Crystal Lake George Floyd Rally

Decided to drive to Downtown Crystal Lake to buy some bratwurst at Kalck’s Butcher Shop.

Took Dole Avenue from the Main Beach and saw people gathered in the parking lot of City Hall.

After buying ten, I headed back to get some photos.

I started at the back of the crowd, which seemed to be a couple of hundred people and worked my way to the front, where the man below held a microphone.

Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

But let’s look at the photos from back to front of the parking lot.

Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

You can see if my crowd guesstimate is close.

One sign says, “I stand with Black Lives Matter.”

Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

“Skin color should not put a target on your back” is the message of one sign.

Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

At this point, I reached the front of the crowd.

Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

The closest sign says, “F–k the System.”

Crystal Lake “Justice for George Floyd” rally.
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

Signs read,

  • “No Justice, No Peace”
  • “I understand hate will never stand. However, I stand.”
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

A sign says,

  • “Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It’s not PIE.”
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

“No time for hate in Crystal Lake. BLM” is the sign this woman is holding.

The speeches were about to begin, so I figured it was time to go to Sam’s Club.

On the way to my car, I saw this family heading to the parking lot.

On the way to the Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

I drove up Williams Street past the boarded up businesses.

Williams Street had cars parked.

A group of Crystal Lake Police Officers were at Brink Street.

Crystal Lake Police at Williams and Brink Streets.

Past The Raue Center for the Arts to East Crystal Lake Avenue and onto Sam’s Club.

The Raue Center for the Arts

After about forty-five minutes, I decided to drive home through Downtown.

Guess these three didn’t know the George Floyd rally was still at the Police Station parking lot.

At Williams Street I found only three demonstrators, so it was back toward the parking lot, where I saw this wheelchair-bound man crossing Walkup Avenue.

“We’re not trying to start a race war. We’re trying to stop one.” Seen leaving the Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

I found people sitting on the asphalt.

Demonstrators were sitting probably listening to speeches at the Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.
People also stood on the grass next to the Woodstock Street sidewalk at Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.
Crystal Lake George Floyd rally.

Since I didn’t hear any of the speeches, perhaps those who did will share them as comments.


Crystal Lake George Floyd Rally — 111 Comments

  1. The place must have stank of Karen and soy.

    Shame on those old crones and the parents for teaching those young ones that they should “understand that they will never understand”.

    I bet the guy in the sportsball cap was glad to have a mask on.

    I’m sure his wife’s boyfriend wouldn’t have approved.

  2. I was thinking about it.

    What type of nasty parent robs their young child of their youth in an attempt to even try to impose this upon them?

    It’s no wonder that kids are turning out to be nutcases by the time they are teenagers.

    They really want to make sure that they don’t end up privileged”.

    Liberal women must really hate their children.

  3. “Mommy. What does ‘fuck the system’ mean?’ And why are they talking about putting a target on someone’s back?”

  4. This is what mind-controlled zombies look like. How shameful that these things don’t recognize a useful idiot when they look in a mirror. Being used for a psyop makes them all morons.

  5. Corona is a Christian disease.

    It was created by Christians to take themselves out so they can feel more persecuted.

    Even the Pope knows religion is not real so he created this virus.

    Don’t believe the media!

    Don’t believe your friends or family!


  6. All I see here is a group of hopeless angry people that are looking for an excuse to express their useless lives.

  7. The “Long March” of the useful idiots, educated/programed by the Leftist educational institutions
    and manipulated by the FAKE NEWS MSM.

  8. Or maybe the parents pictured are trying to show their children the value in TRYING have empathy for the experiences of their fellow humans/neighbors, that they will never understand…?


  9. It’s always great to hear affluent white suburbanites spout off about the lack of racism in a nearly all-white suburb.

    next time, just pretend it’s a pro life protest or people hitching about taxes

  10. So Cal, what did you purchase at Sam’s club, and how were the bratwurst?

  11. Emily you are absolutely correct.

    Not surprised there are so many here that can’t see your point.

  12. Appropriate signs for every one of these fools should have been, “We are as dumb as a sack of rocks”.

  13. Emily and Dianne, your heart may be in the right place but at this point the protesters are participating in further exploitation of the black community.

    The solution to these areas is jobs.

    Investment and encouragement of small business and industry will bring money for schools, hospitals and necessary programs.

    Unfortunately the leaders of these communities have no interest in a cure as they prosper in the misery.

    The leaders are talking their usual BS and will ensure nothing changes to better our poorest neighborhoods.

    Don’t be used in this endeavor.

  14. Got two books, five sacks of salt, gluten free chips and mixed nuts.

    Bratwurst was not on the menu yesterday.

  15. Tried to get President ‘Keep your own Doctor’, to weigh-in on all that systemic racism, that put him in the Oval Office twice.

    But he couldn’t be reached for comment.

  16. Out of of work burger flippers and bored (D+,C-) McHenry College attendee’s, “attendees” meaning, going to CC because they were perceptual “C-” students in remedial classes at CL High Schools.

    Funny I didn’t see and Iowa, Wisconsin or University of Illinois shirts or hats.

    All working the system and collecting Government check that pay more than what they would make flipping them burgers.

    Their not thinking strait.

    If five (5) attendees parents had business that were closed or looted were still in business the crowd would be a lot thinner because they would be working instead of joining this group of misinformed idiots.

    Social Media wannabees.

    Texting “Hey! I’m socially conscious” Hey, look at Me. Me. Me!”


    Get back to work losers.

  17. Emily,

    Your faux empathy is reserved for the women who later leave and talk bad about how much they hate their frienemys.

    I know that you crying leftists think that everyone should think like you, but that’s not how things work.

    Same reason that the crazies drug their boys to make them think more like girls because they aren’t “normal” according to your obsession with empathy.

    Men are not empathetic towards a growing black nationalist group that’s inevitably going to be a hate group akin to NOI.

    They started out under similar circumstances.

    One was started by radical Islamists.

    The other by radical lesbians.

    Pick your poison.

    Once the armed vigilantes make the news, you’ll be seeing where your donation money is going.

    If you’ve seen BLMs demands, they include reparations, armed black vigilante groups, and defunding the police.

    Some state-specific groups even demand that white people relinquish their land and any inheritence.

    If you want to help, how about you step up and give them your hard-earned property?

    How about you move in to a predominantly black city and prove just how much empathy you really have?

    Not a single person there was actually holding a sign about police brutality.

    Most were BLM signs.

    A few were Floyd specific.

  18. And since you can’t seem to understand it, I’ll say it again.

    EVERYONE is opposed to what happened to George Floyd.

    That doesn’t mean that they support the radical and evil BLM.

  19. Emily, nice thought and even if that was the intent of their parents, there are much better and more educational ways to educate kids on race issues than taking them to a live protest.

    There is so much more negativity among the crowd.

    How about letting then listen to all or part of MLKs I have a Dream speech and answering questions as asked instead.

    Kids that young don’t need to be in the midst ofsome of those protesters – the type I would never want my kids to emulate.

  20. Huh… interesting display of ignorance and insult to what happened to George Floyd.

    This is not our problem folks!

    For that matter, what about Tony Timpa from Dallas?

    White man killed by a white cop.

    Didn’t see protests or any form of outcry for him.

    The fact is that McHenry County is 93% WHITE.

    Majority rules!

  21. I would say that most of these people think that they are doing the right thing.

    The problem is that they go out an protest without checking their facts and it makes them look foolish.

    This is the effect of social media and group think on our society.

    Truth of the matter is that there were twice as many white unarmed people killed by police than blacks from the fbi statistics in 2019.

    While any decent person would agree what this cop did is horrible and needs to be punished, there is so far zero evidence that I have seen that race was the motivation.

    What I see is police brutality being committed but I don’t see any racism in the evidence unless you are going to claim and attack by a white against a black is racist.

    That very claim is racist.

    What we have is a society that has turned away from faith but has found a new religion of wokeness to take it’s place.

    It’s really a way for people who want to feel good and not think really hard to feel they are doing something.

    “It’s not me that’s racist, it’s the other white people but I’m a good person” is the mentality.

    If people actually cared about police brutality, they would be talking about things like our failed drug war that puts the police in a position to be treating people who have a social or medical addiction issue as criminals.

    This breeds distrust between the police and the community and has much more to do with the police problems than just general racism.

    I just can’t take seriously anyone that just wants to go out and whine without even having an understanding of the issues or a proposed solution.

  22. If people really want to protest why dont they go somewhere that the problem is real??

    Go to Chicago where the cops beat people of color and shoot people of color.

    Protesting in CL is the easy way out.

  23. Why is everybody in the comments so bitter?

    These young people are trying to make a change to a system that is causing inequality in some cases.

    They should be admired, not diminished.

    To make change this is a perfect way to do it, not looting stores and hurting police officers.

  24. Nothing but anarchist losers and the old people should be ashamed

  25. I totally get people of color doing this.

    It’s in their DNA to protest about being a victim because they are…thanks to the left, Dems, pub schools.

    But when I see white and especially extra white people like these in CL I’m lost and left smh.

    You all have no stake in this!

    You know nothing about racism from either side of the struggle..

    You gain nor lose shit either way so either you are extremely bored and need to go back to work and/or fine jobs…

    or you are just another group of typical pandering guilty white devils that hate yourselves…

    You are primarily comprised of a hypocritical group of people who have no sense of logic, no God in your lives and more than likely were easily brainwashed due to a low i.q’s thanks to our oppressive public school system and modern hip hop.

  26. Hate is never the answer.

    To the people who are giving hateful replies.

    Do you thank God everyday that you were born white?

    There before the grace of God, go I.

    You can’t understand the plight of others because you were born with a different skin color?

    I myself, as a white person, am embarrassed that you people speak for me.

    All men are created equal and you are not the people who get to decide who is equal and who are not.

    Ignorance is bliss but thank god I am not ignorant.

  27. Lol….Its amazing how people can judge someone or others yet the “Judgers” have never walked in the “Judged” shoes.

    I find it quite psychotic.

    And the comments prove just.

    Thank you “humans being”!!!!

  28. Many of the comments here calling peaceful protesters who want to end racism degenerates prove exactly why peaceful protesting is needed .

    Ms Trumpion probably is more outraged at Colin Kaepernick kneeling for racism than the racist cop kneeling and murdering Floyd .

    Clearly Unabashed proud racism on full display .

    The degenerates are racists .

  29. One other thing for those of us who do understand.

    It’s also not helpful to just dismiss these people as out of work bored kids or spoiled suburban people and so on.

    It does absolutely zero to solve the problem and is confrontational.

    What you should focus your efforts on trying to understand why the other side thinks the way they do.

    That way you can actually make an effective counter argument.

    Too many times I see people on the right trying to argue with facts and logic, but the problem is that you are talking to people who are being driven more by emotions.

    If everyone was solely using facts and logic we would all come to the same conclusions.

    The trick is to turn it around on them using an emotional argument.

    Once you do that it’s like something clicks and now they can hear what you are saying.

    If we don’t start winning over more people than these kinds of protests will continue forever.

    That how the left works or did we already forget that they were out in force with these protests of trump before he even took office.

  30. Just my voice: “Ignorance is bliss but thank god I am not ignorant.”

    You sure about that?

    By the way.

    You spent half of your first ever comment talking about yourself.


  31. If you can not except FACTS you are ignorant.

    If you do not contribute somehow to society you are lazy or disabled.

    The white people that participated in this do not contribute and can not except facts.

    There is no reasoning with them.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  32. Emily? How pretentious of you AND those parents if that is what they are “trying” to do. Empathy is a spiritual thing. You either have it or you don’t. Parents can encourage it by teaching their babies from birth to around age five by nurturing that spirit. Lecturing people after that age is useless. Most parents have been raising bullies and narcissists (pretty much the same thing) by either not giving any attention or too much fawning attention which gives nothing to the spirit but encourages the pathology we see in the young adults over the last few generations. You can’t lecture grown adults into understanding what they never got. If you weren’t taught basic principles of how to value yourself you will never get how to value anyone else. What you are witnessing is emotional immaturity at its apex. Cry babies and bullies that were NEVER nurtured when it counted. Thus we have whole societies of ‘things’ that are not even human but they think they are acting what they see as the way to fit in. All actors. No real emotions. Their lives are fake just like the scripts they follow trying to fit in. In the olden days it was just passed off as ‘monkey see, monkey do”.

  33. Mike, they have no clue what they are actually supporting.

    They just gloss over the details when the BLM interviews and insane demands of reparations, black nationalism, armed vigilantism. and mandatory “reeducation of whites” are right there for them to research, even from mainstream media.

    Many of these people are just out there feeding their huge egos.

    I’ve never seen most of these comments before and these BLM supporters have told me more about themselves than anyone else since I started wandering around here a few months ago.

    Like they are desperate for attention or something.

    All you folks need to do is search “black lives matter demands”.

    It’s that easy. Each of the group’s leaders have slightly different demands, but you’ll get the point.

  34. **You can’t lecture grown adults into understanding what they never got.**

    Example: Cindy.

  35. Mike, the irony in your statement of “you can’t fix stupid” and then you proceed to use the word (except) instead of accept correctly, has made my day.

  36. Blah, blah, blah.

    What is the change being proposed?

    More education and programs?

    There will be no real change because the Democrat party loves the chaos.

    Solving the problem is not in the best interest of the Democrats.

    That being said, the change i think needs to happen is on both sides.

    Obey police commands regardless of fairness, attitude gets you nowhere.

    On the other side, get rid of the police union.

    Bad cops are protected and that produces george floyd results.

    Its a sad state of affairs seeing downtown boarded up, unnecessary.

  37. Aaron Shepley likely would have approved of this!

    What was his cause of death listed on his autopsy?

  38. The UCLA* Student Body once again.

    * University of Crystal Lake Area

  39. “If you can not except FACTS you are ignorant. If you do not contribute somehow to society you are lazy or disabled. The white people that participated in this do not contribute and can not except facts. There is no reasoning with them. You can’t fix stupid.”

    People are amazing.

  40. Edward Jones said: ” No wonder we as a species waste time over the color of someone’s skin vs i dont know natural resources… Or taxes… I mean its not hard to come up with something. ”

    I agree.

    It’s a divisive issue and I’m sick of it.

    But you can tell by the comments that people take it more seriously than anything else.

    Seems like it continues to drag people in because mainstream media tries very hard to market it.

    Also: Funny that you came up with “taxes” and your handle is Edward Jones.

    Most people really want to just be left the hell alone but there are many out that that want to drag everyone else into their chaos.

  41. Perhaps they should read hey Jack ass .com to see what’s happening in the city.

    There were 166 people shot last week.

    Look at the map of what neighbor hoods the shootings were in.

  42. You want to talk about racism in our community?

    How about White Americans being fired from manufacturing companies in McHenry County because they do not speak Spanish.

    Or White citizens, which McHenry County is 93% WHITE, opening small businesses only to suffer economic loses because of a pandemic; then when they can open, ignorant people diminish any revenue that could have been earned because of a worthless cause that doesn’t affect them.

    Where is the justice and/or relief from that?

    WHITE AMERICA is very strong in our communities with the needs of the majority in mind. You don’t like it… MOVE!

  43. Mike, I don’t think it’s that simple.

    It’s dumb to obsess about whiteness just as it’s dumb to obsess about blackness.

    None of it solves anything.

    Identity politics are a false idol.

    Unfortunately, too many people don’t want to assimilate with America because they worship their racial identity above all else.

    White nationalists, black nationalists, and others that want to bring their own failed country with them (where they were too afraid to stand up in other nations).

    But what the “empathetic” types don’t get is that most people don’t want to be part of their identity politics.

    And if they keep harassing and blaming people, it’s possibly going to get worse before it ever gets better.

    Most people are innocent in this, but the radicals would have you believe otherwise. They want to force you to admit that you were born guilty.

  44. Bleeding hearts.

    Stop imposing your hell upon others.

    People don’t hate you.

    They just don’t like that you won’t leave them alone.

  45. OH NO.

    THE ZOMBIE apocalypse is real

    Cal has the Pictures to prove it

  46. All the hateful and ignorant comments in this thread are posted by the same troll with a new name and email.

    Ignore them

  47. Watched Fallon the other night where he had the CEO of the NAACP on.

    He said to stop the color blindness, accept the differences that could improve America.

    For someone to not acknowledge the differences from someone’s outward appearance, on a 1st impression, and come to a conclusion on how to communicate with them is dumb.

    It’s basic cognitive skills. Everyone is racist agenst differences.

    This does not have to be purely on race, it can be differences in clothing, brands of goods, or ideas.

    Anything that you feel is superior to another is racism.

    There is no way around it, everyone from every race, creed, and origin does it.

  48. I understand that people do it.

    That’s part of why they are so miserable.

    Colorblind is word game.

    It’s not a problem to acknowledge differences.

    It’s a problem to obsess about them.

    Jealously, victim mentality, hate, etc. You think that my friends can’t tell that some are black or brown or white?

    It’s dumb to pretend otherwise.

    None of us are fixated on it though.

  49. Reading people blowtorching each other, is better than any Dr. Pimple Popper Marathon.

  50. True, but it’s better than an echo chamber where you get blocked immediately for someone’s hurt feelings.

    It’s civil enough considering the subject.

  51. Why are so many people trying to ruin everyone’s day?

    They’re protesting to show solidarity and support for those whose experiences differ from that of white individuals.

    The fact that some see that as a personal attack is beyond me and speaks more about who they are as a person rather than the protesters.

    Spread joy and try to understand/listen to the troubles many have to face every time they step out of their house.

    You can’t agree to disagree when it comes to racism.

    There is no reason why you shouldn’t be giving your love to those who need it.

    This should not be a controversial topic.

  52. If you feel this way why are you posting anonymously?

  53. Where did those two (2) clowns in the first photo come from?

    Who supplied the mic and outdoor speaker?

    I can’t see both their faces because of the cheesee just getting by kerchief for a covid19 face mask.

    I’ve never seen them at Around the Clock or Portillo’s.

    Must be outside agitators hoping to start a riot.

    Look at ALL the pictures is doesn’t look like anyone is really engaged in the conversation.

    No shouting or raised of fist.

    Most of them got the text message about wearing a black tee shirt though.

    Finally who are those idiot parents who dragged their 3 kids into this dumb event.

    Thank God, those kids would never forget their parents getting dragged to jail for such a stupid idea, a Hallmark Moment.

    Sorry clowns nothing happened, go back where you came from.

  54. Az a resident if Crystal Lake, I was delighted and encouraged to see these pictures and see how many people showed up for an event like this in the town that has been my home for the last 26 years.

    Then I made the mistake of reading the comments. 🙁

    All the hate, anger, and ignorance being spewed here is extremely disturbing to me, but what I fi d most shocking are the assumptions being made.

    So many of the commenters seem to think they know ALL about these protesters just by virtue of the fact that they were standing in front of city hall holding signs.

    Well, I’ve got news for the posters of insulting assumptions:

    You don’t know ANYTHING about these people except that they evidently hold different opinions from you about a vitally important issue that is harming people and dividing this country.

    What gives you (or anyone) the right to assume these people are stupid, uneducated, lazy, or any of the other invectives that have been heaped on them in these comments?


    You have no more right to assume that than to assume they are intelligent, well-educated, and hard working.

    You don’t know if they’re employed or not or at what kind of jobs (and if some are unemployed, you seem to have a forgotten that a lot of people are out of work right now due circumstances that are completely outside their control).

    Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree?

    You can disagree with what the protesters are doing and still respect their right to do it.

    You can hold a different opinion from them without assuming that they are stupid or worthless just because they disagree with you.

    In fact, as Americans, you should do those things.

    The idea that people have the right to hold differing opinions is one of the principles this country was founded on.

    The right to do what the people in these photos are doing is enshrined in our Constitution!

    As Americans, when you see a gathering like this, you should be saying, “I may not agree with the ideas these people are espousing, but thank God I live in a country where everyone has the right to take a stand for what they believe in, and than God for people who willing to do just that.”

    In closing, I just want to say that I stand with BLM and with the people in these photos.

    I am not young (I’m 70), or uneducated (I have 2 college degrees), or lazy (I’m retired now, but I worked hard all my life).

    I’m also definitely not stupid, and I don’t think the people in these pics are stupid, either.

    They’re smart enough to know what they believe in and take a stand, and I respect them for that.

    I would have been there myself if I’d known this thing was happening.

  55. Since there are many new people on this blog who support and even attended these protests, could you explain to readers specifically what you want to be done?

  56. Well said Sharon.

    One of the issues with this country is that it’s become very spoiled.

    Many people have taken their freedom for granted.

    There’s been so many decades that have gone by where Americans have not had to fight for rights nor have their freedom threatened from world wars or even death in the case of this pandemic which we had 100 years ago.

    Now it seems everything is it an entitlement but at the same time they think this country has to be great again.

    We’re the melting pot of the world.

    It’s what this country was built on.

    It’s what made this country great in the first place.

    And now, in the past 5 years we’ve reverted 50 years.

  57. @Sharon: since you want to throw out your cradentials, I thought I’d throw out mine.

    I have a bachelors in business with a minor in psychology and a MBA.

    All from SIU Carbondale.

    I have been fortunate that my job is essential and was not effected by the pandemic

    My wife was the same, but had to get used to working from home.

    Every bone in my body cringed when I saw the signs and parents bringing small kids to the protest.

    My dad told me stories of his experience during the Detroit riots of 1967, I’m sure you remember them.

    He was working at the Ford estate in Grosse Point Shores, MI.

    He instilled in me how lucky I was to live in an all white community with good faith and values.

    Many of the people at the city building were not from Crystal Lake.

    I’m all for 1st amendment rights and understand people are not always going to agree.

    However, I hold my 2nd amendment rights closer, as does many people in McHenry County.

    When conceal carry was being disputed in Springfield, a new gun range went up in Crystal Lake and Keith Nygren, then McHenry County Sheriff, applauded and supported the bill.

    I was taught to macro manage before getting to the details.

    Facts are a good place to start.

    Out of the 300k people in McHenry County, 93% are white.

    I, and many of my colleagues, agree to always be proud of who and what you are.

    I’m proud to be a white American and the problems of other ethnic groups do not affect me; therefore they are worthless to me.

    My ancestors come from Tupolo, MS where they ran a farm while owning slave

    That doesn’t bother me one bit, heritage not hate.

    Maybe it’s in my DNA not to trust any form of a black agenda, which BLM is.

    I know many in McHenry County feel and think the same.

    So I will be polite and agree to disagree with you.

  58. I was there. I am:

    – a father and husband
    – a Christian
    – a libertarian, Constitutionalist, student of history
    – an American patriot
    – socially conservative
    – a small business owner
    – a free market capitalist

    I am also a FREEDOM FIGHTER and interested in the plight of ANY oppressed American of ANY background.

    I, nor any of you, can call yourself a Constitutionalist, a patriot, an American, or a person of faith, if you do not stand for your fellow countrymen – MOST IMPORTANTLY when their view is divergent from your own.
    THAT IS the foundation upon which liberty is built. So before I go further, please digest and swallow this reality:

    Freedom isn’t free… nor designed for people that only think like you do.

    Freedom of speech isn’t freedom FROM speech.

    You either believe in free speech or you don’t – that’s it.

    These folks are our neighbors and friends.
    And they didn’t ask ANYTHING of our community other than what our community has already committed, yet (apparently) has not prioritized.

    – They asked for accountability, integrity, and transparency in policing.
    – They asked for awareness, kindness, humility, and understanding of their neighbors.
    – They asked for fiscal conservatism, proper budgeting, and transparency in government spending.
    – And to be heard – as is their Constitutional right.

    This is no different than what anyone else here wants – a place to raise their voices for accountability in government towards a cause important for their lives.

    Despite the negative experiences of many in our community, ALL speakers were respectful of local law enforcement and many thanked them for their kindness and professionalism.

    It was refreshing to see that we could come together and peacefully protest without violence or vandalism like we have seen in so many other places.

    Nobody knew that it would turn out so well (in light of recent events), however we should be proud of the character of Crystal Lake, that in the face of so much tension we still maintained composure and exercised freedom in such a positive way.

    I am PROUD of this community.

    However – I’m also embarrassed after reading the comments on this story.

    I’m not into shaming people, but the comments are hateful, ignorant, and stink of stupid.

    This is what so many people of all colors have to endure from willfully ignorant people – some of which read this blog.

    It only reinforces and affirms what I heard and learned yesterday from people that I am proud to call my neighbors, friends, and brothers and sisters under God.

    I don’t understand their anger but I am trying to see it.

    I am not ashamed of my whiteness because of their plight – but I am aware how some use their position to keep others oppressed for their benefit or say nothing in the face of blatant disregard for equality.

    Such is the enemy of all people – such is the plight of those yearning to truly be free.

    The American experiment is designed to foster the right of ANYONE to speak their mind – even though it hasn’t always happened.

    It is as close to perfect as a system of government has ever been – but it has been ran by generations of imperfect people.

    Our 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble and speak dissent of leadership is our right as human beings, and in this country (thank God) a Constitutionally protected right.

    That means BLM protestors get a voice, and those on this blog get one too.

    I will never call for the silencing of any voice regardless of how hateful, or loud, or how anything – because silencing the VOICE of ANY people is the killing field where liberty DIES.

    So whereas I recognize and support your right to be hateful, I would ask that next time – before you open your mouth – try opening your heart.

    The world is not polarized like you’ve been taught by television “programming“.

    It’s not black or white.
    It’s not Republican or Democrat.
    It’s not left or right.

    It’s love vs hate.
    It’s compassion vs ignorance.
    It’s justice vs injustice.

    I ask this:

    Who is a trustworthy guardian of our Republic, that truly represents the America that our founding documents declare we’re supposed to be as a country of the people and by the people?

    Oh wait – that’s NOBODY.

    WE are in charge, and WE have to speak up. Our rights were guaranteed FOR this moment in history.

    Here’s my point:

    The only people worthy of safeguarding freedom for free people ARE THE PEOPLE that raise their voices and stand in the breach FOR freedom.

    The people that put their reputations and lives at risk to speak truth to power and to defend their fellow countrymen.

    Certainly not the keyboard warriors hiding their names on this blog.

    You see, if you believe in freedom it has to be for everyone, all the time.

    You don’t get to pick and choose.

    So for anyone still reading, wrap your head around this:

    Your government no longer represents you, it has represented others even less, and you all know it.

    Read that again.

    You’re living through unprecedented times… when anyone that defies the common narrative of a virus, a lockdown, or a protest, is persecuted, publicly shamed, and in some cases named a “criminal”.

    Yet some of you come here and tear apart others because they have a different grievance with the same corrupt system that you do.

    You are on the same side – you are fighting for the same thing – from a different paradigm with different priorities.

    A common enemy is a powerful unifier.

    No matter how you view peaceful protesters – they want the same things for a different purpose.

    Notice I said ‘peaceful’.

    Nobody is glorifying criminal acts, vandalism, or violence.

    Please wake up and turn off your televisions.

    It’s called “programming” you’re being “programmed” and you’re forgetting HOW to think.

    America was designed for a people that can endure a little danger to avoid the slavery of safety.

    We are not serfs and we worship NO man.

    Please – just be kind.

    Reach out to your neighbors and find common ground.

    It is right in front of our noses if we’d only have the courage to embrace it.

    I will post my actual name below and I welcome respectful debate… for it is the only way out of bondage… however then unmask yourself as I have, and let us have a real discussion.

  59. Sharon? There is no hate for these people. the ignorant ar the ones marching in their muzzles. They are being used by the scriptwriters and they are too dumb to see it. That makes them very dangerous to society as a whole. You seem to fit in that nitch very well as you don’t see what the real problem is. THAT’S WHAT ALL THE HOOPLA is ABOUT! We are angry that stupid people put us in precarious positions with antics like this. And every single bit of it is over a complete HOAX! That makes it even more strikingly moronic.

  60. Man . the dinosaurs in this comment thread are unwilling to even look up to see the meteor headed for them.

    Thank God you and your racist pals are dying off.

    You just dont get it yet .

  61. Never realized how many racist, bigots there are in CL.

    You’re all showing your true colors.

  62. Hopefully we will flatten the curve and be able to go out safely for a beer, together, and talk this out in person!

    While some of you hold wildly opposing views from mine, I would love to meet the people who care enough about their community to comment so frequently/fiercely on this blog!

  63. Boomers/CuKKKservatards are some of the dumbest people you will meet.

    Suckered by the government to fight in Vietnam

    Crashed the economy multiple times

    Believe in God

    they will believe ANYTHING you tell them

    I agree with them on one thing.

    Donald J Trump is a smart man.

    But I think he’s smart because he suckered you redneck hillbilly poor people into believing he gives one solitary F about you or your religion

    See how he held up the Bible to the back and opposite side?

    Sign of the anti-christ

    He suckered all you morons into believing he was for you.

    All he cares about is money.

    And suckering you rednecks into voting for him.

    Who do you think created the Corona?


    To keep everyone away from the polls and to keep him in office

    I would love to be friends with Trump and be on his side

    Because he conns you rube rednecks every day for money

    Stimulus check?

    Totally a sociallist thing to do.

    But you mark hillbillies will eat it up in your trailer homes

    Trump for reelection (only if I can get on that sweet gravy train he takes from you DAs every day)

  64. While I was there they were reading stories about peoples experiences with racism.

    Right now IMO there is “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

    And hey when it comes to rights, use it or lose it.

    Here is the last ten or so minutes, sorry for the bad picture/audio

  65. @Sharron I don’t hate these people or any other people.

    That being said, people are saying that they are uneducated because they are out there making a claim that isn’t true.

    The data we have available simply doesn’t support the claim that the police are just a bunch of racists that are looking to hunt down blacks.

    If you have some sort of statistics that back up your claims of a racist police department that goes out every day looking to oppress minorities I’d love to see them.

    Don’t be surprised with the backlash when two weeks ago we were being told that protesting was selfish because all the DATA said it was dangerous and now people are out there protesting based on emotions, there is no data, and its fine because you agree with them.

    Can’t have it both ways.

    The one thing in all this mess that I never think I’ll fully understand is why that black community keeps voting for the democrats.

    All these big cities and their police departments have been run for years by the left. I

    f the mess in the cities are anyone’s fault it has to be the Democrats.

  66. Per:

    “Chicago Gun Violence: 3 Dead, at Least 28 Wounded in Shootings Across City This Weekend”

    Gun violence affects many Black Lives in Chicago and other big cities. Of course Whites and Latinos also affected by gun violence.

    What specifically did the speakers in Crystal Lake say needs to be done to save Black Lives in Chicago? Except for children, what will each and every person attending the Crystal Lake Rally do ONGOING this year to help our Black American citizens in Chicago to prevent and stop the shootings.

  67. Wow, if there comments are representation of what McHenry population is – shame on you.

    You sound like a bunch of hateful, nasty, entitled bigets.

    I will be sure to tell anyone I know to not move there.

    Let your property values fall because no one what’s your homes or neighbors.

    McHenry, you guys are awful.

  68. The people of Crystal Lake can’t do anything to help you in Chicago.

    We don’t even live in the same county as you so what do you expect.

    Get on your elected officials if you have problems with your local police.

    Lightfoot ran on a campaign of police reform, how about the citizens of Chicago hold her to it.

    Police are a local problem that’s why it’s silly people are protesting out here.

  69. Hey

    Black lives don’t matter when black thugs take them.

    Problem is most of the victims are black thugs too.

  70. And no matter how many times you try to tell people what a terrible, corrupt, evil organization BLM is, people still can’t figure it out and are still trying to inflate their egos and tell others how ashamed they are.

    Listen, goofballs.

    Rejecting BLM doesn’t mean you are a racist.

    It also doesn’t mean that you support the atrocity that happened to George Floyd.

    Get over yourselves.

    I can say it over and over again but you still won’t figure it out, nor will you do your research on the group, because you don’t really want to know.

    You want to go to bed tonight feeling like you helped someone (even though you didn’t).

  71. I don’t know why you feel the need to post links to a video about a black man who killed and tried to eat his girlfriend.

    I don’t support BLM because of all the reasons pointed out above about them being a very corrupt organization, but that kind of stuff just feeds the trolls.

    Come on it’s not like it’s hard to think of a white guy or two that was convicted of eating people.

    It’s almost like someone is trying to just make the rest of us with common sense look bad.

  72. I wish I believed the protests would bring jobs and prosperity to the black community.

    Unfortunately it will most certainly further their enslavement to their assigned areas by their masters in sheep’s clothing.

    Capitalism is the only hope while socialist incarceration is being sold by the duped and the tyrants.

    I pray I am wrong but my bet is that the black community will continue to be suppressed by those preaching this last weekend.

    If you truly care about the black community then encourage leaders to accept industry and small and large businesses instead of condemning them.

  73. Just the fact that these nitwits are wearing masks tells me they have no commmon sense.

  74. I see none of you who are insulting the protesters going out there and being brave enough to fight for any causes you believe in.

    Instead you choose to be bitter little bullies who hide behind fake little names and insult people you don’t even know.


    You are what’s wrong with this world not the protesters and you should be ashamed.

    Have your opinions but are you really so small as to insult fellow humans?

  75. I love it.

    Let’s host a BLM in a 99% white.

    but not only white, extremely privileged white area.

    full of people with nothing better to do.

    Guarantee half these mothers calling for peace are the same Karens that will call the cops when they see a group of black men walking down their street.

    Thank god the silent majority is against these ants

  76. @Melissa, I haven’t insulted anyone, what I have said is that the people protesting do not have a factual basis for their claim that the police are inherently racist.

    That is not the same as insulting someone.

    The general claim that black lives matter is of course true, so much so that I really don’t think most Americans disagree because all lives matter.

    So if we all agree, why protest?

    The organization BLM however is not really a good group.

    If you think doing things like taking police out of black neighborhoods will help black people you are wrong.

    There are far more blacks being killed by other blacks in this country than are being killed by white police officers.

    Sorry if anyone doesn’t like it but those are the facts.

    All that said everyone has a right to free speech, but don’t be surprised that people don’t agree or correct you if you are getting the facts wrong.

    I have my right to free speech available to do so.

  77. “These [the armed forces] are not our reliance against a resumption of tyranny in our fair land. All of them may be turned against our liberties, without making us stronger or weaker for the struggle.
    Our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms. Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, every where….
    Familiarize yourselves with the chains of bondage, and you are preparing your own limbs to wear them.
    Accustomed to trample on the rights of those around you, you have lost the genius of your own independence, and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises.”
    _Abraham Lincoln

    This is what this protest is about, equality among ALL people.

    These white suburbanites are standing in solidarity with people of color, against hate that has killed and jailed more people of color per capita population demographic.

    Yes, it’s important to show a public support in predominantly white communities to people of color, because we welcome them to the countryside to live closer to nature as this is the lifestyle our area offers.

    We are here for them and won’t sit by and allow prejudice to be presumed, because a few white people can’t handle their own insecurities.

    If you choose to criticize these people exercising their 1st Amendment Right, then you are the unpatriotic, and have a problem with the Constitution, or you are dumb and projecting your own lack of literacy on others.

    No hate.

    Only facts, and a Republican President to back up my feelings on the matter.

    If you choose not to listen, to a white suburban women kneeling along side people of color, then ponder your history and words spoken by the President you claim to affiliate with, Lincoln.

    He couldn’t be anymore clear nor anymore prophetic.

  78. The mass media plus many universities or colleges, are brainwashing the youth of today for their own agendas.

    The same information is also permeating into those that should know better and creating a militant less tolerable environment for all communities.

    The visceral words and hate for neighbors, friends, and some families is tearing us a part.

    To know better is to be better.

  79. @ Melissa: Any counter-protest against BLM would have been counter productive.

    The fact is that many in Crystal Lake feel it was WRONG.

    Do some research on BLM and come back and talk to us.

  80. If I’d have known I would have marched.

    God bless all who work to undo the institutional racism in this country.

    For me it’s the call of the gospel of Christ.

    Black live, indigenous, brown lives matter.

  81. i am sickened to read how much ignorance & intolerance there is in crystal lake.

    i’ll organize a damn protest so u white people in ur prefab bubble can understand what this is about.

    Awww Boo Hoo u were so inconvenienced that u had to take another way to go to sams club or wherever.


    so we don’t inconvenient white suburbia someone suggested going to Chicago to protest.

    i’d love to see all u racists come to a protest.

    do u not realize that we have black human beings living in crystal lake ..

    some r police officers, firemen aka first responders.

    i’m embarrassed to even live here amongst closet racist.

    why don’t u come out or r u afraid for people to see how u really think?

    i’m white & 49 .

    so save the ignorance .

  82. Pretty sure there were racists at the reopening protest in chicago.

  83. I love how “sickened” and “ignorance” and other silly shame words to describe their displeasure with opposition.

    Virtually nobody believes that black lives don’t matter. You are protesting for something that virtually everyone agrees with you on. For the last time, people oppose the BLM ORGANIZATION. Not black people.

    Calm down.

    We’re sick of busybody old crones that never stop bugging everyone and constantly want validation that they are doing something special. How is that for sickening?

  84. @Tracy: fyi…

    Crystal Lake is White suburbia.

    There are 300k people that live in McHenry County.

    Out of that 93% are White.


    They don’t care where or who contributes financially.

    This isn’t an organization that cares about any other race other then African Americans.

    Obviously you haven’t even taken the time to visit their website.

    Your so emotionally involved, because you think people that don’t support BLM are racist, that you fail to stop and think how this “cause” affects your own community.

    Blacks only make up 1% of the county’s population.

    You don’t like it… MOVE.

    BTW: I own a 3500 soft home in Crystal Lake, how about you?

  85. Yeah really, who is it that doesn’t think that black lives matter?

    If someone does think that they are wrong and should be ignored as they are a small minority.

    However, I’m not going to support a far left Marxist group because they are trying to make me feel guilty for something I didn’t do.

    Do some research on what this group represents.

    It is not just a slogan, it’s an actual group with a website.

    Listen to some of the pretty extreme things that the leaders demand.

    Don’t just glance at the home page but get on YouTube and watch them speak.

    If you actually read thier about us page one of the stated goals is as follows :

    “We disrupt the Western – prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children….”

    They also refer to their comrades around the world, creating an international and communal network, something about freeing ourselves from the hetronormative way of thinking and so on.

    Sounds like pretty far left stuff to me.

    So, instead of coming online accusing people of being racist for not supporting this group do some homework on them first.

    Everyone agrees with the IDEA black lives matter.

    The GROUP black lives matter has many political goals that have nothing to do with race that many people will not agree with.

  86. I never considered myself as racist. However after all the rioting, looting and burning of businesses has made me lose a lot of respect for the black community.

    I will now live in fear that every black person I see will want to kill me because I am somehow privileged.

    Not apologizing.

    Go ahead and make fun of my lack of sympathy.

  87. Tracy? Nitwits make me sick! White and 49? Racist guilt much? Nobody cares what your stupid SJW attitude tells you to do. Leave us out of your strange programmed world. You have no idea who anyone is on this blog. You have no idea what racial discrimination my own family has been through. You won’t see me whining about it in here. Get over yourself! You are the one fomenting racial divide with your mind controlled divisive Satanic rituals.

  88. Quick study of the crowd.

    Almost no one is engaged in gathering except the group under the tree in the third picture.

    They have it together wearing like outfits, black shirts and shorts.

    If a scuffle ensued it’s a way to identify friend or foe, don’t punch the guy/girl with the rally uniform.

    I believe the Japanese started using this technique in the 90’s.

    About 300 people, mostly female

    As to the two (2) pictures of the guys hanging around the speaker and holding the mic it seems to me like they were waiting for someone to show up to rally the crowd.

    No one did.

    Both guys were wearing sneakers, not flip flops, easier to run and evade the authorities.

    A good collection of expensive hand bags a top of the line backpack can be seen throughout the crowd.

    Indicating they were from outside Crystal Lake.

  89. Mike? You are right on the money except you forgot to mention that the roots of BLM are Marxism. SJW are the only ones that fall for this bullcrap. They are emotionally unstable and will likely cry when you point out truths to them.

  90. Valeurs… your really going to use fox news as a source of credible information?

  91. I’m not a Fox fan, but what news source is credible anymore?

    I looked at his article headline and NBC and CBS have the same stuff though.

  92. Try this some time for a unique perspective on the news.

    Use a VPN to connect to somewhere in Europe and see how the news changes

  93. I’d have provided George Floyd a old fashioned shampoo* and full body massage** had I seen him at no charge to his criminal butt!

    * Wood based
    ** Boot based

  94. Mike, stfu.

    You are the problem.

    Meth is a really bad drug.

    Try and get a girlfriend.

    You can order one from Malaysia.

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