on all fours.

  13. Calypso? Don’t even try that lie. Blaming your present situation on a whole generation is false and totally narrow-minded. You are just as big a problem as these useful idiots when you throw hatred for “boomers” as an excuse for anything. You are following Satan the accuser and feeling justified. SHAME ON YOU!

  14. Why would anyone care about what teens say. They are easily conned and manipulated by the mostly left wing educational system and the media.

  15. Making a public display of your dissatisfaction with wrongdoings in your country does NOT make you a snowflake.

    Good for you I say to all the teens who are strong enough to do more than spout hate from their keyboards.

    Sadly I don’t think any are reading the McHenry Co blog, apparently a home to insecure gun nuts and racists.

  16. Looks like half the people commenting here either desperately need some pipe or have issues making friends. @youlonelyrepubs

  17. Kneel for white submission!

    I say kneel on their necks.

    Look the Jamaican bastard, who jumped over 173 whites for Army promotion solely bc of mixed race, came for Biden:

    He dares to criticize Trump.

    But didnt he deliberately lie on behalf of the Deep State about WMDs in Iraq to get that war going?

    And didn’t he back Obongo against the designated losers McCain & ‘Mitten’ Romney?

    Yes he did!

    And didn’t back The Pizzagate Witch in ’16 against Trump?

    Yes he did!

    Yet he still calls himself a Republican.

  18. Powell has a right to vote for whomever he wishes.

    Bear in mind that he spent an inordinate amount of time working with Dubya and Bill Clinton.

    Even his beef with Hillary isn’t an issue now.

    He’s always been part of the establishment.

    What you’ve got to understand is that Trump is an outsider to everyone in established politics.

    It isn’t about whether or not he lies.

    It’s about the fact that he’s a threat to everyone alive that’s held a position in in federal politics.

  19. Part of the issue is also that THEIR LIES are being uncovered, and that scares the hell out of them.

  20. Alice? What these morons are doing is Marxist and they are being used by fake scriptwriters. Social justice warriors are very mentally ill. Do not make excuses for these aberrations of humanity. These things are trying to take over rules and regulations and negotiate their personal will on whole vast swaths of your government. Emotionally based lists of demands are being circulated and authorities are actually making time to meet with these immature psychopaths. The brainwashing is coming full circle. Useful idiots should never be calling policy. We have enough problems with tyrants already.

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