About 30% of Crystal Lake’s “Main” Street Boarded Up

While Friday’s teenage-led demonstration in Crystal Lake was peaceful, some store owners Downtown have prepared for the worst.

Here is what one could see driving up Williams Street last night:

Williams Street, 6-5-20

McCool’s and Crystal Lake Bank were boarded up.

McCool’s and CL Bank

Across Williams Street, The Flag Store proudly displayed its wares.

The Flag Store

Stores beyond were boarded up.

Williams street stores closed for business.

The jewelry store is ready for trouble.

Dalzell Jewelry

Most of the rest of the stores were unprotected by plywood.

Brink Street Market
Across from the Raue

And The Raue Center for the Arts feared no intrusion.

Raue Center for the Arts

I didn’t notice the health food store being boarded up, but John Peltz did.

CL Health Foods store

Pletz also found an Xfinity store on Route 14 next to Best Buy behind plywood.

Xfinity story


About 30% of Crystal Lake’s “Main” Street Boarded Up — 106 Comments

  1. This is what it has come to.

    I wouldn’t spend a dime on property in a city.

    I hope those business have the ability to close up and get the hell out if they can’t be protected from looting and vandalism or is that not breaking the law anymore?

  2. what a shame we have to do this ..in this day and age….

    Old man Daley ended the riots when he uttered this magical phrase….

    “SHOOT TO KILL” the riots were over within minutes…

  3. If I were a protester I would carry a sign with a cartoon characterization of Uncle Sam subdued on the ground with George Soros’ knee on his neck.

    Standing guard around Soros would be Henry Kissinger, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kushners and Bill Gates with 7 billion hyperdermic syringes.

    The NWO is at our doorstep, with forced vaccinations and digital tattoos/ currency/monitoring.

    The seven Noahide Laws?

    Research “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” a handbook of how to destroy Christianity and transform a Sovereign nation into a beggar state.

    It’s happening HERE!

    How come the origin of Communism is not taught, or the Christian holocaust when 20 million plus Christians were starved or worked to death by Communists.

    I recommend the documentary “Tortured for Christ” to get a feel for how things change very quickly when communism takes over.


    The CL businesses should have painted that phrase on all of the board-ups
    as a warning – but, no balls.

    All it takes is one or two Leftist thugs shot (preferably neutralized) and it’s all over.

  5. If anyone thinks I am “antisemetic” because I am not afraid to discuss the control that Israel/Judaism has over America, they are wrong.

    I have attended two “Hebraic/Christian churches to partake in the beautiful and meaningful feast days of God, but never could participate in the ‘Kol Nodre’ (sp) service where one declares all contracts, promises and oaths null and void.

    I am a Jesus first and always man who believes that God is Love and we need to love our enemies.

    Love can and will defeat evil and tyranny!

    Also can not subscribe to the Jewish bible the Talmud that codifies/condones pedophilia.

    Epstein, Weinstien, Dershowitz are students of this most AntiChristian encyclopedia of laws that favor Jews over all mankind.

    Crickets from the churches!

  6. Thank you protestors.

    My nieces shop was closed down for 2 months because of the Covid Crud nonsense.

    She opened back up on Monday, and has now lost business on Friday and Saturday.

  7. It’s all too convenient for Democrats that the protests follow the mandatory plandemic shutdowns immediately after the “non-essential businesses” were allowed to open back up.

    Almost as though it was intentional.

    Prickster and the other National Communists / National Socialists Parties couldn’t keep riding the covid train through the Summer. They needed another way to terrorize and oppress the people.

    Only blue areas are tolerating the extreme tyranny by failing to stop the riots but now the fear is spreading to the suburbs as brainwashed teens and do-nothing Karens (with their equally low-IQ teenage brains) attempt to invite inner-city disorder into the suburbs.

    Our citizens and police will not tolerate looting and riots.

  8. Small and other business owners have their lives and savings invested. You have to wonder what are THEIR RIGHTS if and when looters and arsonists come rampaging in to their buildings, taking items, vandalizing displays and maybe then also setting fire. If the business owners and their employees are on site within the building, what are THEIR RIGHTS to protect their bodies, their lives, their property? What RIGHTS should civilized society give to these persons to protect their lives and their property? Do their lives and all that they sacrificed to set up and run their businesses matter? If not, and anarchy and insurrection prevails, then our Nation is doomed.

  9. Dipsticks like Patty O’Kenneally are worthless* in my opinion!

    *Except for marching around like a jackalope

  10. Just wait until the insurance companies and business owners file lawsuits against these Democrat cities for failing to do their duty to protect the people.

    This is gross negligence and all about manipulation and control.

    These liberal politicians will be held accountable for this corruption.

  11. Wish all the commenters had said a thing or two about all the innocent black lives that have been unjustly snuffed by the mainly white police throughout America the past 2 decades and beyond.

    You guys are so dismayed by the sign of temporary plywood fixtures, but human life is so much less for you, if it is black.

    Is that how your mother and installed human values in you when you were young?

    Your comments are evidence that you lack empathy.

    As a white parent, I dont have to worry about my white son the way a black parent/mother would.

    You would know that if you had some empathy or even just basic human sympathy.

    I really dont blame you, but your parents and the church that your parents took you to, that instilled some stone-heartedness and apathy to human suffering in you.

    They both did American and humans a irreparable disfavor!

    And the worst irony is , you quote the Bible.

    For abortions, it is pro-lif, but if it is black life you become anti-life and pro-business.

    Hyprocisy at its inhuman worst.

    What would Jesus do?

    Just think if you care about Jesus at all.

  12. “Your Stuff is now Their Stuff”, is the new Mantra.

    So probably best to just leave the plywood off and the door propped open.

    Cops aint coming, orders from the Governor on down.

    Just waiting for a “next time” now that its been shown cops cant, or are ordered to do nothing when the reparation gift giving starts.

    Sorry, not my rules, they made them.

    Make your business online if at all possible, seen downtown Naperville lately?

    No downtown is safe anymore, and Police Defunding hasnt even started yet.

    Glad though yesterdays protest in CL was Peaceful and everyone was cool–its for a good Cause, focused on Police Brutality, the rest is just nonsense and stealing.

    Seen the tweet yet of the people going after State Senator Rep. Syverson (R)from Rockford?

    Its frightening…all for writing “the wrong thing” in their eyes…getting dangerous if you dare share a view that is different than the Mobs.

    Ok, found it and I’ve posted it here.

    Its worth a look, no matter your views just on where we’re headed for any slight deviation from the Mob Mentality.

    Think Maxine Waters.


  13. What fear injected rumors are these business owners believing and where do they get their “fake news”!

    Sorry you chose to close you eyes to who your community is.

    A group of young people flank by families and elders that insist on change!

    Not looters, criminals and “terrorist” like the president lies to you about.

    Change is coming, you can be on the right side of history or wrong!

    And those businesses that closed up will lose even more money.

    People will remember your lack of understanding and avoid your stores

  14. Lol, And the democrats think they actually have a shot at unseating the current President and Senate:)

    Don’t hold your breath on that:)

  15. Kevin Bigotta, for being from the party of “facts and science”, you don’t really back up your accusation with either.

    Your virtue signalling over black deaths means absolutely nothing, and in a few days you’ll forget it all and go back to your pretty little house, in your white neighborhood, feeling good with your fake sympathy because you can take comfort in blaming other white people who lacked false compassion for other people.

    Man, you’re a total p&@#y and exactly the type of guy that is easily brought right into the race war that Democrats have gleefully manufactured.

    I feel sorry for your son, that his dad is so easily manipulated into falling into the status quo and needs to have his mind made up for him by someone else. I bet you are the same guy that drives around with a mask on.

  16. Coalition of the fringes.

    People with nothing to lose and who are promised something better.

    Children, adolescents, people who have been brainwashed to accept victimhood mentality, the mentally ill, criminals.

    They hate religion, hate family, hate private property.

    They were taught to do so from an early age.

    Now I see what’s going on with troops being disarmed and high ranking officials sewing discord within their own ranks.

    It looks like a Maoist coup to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Except here it’s the countryside that is conservative.

    In China, I think it was the rural peasants who rose up first.

    Here it’s more in the big cities.

    But our major propaganda institutions, especially entertainment and education, have been infiltrated by cultural Marxists. Some refer to it as the slow march through the institutions.

    A while ago the Marxists in America figured out that a working class white revolution wouldn’t happen because people were too attached to their guns and Bibles, so they started agitating other groups against the overall “superstructure” of society which includes its culture hence the name cultural Marxism.

    America is less culturally homogenous than most other countries which makes this discord possible and easy to exploit for political gain.

    Racial hatred is a tool they use.

    Ironically, fascists employ some similar tactics, albeit with a different spin.

    Oh, and both sides tell you you have to pick a side or else you are a class traitor or race traitor or enabler of the other. Weird how that works…

    So it looks like there are a lot of people in our country who want us to be a dictatorship, because they think if they get control of the state it will be good for them.

    They view everything as a zero sum game, and the government to them exists to punish the others, redistribute to the group in power.

    To be fair, many of these people protesting have legitimate grievances and I have joined them from time to time. Why is our healthcare so expensive? Why do good cops not speak out about bad cops?

    Why are we in endless wars?

    Conservatives largely ignore these things which makes the narrative more plausible, makes people resent their country more, leads to more hatred and violence.

    Unless people all work together constructively to address real problems, expect more unrest. (Legislatures have set a horrible example.)

    Why do people think Trump got elected in the first place?

    Because people were so fed up with the status quo they were willing to vote for a populist sounding reality TV star.

    These are the potential paths for us as I see it.

    1. Communist dictatorship. Radical
    2. Fascist dictatorship. Reactionary
    3. Liberal corporate technocratic dictatorship. Presented as centrist, comfy status quo alternative to first two.
    4. A better way. Unfortunately I can not describe what such a system would look like or even prove that it’s possible. Some have suggested anarchy (of a voluntarist or mutualist variety) and others argue the problem is entirely spiritual and the forms of government don’t matter so much as what we do — because we are damaged people who have to be healed.

    At least three of these are controlled opposition anyway, all ran by a handful of elites. The fourth has the potential to be co-opted as well.

    All I’m trying to say is that people are being misled by other people who are not what they appear, and they are being plank walked to their own destruction.

    The people who seem to understand all this the best on this blog are without a doubt Cindy and Gary who have done yeoman’s work to try to educate you all about the pervasive evil in the world and how you are constantly being used and abused by people who just don’t care about you!

  17. I’m 62 and just applied for my first FOID card.

    everybody should do the same

  18. Kevin and others need to get some facts and data to indicate if there actually is disproportionate acts by police (shootings, physical actions, etc) with regards to more on African Americans vs White Americans. No doubt that US agencies such as the Justice Department or the Federal Bureau have the facts and data.

    WSJ had an article recently by Heather McDonald indicating that police shootings of unarmed persons, Black vs White, is proportional to the US population of each race. McDonald wrote a book called, “War on Cops”.

    Too many cops being killed over the years by thugs, White and Black. One horrible incident was in Dallas during the Obama Administration whereby a Black man ambushed and killed 5 police officers.

  19. Logically-lobotomized liberals brainwashed by “I can’t breathe!” because they’ve voluntarily left their faces covered for the past 2-3 months as they shiver in a corner.

    Their minds are so easily controlled.

    They crawl out of the woodwork like roaches when they are convinced of racial injustice when it was really a police brutality issue in which EVERYONE AGREES WAS WRONG and that the police need to be held accountable.

    Now you can’t make these people “social distance”.

    Waiting for the next big scare so that they go cry in a corner again so they will shut up and the rest of us can get back to life.

  20. Protesters are not protesting anything at all.

    Everyone agrees that what the officers did was wrong.

    You see, it’s not even about George Floyd but about peddling more hate and causing people to overreact so that the liberals can gain more power and control over their lemmings.

  21. WWJD?

    Would he enable/encourage systemic racism? Police brutality? White privilege is real and these comments make me embarrassed to live so close to CL.

    To know I am a fellow human with these online trolls with ZERO empathy for those looking to peacefully protest is surreal. We are all people trying to live, and trying to do so on an equal playing field.

    Why is that so wrong?

  22. The real reason why guys like Kevin are furious; He can’t handle that other people don’t believe his lie and he’ll do ANYTHING to convince himself that what he believes is true.

  23. Spoiled brats know NOTHING they don’t work pay taxes or own anything!

    If you owned a business you wouldn’t have the time to hold your “sign”.

    Get a real job and shove your signs up your you know what!

    America haters!

  24. It’s those who are not protesting that are the ones doing all the damage.

    We had a wonderful peaceful protesting in Huntley.

    None of the stores were boarded up.

    There was police presence.

    Only one stupid guy showed up with his pit bull dog and started to yell at people who were walking and protesting peacefully.

    The cops escorted him out of the area after he started to swear at people and get up in their faces,

  25. Some guy: you should read The Tipping Point, by Malcom Gladwell.

    I read it in high school or when I was in the dorms.

    Kinda embodies, to me, what George’s death has meant for the protests.

  26. Hopefully people have learned about how media distorts issues and is usually with out facts.

    If racism and guns where gone tomorrow the problem would still be here.

    The main problem is career politicians and 2nd is the militarization of our law enforcement and what happen to accountability and when did that go away??

    Politicians got us fighting each other when we all should be fighting the career politicians who enacted the militarization of law enforcement.


    If that’s now a racist statement then im honored considering the type of person that statement would be coming form.

  27. Maybe you should all be looking at this as a wake up call.

    Think of the world we are showing our children…

    If you stand up for people who are being treated unfairly and often times brutalized by the very people sworn to protect them.

    And if you speak up about stopping the injustice and violence of our current policing strategy, you will be met with violence.

    the very thing that they are protesting against.

    While I definitely do not agree with rioting, or the fact that our police have moved our society into a place where business owners feel like they need to board up their businesses.

    I’ll tell you right now, that fear drivin attitude will keep the knee on the back of the necks of civilians for a long time to come.

    when you are practicing your constitutional rights, and social distancing, saying something like “hands up, dont shoot” the blue line dressed for combat run full force into you. We have all seen it.

    The 75 year old man, 100 lb woman, the man who’s mask was pulled down so our heros in blue can get a full face shot of mace.

    Something needs to change.

    And it’s not just black lifes matter group, it is now every child in America that will grow up with the images of police beating the daylights out of people at a time we so desperately need to pull together.

    Words of Martin Luther king still ring as true now as in 1966.

    Is this the America we leave for our kids.

    every man created equal, we take your rich, your poor, your sick, your healthy. unless your brown.

    Sorry your sister boarded up her store.

    we all agreed when covid first showed up, that we needed to protect people the best we could, til we knew more, and could do more about it.

    Yet here is something that has made America look like a bunch of racist hillbillies to the rest of the world, and we can do something about it, we know a lot about it, but it’s not cool cause I was just closed for 2 months.

    Yep, it’s not fair.

    life ain’t fair. and check the statistics for police vs black people violence, that is really unfair.

    I do understand things have to get back to normal, and fast.

    but something needs to change with the policing fast.

    the violence that I’ve seen in the last couple of days against my fellow man, makes me sick.

    dont we go into other countries when we see this behavior.

  28. Crystal Lake is predominantly WHITE.

    Where is the pride in who you are; or is that considered to be racist.

    I can care less about what happens in Chicago, Crook county, or other major cities where predominantly black communities are full of crooked cops, thugs, and illegal activity.

    They do it to themselves.

    It’s time to wake up and stop the color blindness!

    It’s not a crime to be proud to be white.

    It was a tragedy what happened in Minneapolis; that’s not our problem.

    What about Tony Timpa in Dallas?

    White man killed by a white cop the same way George Floyd died.

    You didn’t see looting, protesting, and property damage over that.

  29. ** Man, you’re a total p&@#y **

    Some Guy – your obsession with questioning others’ manhoods and calling anyone who disagrees with you weak, not a man, a “p&@#y”, etc tells us way more about you than any of the people you’re attacking.

  30. I cannot believe i the hatred for fellow Americans who vote democratic displayed here.

    To the guy who touted researching protocols of elders of zion; ITS A FORGERY.


    And if you know so much, you know Hitler used it to persecute Jews.

    If you want to research something, research lynching, redlining, slavery.

    And mob mentality.

    Research also the history of peaceful protest.

    And don’t forget to read “one person, no vote” by Carol Anderson.

    As for “COVID crud” who’s buried in all the new graves it Italy, new York, Brazil . . . it’s “crud” cuz it hurts your wallet.

    Heaven help us all when the climate catastrophe bears down on us.

    I shudder at what you’ll do to your fellow man.

  31. no shit. listen to you. you all sound like a bunch of self entitled , out of touch, hillbillies.

    no one feels sorry for your sisters business asshole.

    I’m ashamed these are the people i live with.

    its not like anyone needed to board up anyways.

    I hope you assholes can differentiate between black lives matters and criminals.

    when the police are busy, criminals take advantage.

    lobotomized liberals?

    do you watch anything other than fox news?

    “coronavirus is a hoax fox news?”

  32. just wait till the blue wave drowns all you boomers who shouldnt even be voting at all since your all going to die soon

  33. It’s just amazing how every single problem in the world is blamed on the Democrats which is the party of the blue collar and union working man.

    This just proves how much the Republican party has denigrated into the party of hate and divisiveness.

  34. I’m not attacking anyone, just saying the reality here in Crystal Lake and McHenry County.

    I am proud of my race and am proud of my heritage.

    As should everyone regardless of race or ethnic origin.

    Social change is not needed here in Crystal Lake or McHenry County.

    The protests are worthless and insulting to the community and the tragedy that happened in Minneapolis.

    For businesses in the downtown area, that are struggling already due to COVID 19, I hope you pull threw and recoupe some of the revenue that was lost due to the protests.

  35. It would be nice if someone asked the woman George Floydd held a gun against her pregnant stomach felt as he and some other POS robbed her in her own home….which he served jail time for.

    He’s no Martyr!!!!

    He was drugged up attempting to commit illegal activity, and he got caught by another psycho and that brings us to where we are.

    I am not and will never be ashamed I was born white!

  36. To the dipshit who said Fox news said Corona Virus is a hoax, that was your bullshit CNN channel that likes to report bullshit and lies!

    You should care about businesses failing, because when your town and others turn into the next Detroit you’ll be crying for the police to help you or your so called “hillbilly ” neighbors with their guns.

    Yoyr Probably sucking off the government’s tit and afraid once the state goes red it will end!

  37. Alabama, I’ve got no sympathy for a man who is a crybaby and can’t think logically.

    He can’t even say the word “father” when talking about this.

    Instead he has to say that he can’t understand how a “black parent/mother would” worry.

    He’s so wrapped up in the brainwashing.

    You two can go cry in a corner with your arms wrapped around one another.

    Corie, BLM practically is a criminal organization at this point.

    Watch and see what happens after this.

    And no, nobody is dumb enough to think that the rioters and peaceful protesters are the same.

    Get your head out of your rear.

    Hawk Newsome (BLM) is claiming to already putting together an armed vigilante group.

    Your kind hearted donations at work.

    You have no clue what you’re getting involved in.


    Lori Lightfoot just recently spoke out against armed vigilantism in Chicago.

    Asked people to not carry around weapons to police their own neighborhoods.

    “Out of touch hillbillies”.

    I was born in the inner-city.

    You’ve got no clue.

    But if the inner-cities want the police presence to be removed, by all means.

    Liberals have done everything that they can to dismantle all of the attempts at desegregating the US.

    All in order to keep blacks voting blue like property of the DNC.

    I hope that you nerds who parrot white privilege nonsense feel good about yourselves for supporting such disgusting practices.

    And, no.

    I don’t watch Fox News.

    I don’t even have cable.

  38. No one gives an S about the business that closed

    No one gives an S about your Christian S. Religion will be dead by the next generation

    This old generation will be gone soon and the world and Crystal Lake will be for the better


  39. Shall we try to discuss the topic of the boarded businesses and protests and the reason for these things without getting distracted?

    I’ll try to be more constructive, if you will? 🙂

  40. First off, where do all these nutcase antisemites come from?

    I never see them in real life but open up a comments section and here they come!

    Second of all, to those still infatuated with the discredited “Protocols”, you may want to turn your attention to a document which is even worse and has the advantage of actually existing and really being used by real activist groups, namely Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, which provides the roadmap for a lot of what you’re seeing today.

    You can’t successfully fight something when you’re fundamentally confused about what it is.

  41. It’s shameful that downtown business owners have to prepare for possible vandalism to their livelihood.

    Example.. Heisler’s Bootery has been a staple for work boots for decades.

    Now the store looks like a scene from Detroit.

    Shame on the cause.

  42. Thanks to ignorant sheep!
    Jail bird
    Hopped up on drugs
    Covid infected
    Can’t understand the English language
    Beating up women
    Trying to commit a crime
    Yeah this is just a great person to back up baaaaaa baaaaaa

  43. Hugh’s a huge piece of shit and Lonnie is a whore from way back abortion has been her means of birth control for a long time!

  44. Steve you said it.

    if any one of you were on fire, Trump would walk right past you.

    white, black, yellow, red.

    He wouldnt even spit.

    Now I hear you say “proud of my race” argument, but go do your ancestory.

    [There is no DNA category for race, because a genetic marker for it does not exist]

    Racism is alive and strong in crystal lake 2020.

    good job!

    So your point is prodomiently white crystal lake shouldnt protest the treatment of our brothers and sisters cause they weren’t born with a silver spoon, or good education systems or decent grocery stores.

    but you were and you still are a closed minded racist.

    Look around, who’s protesting?

    mainly young people, huh?

    sounds like the civil rights movement from the 60s all over again.

    but I dont need to bring up that history lesson right, cause our white schools are so good that you know the history?

    And because we know our history, we dont repeat it.

    ridiculous argument.

    If you were hungry everyday and didnt have a steady home, my initial thought would be “How can I help?” your initial thought is “they did it to themselves”

    I believe that argument is dismissive of the facts.

    Redlining is very real, its effects are still being felt.

    I find it sad that if your brother stands up and says look at this mistreatment, and now in this day and age with cell phone videos, your old racist remark “they do it to themselves ” doesnt hold water.

    For your sake I hope you never get mistaken for anyone or have something bad happen to you that demands justice.

    CLPD isnt known for their fair treatment of people.

    The policing system is BROKEN, it has been since their motto changed from “to serve and protect” to “protect ourselves”.

  45. you should not have boarded up your business.

    that is a fear based reaction.

    Our police should be telling us ” you dont need to do that, we are right down the street, or we can put a guy on the beat down there” we didnt get any of that.

    Therefore I would say if its shame on anyone it’s


    turn on the tv…. who’s hitting who?

    It’s the police hitting peaceful people who are saying they feel victimized and vulnerable. And while practicing their constitutional rights, the response should never be pepper spray

  46. Sorry, but if you own your own business and can’t afford to be closed a few months, then you can’t run a business.

    Ask our supreme “business leader” Trump.

    He’d tell you that you are a failure.

    Churches will be closing by the thousands these next few decades.

    Their day is over.

    Boomers know nothing about running businesses.

    And their religions will be fading out.

  47. Treasure Isle- about fox news reporting that coronavirus was a hoax?

    It actually happened.

    There is a lawsuit pending.

    Wonder why you don’t see Trish Regan reporting on fox news anymore?

    Because they responded to the lawsuit by firing her. Fox news is a slanted and opinionated network.

    Fox news is propaganda for the right.

    I watch the BBC to avoid opinions so I can pass my own judgement rather than share someone else’s judgement.

    You should try doing the same.

  48. Treasure Isle seems like the very definition of “whore” if you catch my drift.

    Go pray in church but ain’t no one gonna “save you”.

  49. It’s funny, you will pray your whole life, but deep down you know it’s not real.

    You’ll preach it to everyone, but it’s fake.

    You know it’s not real.

    You will cry out on your deathbed but you know it’s a futile exercise.

    You know it’s nothingness.

    You know your whole life was worthless because it was a lie.

    And then you die

    And there will be nothing

  50. Shameful Cuckservatives.

    Succing off Donald J and never realizing he doesn’t give an S about you or your stupid boarded up business.

    Also he doesn’t give one single S about your religion.

    But you fall for a false God so you’ll fall for false promises from our president.

    I’m not even mad at him. I just feel sorry for all the dumb rubes here that believed his false promises


  51. Trish Tegan is NOT Fox news 1st off she is on FOX BUSINESS 2 separate channels.

    I already watch BBC not for their news why would I?

    British version of CNN and FYI not fired on Hiatus.

    Also I would not take advice from someone who Hope’s for businesses to fail and take enjoyment at others suffering, but support a career criminal like he was a GOD!

    Another junkie criminal, they should have used the standard graduation photo.

  52. The black community has been duped again about whom is keeping them in their neighborhoods with shit schools, crowded hospitals and no jobs.

    It’s their own black leaders and they, as usual, are using the brutal execution of an unarmed man to further cement their power.

    This is true exploitative racism at its worst.

  53. treasure isle

    why defend a corporation with so much fire and passion.

    I dont think anyone here wants our local businesses to suffer or fail.

    Please turn off fox news, put your energy into making things better, instead of just sitting in negativey and propaganda.

    The young people demand a better world and I dont blame them.

    this is one of many changes that you should support, for a better community and a better world

  54. OMG. Two new names. Two new idiots. Your Neighbor is a liar and brainwashed to boot. NO, WE ALL DID NOT. Speak for yourself, moron. I told you from day one that this was a total HOAX. All of it! I never wore a mask, quarantined, stopped hugging, or any of the stupid chit you want to believe in. Do you know why? Because I’m NOT a moron.

    Mary is another moron. No one proved anything a forgery decades ago. Hitler WAS a Jew. Ther is NO such thing as Covid. The Italian deaths were from force vaccinated and elderly that were on their last legs anyway. You have to be some piece of work to actually believe what the mainstream fed you about Italy! Climate catastropehe is another hoax feed to you by your teevee!

    You people make me sick because you are so mind-controlled stupid! If you are so afraid of life then go hide in your basement. Common sense and critical thinking are things you will never understand!

  55. Treasure isle.. corona is a hoax was said on fox.

    I don’t watch fox so I don’t know everyone’s names.

    For those of you that thought it was finally ok to be openly racist because trump won, you can all shut your pie holes come November.

    I’ll be back here to have a laugh

    I’m sure you’ll change your tune then.

  56. Corie said: “just wait till the blue wave drowns all you boomers who shouldnt even be voting at all since your all going to die soon”

    You sound like a kind young man (assuming by your effeminate name that you are actually a young man) that you are so eager for Boomers to die.

    I can’t believe how sympathetic you radical leftists really are you your elderly. Didn’t your grand pappy teach you respect?

    Your father certainly wasn’t there to do it.

    By the way.

    I’m probably in your generation.

    Maybe just a bit older.

  57. Now that I think of it, probably a woman by that massive anger and ridiculous spelling.

  58. Girl. You’re probably older than most people here.

    What in the hell are you talking about?

    Another 40-something Karen who thinks she’s got all of the answers for the world.

  59. Cindy, you sound like you might need some help.

    Since most of your family probably avoids you at all costs ever since you started over posting conspiracy theories on facebook, you can reach out to this number 815-455-2828.

    It’s the mchenry board of mental healt

    Ask for scott.

  60. You sound like you are a regular with asking for assistance at the board of mental health.

    So regular that you know them by name.

  61. Don’t we all want the same things?Community, family, education, peace, health, happiness, equality, tolerance, security, civility, accountability for ALl, and responsible politicians/taxpayer money…


  62. Emily, why is empathy mandatory?

    Not that I disagree with you on everything else.

    Part of the problem is that there are people who feel that it’s necessary for everyone else to share their faux empathy.

    It’s not real love.

    Most of the people with this pretend empathy don’t know what real love is.

    It’s a substitute for what is really missing in them.

  63. FYI putting yourself into an empathetic position; e.g. understanding their feelings, has never solved a single thing for anyone.

    If you have an example that’s proven, I’d love to know.

  64. @your Neighbor Corey Mulvey said QUOTED FROM UP TOP
    no shit. listen to you. you all sound like a bunch of self entitled , out of touch, hillbillies.

    no one feels sorry for your sisters business asshole.

    I’m ashamed these are the people i live with.

    its not like anyone needed to board up anyways.

    I hope you assholes can differentiate between black lives matters and criminals.

    when the police are busy, criminals take advantage.

    lobotomized liberals?

    do you watch anything other than fox news?

    “coronavirus is a hoax fox news?”…..


  65. Yeah, thats all we need is gunfire towards peaceful teenage demonstrators exercising their right to peaceful protest.

    All this looting and shooting bravado is straight from president Bonespurs playbook. Sad.

  66. Scary how dumb some people are

    Best thing about the Corona is hopefully it will take out some of the boomertards.

    Please leave your mask off and breathe deep

  67. 1st amendment rights are great.

    Go ahead and use them.

    However, when your not affected by the issue, which most people in Crystal Lake and McHenry County aren’t, your insulting the people that are affected.

    If you had a bad experience with the cops in Crystal Lake or McHenry County, maybe it’s time to change your attitude and actions.

    Grow up and except the consequences of your actions.

  68. John Smith. What a dope. Perhaps a product of the mostly left wing media and our extremely leftist educational system.

  69. Also, I didn’t see very many black people at the protest.

    Just saw a lot of young white people that were rejecting their race and heritage.


  70. Re Mike at 5:17 PM. What does it say about our Democrat politicians and leadership when they condone these moronic riots and insurrection that threatens all Americans. Trust no Democrats. Say no to ALL Democrats this coming November. They are with violence and insurrection. America has never been so threatened and FROM WITHIN as USSR leader Kruchev had stated decades ago. TRUST NO DEMOCRAT. Their policies and proposals are EVIL. Such as the elimination of police departments. Only stupid and low information people and morons and imbeciles support Democrats. Are you an imbecile or moron?

  71. Re Bred Winner. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican.

    I believe in socialism.

    It works for every civilized nation on the planet; especially when it comes to healthcare.

    I do reject police states and forced to believe in causes that I know do not work.

    This “cause” BLM, does not effect our communities in McHenry County.

    If you feel it does, then change your attitude and actions and it won’t be an issue.

    You are the only one that can control actions, regardless to what is said or done to you.

  72. Mike, if you gave me an example where socialism works in a civilized nation, I could come up with at least two reasons why it’s not or how it’s different than the USA.

    Everyone like to cite places like Sweden, but even they’re on the verge of closing doors to migrants because the social welfare system can’t sustain the influx.

    In fact, they are becoming quickly one of the most xenophobic nations on the planet.

  73. Welcome and Shalom to the newcomers here, always appreciate various views, ideas and a little humor tossed in.

    A website I used to frequent had on its page a quote from Thurow: thousands hack at the branches of tyranny while only a few dig for the root…something like that.

    I am no expert, nor have I read more than a few excerpts from The Protocols.

    Whether it is a forgery or not does not detract from its comprehensive outline to destabilize a country.

    Whoever authorized it was a diabolical genius.

    One can see how the USA has been destabilized after 1913, the year the FEDERAL RESERVE became enacted.

    Then the IRS.

    I just learned that in 1933, Pres. Rosevelt signed over the US to International bankers because the federal government could not pay its loan.

    First step was to abolish a gold backed currency.

    Crank up the paper money presses!

    Then pay us interest for paper!

    What a deal for the money changers!

    I stand against communism, fascism, racism and uphold the Bible and US Constitution, while maintaining a fervent belief that a well informed/ well armed populace is our best defense against tyranny.

    Thanks Cal for this platform!

  74. Corie! You are a huge idiot especially because you think I would EVER be on Fakebook. If you had the IQ of a pigeon you would be able to discern that I wouldn’t be caught dead on Fakebook. I am positive you are one of the maskholes that suffers from some kind of white guilt while living in your fantasy world that believes all the claptrap you hear from the very institutions that are enslaving you. Turn off your teevee and try living in the real world!

  75. Heisler’s Bootery should be safe if they’re known for work boots.

    The looters/protesters don’t even know what work boots are.

    It’s the places that sell the Air Jordans and the like that really need to worry about looters.

  76. Total fools that are being played like a fiddle have no idea how this was planned for a very long time.

    “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.” George Soros (interview with Germany’s BILD – Sept 2014)

  77. Looks like a group therapy session for those afflicted with incurable TDS.

    The useful idiots of the Cult Of Socialism on display – loud and proud for all
    to see and mock.

  78. Some guy: I work in HR and have seen the benefits of listening to understand…

    I have developed or improved internal processes within 2 businesses (working on my 3rd) by listening to the employees and what bothers them.

    I have also listened to management on what is practical to implement.

    This requires empathy and listening to get at the root cause of the issue.

    My grandfather fought in WW2 as a lt col and later became an EEO officer.

    I feel it is my duty to do right by him and improve the lives of those I work for/with to make change with better feedback systems in place…

  79. Mike,as a minority myself, and having studied systemic issues and having personally implemented various solutions in past volunteer/paid roles, I have to disagree.

    Until women/men can make the same pay for the same work, and people of all colors can get similar access to job interviews and air quality and medical care, we are ALL impacted, perhapsnot directly or immediately.

    But what happens to our neighbors matters, whether we accept it or not.

    We are all connected.

  80. It was either I read this fetid cesspool of angry mental illness, or defer to the Western Classic ‘The Terror of Tiny Town’ starring Jed Buell’s midgets.

  81. @ Emily:

    thanks for your comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    However, I see things differently.

    I’m concerned about what can benefit the majority.

    The US Census Bureau reports that the population of McHenry County is over 300k.

    Out of that, 93% is white, 1% is black, and 13% is Latino.

    As a socialist, I don’t care about the 1%.

    Majority rules.

    BLM does not effect the majority here in McHenry County.

    Everyone here has access to public education and grocery stores.

    As for jobs, we are a blue collar/farming county.

    There are jobs available if your willing to work, but that goes for the entire nation.

    If your chosen profession requires a degree and you don’t have funds, there is student loans.

    Both federal and private.

    Yes, it is a burden to come out of school and have a huge debt hanging over your head, but that is why senators and lawmakers have lobbied for federal loan forgiveness.

    Personally, I have over 75k in student loans and have been paying them religiously.

    I do agree with you that women should receive equal pay for equal work.

    That is an issue that DOES effect our communities in this county.

    I do agree what happens to neighbors matters.

    I choose to focus on the neighbors within McHenry County.

  82. Emily said: “I work in HR …”

    You’ve said enough.

    That explains it all.

  83. “and having studied systemic issues ”

    Oh, no.

    I was trying to be nice.

    Please don’t add fuel to the fire.

    It’s best that you don’t tell us anymore.

  84. If I’ve learned anything from my studies of Obama and Groucho Marx.

    There is nothing that can’t be solved with a well-timed fart joke.

  85. Emily – thanks for trying.

    But many of the folks on this blog pride themselves on being racist.

    Its become quite the little online haven for anonymous racists of McHenry County to hang out.

  86. AlabamaShake, judge and jury of all “racists”.

    If you want to continue to falsely accuse people of racism, I’ll call it like it is for you:

    Just a lonely little white boy, in his mom’s basement, desperately trying to get noticed by society’s leftover Marxist women.

    Really done with you falsely accusing these people.

  87. False.

    Good try though.

    Don’t live with my mom.

    Don’t live in a basement, though the house I own has one, so I guess I kinda’ sometimes live there.

    Not trying to be noticed by anyone – I have a lovely partner already.

    I don’t really care what you are done with.

    I’ve pointed out numerous explicit examples of racism.

    You choose to ignore them.

    That’s your choice.

    But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop pointing it out.

  88. Only a certain type of person would refer to their significant other as a “partner”.

    Besides, you know I’m just messing with you.

    I know you are capable of logical debates instead of claiming “racism!”…


  89. Go on.

    What certain type of person would refer to their significant other as a “partner”?

  90. Besides.

    Everyone knows that by “partner” you are running a business together.

    It’s just the fact that you refer to your business associate as “lovely” is what’s a little weird.

  91. The white privilege in these comments is amazing, you all have exposed your hidden little white racist paradise.

    It will change.

    I can’t imagine what people of color have gone through in this community.

  92. Mike and Some Guy: I’ve spent my career in HR at a construction company, at an HVAC company, and at an electrical manufacturing company (supporting blue collar workers).

    Now I’m in HR supporting community mental health practitioners.

    Hope that paints a clearer picture for you…

    What do you do for a living?

    It may help us better understand your POV…

  93. Alabama is such an idiot that he thinks it is racist to call out stupid for being STUPID!

    And the SJW posting as Emily is right there with him.

  94. Paradise exposed: “The white privilege in these comments is amazing, you all have exposed your hidden little white racist paradise.

    It will change.

    I can’t imagine what people of color have gone through in this community.”

    Really? What are you going to do?

    And why don’t you be specific about what you don’t like?

    You don’t like it when people don’t pander to you or your nonsense?

    There is nothing racist about that.

    They just aren’t cowards that conform to race hustlers and loser Marxists.

    If you can’t imagine then bugger off and stop annoying people about it.

    Make it your problem, not mine.

    Enjoy life as a conformist who is easily dominated by liars.

  95. Emily, You seem like a kind person but I’d prefer to keep it political.

  96. Alabama, I only let you troll yourself and it’s all in good fun.

    I’d buy you a beer in real life.

    Or a cosmopolitan if that’s your thing.

    Most liberals would block but you don’t back down.

    We don’t agree.

    That’s fine.

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