What Leading Democrat Has to Say to the Troops

McHenry County is home of one of Illinois’ leading Democrats.

Her name is Kristina Zoharic and she is a member of the Oakwood Hills Village Board, plus the Chair of the McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee.

But, her claim to Democratic Party fame is her leadership position with the Illinois Democratic Party County Chairs’ Association.

She sent the following letter to those on that organization’s email list:

IDCCA President’s Message – May 2020

IDCCA President’s Message
by Kristina Zahorik, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @McHenryDems

Dear Fellow County Chairs and Friends,

I hope this message finds you and yours healthy.

Kristina Zahorik

This month has been difficult. Whether it is the increased politicization of the pandemicthe uncertainly of the economic future, or the continued dismantling of our democracy, it has been a rough month at every level. As if that wasn’t enough, pile on another viral video of a young Black man getting shot just for being a young Black man, and knowing the only reason the killers were charged was not because the local police saw the video, but because we saw the video. Finally, add the ease at which a conspiracy video full of lies and half-truths about the virus spread across the internet. It is a wonder we can get out of bed!

Some of us are feeling so overwhelmed that we are disengaging and shutting down, thinking that ignoring or not responding to these outrages is somehow taking the high road. Now is not just the time to take the high road, it is the time to drive a union American-made Mack truck at breakneck speed down the right road. As we barrel down the right road, we need to grab our folks, activate their enery, and drive them to restore our democracy. It is vital that all Americans who call themselves Democrats become Active Democrats. This means spending your time, talent, and money to support the IDCCA and your local county Party. Many of you who are reading this are already Active Democrats, but I challenge you to do more. Here are some ways to be an Active Democrat:

  • Sign up for training at the IDCCA virtual Boot Camp.
  • Jump into the cab of your truck and REV it! Sign up to be a  REV Project volunteer. Shout out to the McLean County Democrats for making over 592 calls thus far and to top volunteers PC Pat Lawlor (McHenry) and IDCCA volunteer Theresa Bates (Franklin).
  • Share your story of becoming an Active Democrat on your social media and with us. Send any stories to jillian@ildcca.org.
  • Make your plan to vote. August 5 is the first day to request a Mail In Ballot. Vote for ALL Democrats, ALWAYS!

This Republican Administration and this pandemic have shown us with clarity the cracks and deep divisions in our country. You can set it right. Everything you can do to grow the Party and elect Democrats between now and November will matter and will make a difference up and down the ballot.

We can see past Trump and the Republicans politicization of this crisis, many others see it too, including Republicans. We must not let up on the gas to vote him and those who support him out.

Democrats will continue to look to and follow facts and science to address this pandemic. Follow Governor Pritzker’s daily briefings here. Push back on false viral posts because, as Tara Haelle with Forbes writes, “Conspiracy theories like those in this video are actively, directly harmful and dangerous. They can influence people’s behavior in ways that harm those people and public health—including you personally—in general. We can’t afford to let these ideas run unchecked.” Here is how.

As I mentioned in April’s President’s Message, elections have consequences and this crisis has made it clear Democrats are leading. Democratic candidates and electeds are working tirelessly to help their constituents and others as well. For example, Representatives like Stephanie Kifowit (ILHD84) and her staff have been providing constituent services to whomever has been in need.

Our history shows us that in times of crisis, Americans come together. We are coming together, despite him, in large and in small ways. Find feel good examples at Some Good News. My family and I watch this together and draw inspiration. We also look to our community as well. So many social media posts from local communities are filled with great stories of people helping each other. My own community is a good example with stories posted about food drives or even the simple neighborly replacement of damaged mailbox. Take a walk and watch for hopeful chalk messages written in driveways or All In Illinois signs posted on front room windows.With you, the IDCCA will stay focused driving forward to victory and for the betterment of Illinois and our nation.

I hope you and yours remain healthy. Thank you for being an Active Democrat.

Best wishes,



What Leading Democrat Has to Say to the Troops — 8 Comments

  1. Another DEMOCRAT regurgitating the party approved talking points and propaganda
    taken right from Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals handbook, the Bible of the Left,
    accuse others of what you are doing.

    They’re so predictable in the manner in which they expose themselves for what they are – SOCIALISTS.

  2. I wonder if Kristin knows that Mack Truck is owned by AB Volvo which is partly controlled by the Chinese Geely?

    Yes, the communist Chinese.

    Seems to fit with her rant.

  3. Not a single thing in Karen Zahorik’s letter is actually truthful even if she links to articles that are partially true.

  4. So much brainwashing going on in this letter to make people angry and emotional.

  5. A lot of nonsense and gibberish from a Democrat. It has to be tough today to be a Democrat leader given the records and performance of their top national people over the past decade. From the recklessness of their 2016 presidential candidate Hillary in handling top secret government information to the scandals of the Obama Administration such as the IRS treatment of Tea Partiers to the incoherence and signs of senility and dementia of their current presidential candidate, Biden.

    Kristina mentions “dismantling of our democracy” but fails to provide facts and truth such as top elements of the Obama Administration actions to spy on the Trump 2016 presidential campaign and then their continuing efforts to sabotage Trump and his transition team process. This amounted to a soft coup to undo the 2016 presidential election.

    Dismantling our democracy” is ongoing by Democrats with absurdities proposed by them to defund and/or do away with police departments insuring a total breakdown of law and order. This assault on law and order by them was apparent last year during the presidential debates wherein most of their candidates were in favor of abolishing ICE law enforcement and having open borders which would allow drug dealers and foreign terrorists to freely and easily come to our nation.

    Democrats have not done a good job of running our big cities, States such as Illinois, the Congress by Nancy Pelosi nor our Nation by Obama. Our Nation will have a much brighter future without the likes of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer in leadership. Just say NO to all Democrat candidates, top to bottom.

  6. You will have to start in the schools where the snowflakes union driven teachers are indoctrinating the young to be more of them.

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